PT 2


Written By Maskedhero100

In New Orleans, there are hundreds of holes for rats to hide in…so unless you know where to look for a RAT, then you would be wasting your time.

Luckily, I have managed to find a Rat among boss Carl Bentley's group or "Made men" and appropriately, he is called "rat"

A low level racketeer makes a living by taking takes from various rackets Carl Bentley has him run around the city…with a good percentage of the goods he "earns" given to his boss.

A full night investigating every thug and crook in this city, and out of the three of that search this is the best lead I got from any of the three of them…"If I want information, try and squeeze it out from the Rat…if you can"

Obviously the rat didn't talk easily… Murdoch tells me to take this carefully, to get him when there are no witnesses to see what I was going to do next.

So here we are watching the slime ball try and pick up girls from a brothel, and failing.

If his personality was enough of a put off for a lose girl his looks certainly would get the job done…I was starting to see why they called him rat.

His messy hair, dirty jacket, and overbite gave the impression of a sewer rat.

Giving up in frustration and calling the girls outside the brothel "ungrateful whores", the rat then walked away down the alley heading for another brothel nearby in the entertainment district.

Unknown to him, a cloaked figure followed the rat into the alleyway from across the street.

Once they were far enough the alleyway for anyone to hear anything, the cloaked figure spoke in a sultry female voice.

"Looking for some fun…?" asked the cloaked female behind the rat.

The Rat looked behind his shoulder, reaching for his knife in case of this being some kind of trick…or nutjob, the city was full of them you know.

But instead he watched as the cloaked female removed her hood and unbuttoned her cloak revealing a seductively beautiful teenage girl with Raven black hair and wearing a red Asian looking dress.

Or it looked like a teenage girl.

"How old are you?" The rat asked the girl suspiciously.

The girl then dropped her cloak completely, revealing her slender figure, which made the rat smirk.

Cute for a minor.

"I can be as young or as old as you want…" the raven haired girl said seductively, "a girl has to eat…and aren't I good enough to eat?" she asked the rat.

The rat just shrugged, "you got a place to do it at?"

"Right here" The dark girl shrugged back.

"Right here…." The rat asked incredulously, "in the alleyway?"

"Why not…I don't feel like waiting…." The girl said walking up to the rat and running a finger down the side of his cheek and under his chin, "I'm starved…for some pleasure!"

The rat then chuckled perversely, and remarked "New Orleans, I love this town!"

He reached forward to begin to have his way with the teenage girl, when he heard her whisper under her breath, some kind of nonsense word.

"Ars arcanus Transformo Ratacus"

Suddenly the rat felt a jolt of energy surge through his body and then he began to shrink.

Not in fear or pain or anything like that, but literally shrink…rapidly growing small.

He then began to hunch down, and then his clothes ripped off from him revealing rapidly growing brown fur…and a fleshy tail emerging from…well you get the point.

When the energy surge stopped, the rat found himself flabbergasted at the fact that he was now a small furry alley rat…before he could totally freak out and run from this nightmare, he was picked up by his furry back…by none other than the whore in the red dress.

She smiled contently at him in his rat form, and in that moment he realized what this teenage girl was…she wasn't a brothel whore…she was a witch, a real witch!

Raven looked down at the transformed "Rat" in her fingers clutches, helplessly squeaking and obviously freaking out.

"Murdoch…." Raven called behind her to her Gaurdemon, who briefly appeared beside her, looking at the transformed rat, "translate…I don't speak or understand animal"

Murdoch then talked to the transformed "rat", "alright…now we were told you were the one to talk about finding out where to find your boss Carl Bentley. He's an associate of a man were trying to find…and we need to find as soon as possible. So if you value your life rat…you will tell me where to find Bentley…or else…" Murdoch licked his cat lips, "I have myself a rat burger!"

The transformed rat then hastily began squeaking, and when he was done, Murdoch looked up at Raven…smiling "we got him!"

Raven then let the transformed rat go, who tore of down the alleyway squeaking in fear.

Raven pointed her index finger at the rapidly retreating rat, and muttered the negate spell.

In a flash the "rat" transformed back from rat into human, and burst into a heavy populated street full of people, naked and screaming in bloody murder "HELP,HELP, IT'S A WITCH, A WITCH!"

Raven, Murdoch and celeste all laughed at the scene that unfolded before them.

Murdoch laughed so hard he was drawing tears, "oh man….that was great!"

