A/N: So, this is a little based on Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite, but certainly not to the point that it's a fanfiction or anything. Just loosely inspired by her. And this is my new piece for the Review Game's June WCC.

Caged bird, caged bird, won't you sing me a song? Sing to me with that voice that's the only one you know, the voice that's kept you company through your lonely years.

Where'd you learn to sing, love, how did you do it? Tell me, what did it; was it the day you decided to match your voice to an old song, or the night you got so lonely you let everything come out of your mouth?

Smart girl, you lonely genius girl, how did you learn to read all by yourself? Did you imagine a father's arms around you, warming you and helping you along?

Tell me everything, my bird, tell me every story you've ever read, everything your cold protector ever did to you. I'm your prince, skylark, come to take you away from this tower. I know we've only just met, but you can trust me.

Come to protect you, come to make sure you never fall out of the sky like the angel you are.

All I need is your heavenly presence, my bluebird, your voice will keep me warm at night; your hands will open the doors to a better world; your legs will make you a slave to the road, just like me; and what's between your legs will do much more.

I can teach you so much more than all those words you read those years alone. I can teach you what it feels like to live out your days as a runner, a renegade. I can teach you how to live out your nights as the goddess I know you can be.

There are so many things I can teach you, my bird. I can take you away from the cold eyes that watch you like an animal, did you know they watch you day and night? I can take you away from these five rooms, there's so much more in the world.

We'll be perfect, love, so perfect. Everywhere we'll go, people will remember us, yes, my girl, they'll remember us. The false shepherd and his little lamb.

I'll never hurt you, love, I'll never do you any harm.

I promise.

You'll never be in this black and white world anymore, you won't be a two-dimensional picture of a girl anymore. You'll become a real woman, a real full-color human being.

Now please, please, my songbird—

don't pull that trigger.

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