I knew that it could never have worked. Deep down, in the pit of my stomach - an aching. It could never work, would never work. But as I stared into his eyes, his piercing eyes, I forgot. Because how could I believe anything else with him before me? So close I could see into the lines from his sunburnt skin. So many years of war, so many years of violence reflected in his appearance, just so close. The longer I stared the more I realised; a fog had appeared in those eyes - the depths were becoming shallower. An ocean transforming into a river. He was holding on for me, his strength was renowned but this was true might.

"Go ... Hurry ... Go"

How could I leave him now? Reunited, then torn apart? How could I leave him when he needed me the most? But if I left, he could let go, surrender to fate and let the tide sweep him away. He blinked. I could only sob. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to my forehead: "Go."

An arm pulling me away, voices screaming, a rock unseen in my path, flames surrounding me. I didn't ... Couldn't see where I was being pulled. I could only see those eyes fading.