"Yes…even greater that our information paid off…." Raven added, composing herself and calming down, "now lest go see boss Bentley"

"No raven…" Murdoch said shaking his head, "it's been two nights we've been doing this. You and celeste need to rest"

Normally Celeste was always on raven's side, but this time…this time she wanted to be in her little cat bed tonight more than ever, she yawned beside Raven.

Raven was tired too….but she couldn't shake off the want she had inside her to find Bentley, Judas black, the witch feeder…and free Eudora from jail.

"I can go like this for another day! As long as it takes" Raven assured Murdoch.

"And I can go for months without sleep…" Murdoch shot back, "your still human Raven, despite your immortally…you need rest, as do your powers otherwise they and you could go Loco!"

Raven sighed in defeat; the need for sleep was starting to win after listening to Murdoch.

He was right; to fight to defeat their foes…they all needed Raven at her best.

Raven then conjured up a portal leading to their hideout where they've been hiding at since Eudora had been framed and put in jail.

Murdoch began to follow when he looked back at where the Rat had run off.

"You think it was wise to let him go…" asked Murdoch, "he'll tell Bentley about you, and your secret will be out"

"Bentleys just a link….were after Judas Black, and to find him we need to go through Bentley" Raven explained her plan to Murdoch, "besides…no one's going to take THAT man seriously…not even his boss. He doesn't believe in magic, remember"

"I hope your right, we can't afford to blow anything about you that can seriously rebound on you and the magic realm….and the rest of the forgotten ones her on earth realm" Murdoch said worried, "now lest get back to the hide out, I'm starving…and I'm tired"

Hearing Murdoch say he was "starving" caused raven to stop in her tracks, "Murdoch?" she asked her Gaurdemon.

"What is it?" asked Murdoch impatiently.

"You really wouldn't have eaten him would you…?" asked Raven concerned.

"I don't know…" Murdoch shrugged innocently, "I've never tasted transformed human rat before."

Ravens mouth dropped in shock, celeste looked at Murdoch incredulously.

"It was a joke….I'm joking!" Murdoch assured, "sheesh! You girls would believe anything!"

The next day, Raven went to check on Becky to see how she was doing.

She didn't expect to see police vehicles beside Becky's friend Selene Rivens house, nor did she expect to see the police searching around the house for something, and officers talking to Selene's parents with Becky there beside them.

Becky soon saw Raven from where she was, and then seeing her friend's concerned face, motioned to Selene's parents if she could be excused.

Since she had already been talked to about whatever had happened, she was excused by Selene Rivens parents, and she retreated for her/Selene's room.

She closed the door, and when she turned around she jumped back with a start when she saw Raven there standing in the room, with Murdoch and celeste beside her.

"You scarred me… I thought you were…" Becky said catching her breath, "whoever was in this room last night!"

"What?" asked Raven concerned, "what do you mean? What's happened here?"

"You mean you didn't see anyone here last night…." Asked Becky concerned, "with grandma's spell she taught you…you didn't sense anyone…neither you nor Murdoch sensed anyone?"

"No…we were here last night, no one was in the room" Murdoch assured Becky.

"Well someone was…and they took Selene!" Becky said strongly.

"And you didn't see this?" asked Raven with narrow eyes, "your friend struggling, she would have made some noise…so would the guy who did it"

"I think I was drugged, I think Selene and her parents were drugged too!" Becky explained, and then held out her palm, raven looked at the black powder in her young friend's palm "police found this all over my face, and Selene and her parent's beds…I think it was the man in black who did it!"

Ravens face became clouded, and then she looked toward Selene's empty bed, "Judas black…why would he kidnap a girl? Why…that's not part of the ritual for the witch feeder"

Murdoch was already sniffing Selene's bed, and then he nodded "it's black alright…it's a form of sleepwalking powder. Dark magic users used it to control people during the events of Salem, Massachusetts. If he sprayed this on Becky and Selene, they would have just walked out of here with him…through a portal like what we have been using as of late…" Murdoch looked back at Becky, "you're lucky he didn't take you as well, otherwise we'd be left with nothing to work with from you"

"A boy goes missing, and then various young girls around the city…its black, it's gotta be him, but why"

"I don't think he plans on using them for a spell…" Murdoch said, his face solemn, "less more than use them as a barter for a profit"

Raven gave Murdoch an incredulous look, "slavery?"

