Chapter 8

Raven didn't know any time in her life that she had ever awoken with such a headache, but right now, she had a headache that would make a tumor seem like a gift!

She stood up in what appeared to be her room at Eudora's as her eyes began to adjust to the sunlight streaming into her room through the window behind her.

She found out soon that she was indeed within her room at Eudora's house, and her stirrings woke up Murdoch and celeste who were both sleeping side by side at the foot of her bed.

"Kid…your awake…" Murdoch said, thankful to see her still alive, "stay here in bed; I'll get Eudora and the others!"

Raven was still groggy, and mouthed in question when Murdoch took of out of her room heading for downstairs "others?"

As if on cue, Eudora, Becky, her friend Selene and a boy stranger entered her room with Murdoch returning soon after.

Raven, still holding her forehead with her right hand to try and hold back the headache, looked up and smiled in disbelief at the sight of Eudora…free…and back in her house and no longer in jail.

"Eudora? How are you here?" Raven asked, but then winced in pain from her massive headache.

Eudora kindly offered her a glass full of green liquid, "here drink this…it smells terrible though, so drink it while pinching you nose" she warned.

Raven following Eudora instruction s pinched her nose, and gulped down the green liquid…and almost gagged it back up onto her bed sheets.

"Ugh….what is that stuff?!" Raven choked as she tried to hold down the liquid.

"Don't ask…on the bright side, it will help your headache…" Eudora smiled, trying not to laugh at the young witches reactions to her protein drink, "anyway to answer your question. I was released, thanks to you"

"Thanks to me? what do you mean" Raven asked confused.

"And to all of us" the boy added.

Raven then realized who the boy was, and smirked "of course…your Bart Wainright…I almost didn't recognized you with the dog face gone now"

"And I thank you for that Raven…" Bart smiled, scratching his head "I had fleas in places I'd rather not mention"

"So you're the famous Raven we've been hearing a lot of from Becky, Eudora…" Selene said, now looking down at Murdoch who was standing beside her, "and…you're…talking cat"

"Don't fret about Murdoch Selene…" Raven smiled slyly, "his meow…is worse than his bite"

Murdoch rolled his eyes as the room burst into laughter, "yep….she's back all right"

Celeste playfully patted him on the shoulder, basically saying "oh come on…lighten up!"

"Thanks to yours and…" Eudora looked over to where her granddaughter Becky was standing, "Becky's…help, the police found out about Boss Carl Bentley's slavery business, and rescued the rest of the girls and returned them to their homes and families. And Bart…when you defeated Judas Black, according to Becky and Selene he turned back into a boy again. With a little "forged" backstory testimony alibi's, the court hearings judged from Bart's, the girls and Selene's testimonies that I wasn't the kidnapper and was in no way affiliated with the crime and had been used as a scapegoat by carl Bentley. And here I've been, back in my house…nursing you back to full strength…" Eudora's face then darkened as she pondered something, then turned to the others, "Becky…can you and your friends please leave the room…I need to talk to raven, WE need to talk to Raven about some very personal stuff regarding her and her mission here"

Becky nodded, and led her two friends out of the room, and as Bart and Selene left the room, raven took notice in the fact that Bart Wainright and Selene were both holding hands.

The door closed behind them.

"Did those two…?" Raven asked Eudora regarding Bart and Selene.

Eudora smirked, "like magic my dear, like magic"

Raven rolled her eyes at the irony behind that truth, it was magic that caused those two to become an item…but it's not every girl who can say one of her boyfriends who helped save her from becoming a door prize somewhere, she met when he was a dog.

"What was so important you had to shoo them out for…" Raven asked looking around at her friends, concerned about their faces "what wrong?"

Murdoch sighed, and looked at raven "Raven…you won the battle, but the war is far from over. Witch feeder escaped…to a place we can't follow him"

Raven's face grew angry and shocked, a mixture of two emotions, "what do you mean he escape, where? Where could he have gone, that we can't follow him to, where!?"