"It's called human trafficking here on earth… it's a disgusting business. They round up boys and girls of any age like their surplus and ship them to customers for any number of tasks their "clients" want… hard labour, prostitution… it's the worst kind of smuggling ring out there"

"so that's blacks game…sell Bentley the girls, get money to pay for what he needs for witch feeder" Raven said with disgust, "and since Bentley has connections he can't be fingered for this…" raven looked down at her clenched hand, "except by my….my fingers that is"

"You're going after him?" asked Becky confused, "Judas Black is who kidnapped her, not boss Bentley!"

"Yes…but the man in black, Judas Black, does dealings with him…if I'm going to find him, I need to see boss Bentley…" Raven explained.

Suddenly S.T Charles, the S.T Bernard bounded into the room.

And knocked raven off her feet, and then began licking her face.

"Hey….hey…stop it…." Raven said, laughing "that tickles!"

The dog then began to whine, and Murdoch listened with interest.

When the dog finished whining, Murdoch shook his head in disbelief "I don't believe it, why didn't I smell you earlier? Judas Black's magic…it is all over you!"

S.T Charles looked at Murdoch, his mouth open and panting.

"Yeah I can talk….and I can understand you. And I know you're not a dog, no dog thinks or speaks dog like your speaking right now….your words in dog language…are human!" Murdoch said to S.T Charles.

Raven looked up at the big dog that was lying on top of her, and then said slowly "wait….Murdoch are you saying…. YOURE the missing boy"

"That's S.T Charles, Selene's S.T Bernard…he's been acting strange lately" Becky explained.

"And for good reason…" Murdoch nodded in agreement, "he's the missing boy, the one that your grandmother sold the "liquid courage" to…the boy who disappeared!"

To Becky's shock, S.T Charles nodded…like a human.

"You….your Bart Wainright?" Becky asked the dog, St Charles nodded again.

"No wonder no one in the city could find him…." Raven said, pushing the heavy dog off of her, brushing his fur shedding of her dress, "Judas Black turned him into Selene's dog"

"And he was sent to the vet to figure out what was wrong with him, why he was freaking out…" Becky reflected, "Poor guy, he was trying to tell people and all he got was a shot for worms he didn't have!"

St Charles/ Bart lowered his head and whined, he remembered.

"Well….can you help him?" Asked Becky, "if he's back as a human, he can prove grandma didn't kidnap him or any of the others!"

Raven shook her head, "no…I can't help him. This spell was done with alchemy and voodoo powder… Eudora never finished teaching me…and I don't have time to let Murdoch teach me either. I need to find Judas black if any of us hope to fix any of this. That's why tonight I'm going to go directly to the top…and squeeze Judas black's hiding place out from him…and then I'm going to find out where Judas Blacks put the children he's kidnapped…and heaven help him if he wants to fight…because I'm willing!"

Murdoch stood up, fiercely determined, "so am I!"

Celeste stood up beside Murdoch, saying in her own way she was willing to fight the Dark magic user too if need be…despite not having any magic or any Gaurdemon traits.

Murdoch had to admit, he liked this kitty's spunk.

All three of them turned to leave, "don't tell anyone about this…they won't believe you or they might think you're crazy. I'll be back later…" Raven said assuring Becky, as she summoned a teleportation spell.

"Be careful!" Becky warned.

Raven smiled, "you too"

And with that, Raven, Celeste and Murdoch disappeared for parts unknown.

Becky sighed and fell back on her bed, she felt so useless.

Raven was out there risking her life and secret for her and her grandmother, what was she doing, sitting in her friends room while her friend Selene is in trouble somewhere in the city?

Carl Bentley was a lead, but it was still just a lead…not much to work with…just a long shot in the dark.

She couldn't stay still when that was happening, not if she could help it.

But how could she find Selene?...unless.

And that's when the idea came into her head, she knew exactly how she could try and find Selene!

She got up and walked over to S.T Charles/Bart, and kneeled down so she was eye level with the transformed dog boy.

"Ravens a good friend and I trust her, but she's chasing leads that might not get anywhere, she said so herself…" Becky said to S.T Charles/Bart, "she needs help…she can't chase two targets…but we can chase one while she chases the other…"

S.T Charles/Bart looked at her concerned.

"Look….I'm tired of sitting here on the sidelines… while raven risks everything for me and grandma and grandma stew's around in prison for something she didn't do!" Becky said as she explained her plan to S.T Charles/Bart, "Raven needs my help…and I know a better way to help find Selene and grandma's innocence than magic" Becky said rubbing S.T Charles/ Bart's ears, "and I need your help…will you help me Bart?"

St Charles/Bart gave a woof, and nodded.