"The future" Eudora answered.

Raven lost her words for a whole minute, before she finally said "what?"

"He used a Chronos Tear spell…it's a spell that allows the user to bend time and space. It's one of the forbidden spells of magic. Its usage is one way time travel to any destination in time that the user has in his or her mind…in either the past or the future." Murdoch explained.

"Time travel? Magic users can time travel? I've never heard of that spell" Raven said amazed.

"That's because it's forbidden. Time travel is a dangerous thing unto itself, changing the past is unpredictable…and the future…the future is random based on the choices of the present…you'd never know what you would find there. It's also forbidden because no magic user, light or dark ever managed to master it. It mostly killed any user who tried to master the spell, only one magic user ever got the spell to work correctly for him…and witch feeder managed to feed off of him and acquire that spell…but like I said…its effects are one way…and one way…the user would be stuck in the past, or the future with no way to return…so the spell was unpredictable and burned away from the magic force by the elders eons ago…traveling to the future is just like traveling to the past only slightly different…there would have to be a version of you that was in a possible future that was dead set to be the future of our present…otherwise the traveler DOESN'T travel forward at all…like I said, a complicated and dangerous spell…that's why it was forbidden. And no one has ever been born with that ability in their magic D.N.A, because the wizard who managed to do it…never got a chance to spawn." Murdoch finished, "sucked to be him… lived 300 years and never really lived or left a great legacy that wasn't "eaten by witch feeder"

"That doesn't make sense…if he had that spell…why did he waste all that time fighting me? Why not go back in time to any version of him in the past and change history so it would benefit him? Like the day I set him free, he could have traveled to after that moment and swallowed me along with mother and father, why go forward?" Raven asked, finding this plot of witch feeders ludicrous.

"I told you. Changing the past is unpredictable…and besides, the spell drains the magic force out of the user, which is another reason why the spell was never used…not even by witch feeder, he valued his magic that was made from the fusion of the magic of the people inside him too much to give it up. He wouldn't have done this…unless he was confident that the time travel wouldn't pose a problem for him whenever he went to…" Murdoch explained.

"Do we know when he went, if we can't follow him, do we even know that?" asked Raven.

"No…we have no idea when, or where he went…" Eudora shook her head, "or even how to find him…not even the astral plane could help us"

"Perhaps I can help you find him…if you let me, I can try" a secondary, ghostly but friendly voice echoed around the room.

Raven, Eudora, Murdoch and celeste soon found the source of the voice however, it wasn't hard…the owner of the voice was standing right there in room with them, having appeared out of nowhere, wearing a black hooded robe, and the man or boy underneath had ink black skin and gold eyes with no pupils.

Raven was the first to react, and despite her headache, she summoned her magic and got into a defence position

The mysterious cloaked stranger just stared at her, and her glowing hands with an awed look on his face, "fascinating…your power doesn't come from the Meta gene…you actually are a real live witch"

"You have five seconds to explain who you are and what you doing here before me and my friends put a world of hurt on you, whoever you are...are you a dark mage?!" Raven pressed.

"I'm not sure what a dark Mage is young lady, but I can assure you I'm not one of them. And as for who I am, my name is M-Leader…and for why I am here…I have come to find you…and seek your help… miss Raven Ducard" the mysterious stranger known as M-leader said, speaking without saying a word…shocking all present.

Eudora said slowly, "Raven…you can trust him. I sense a good aura around him"

"Me too…" Murdoch said, "And I sense a power in him I haven't sensed since the hero Naemon put the seal over the affected ones eons ago"

Raven stood in defence position with her hands glowing with offensive magic, studying the stranger…and when she found no signs of malice in him, she relented… "Alright…I'm open to suggestions right now…any suggestions…what is your problem?"

M-leader sighed, and looked disappointed, not with Raven, Raven could tell that, he appeared to be disappointed with himself.

"Raven…you and I have a common goal and problem. You unleashed a monster and defeated him, and he fled to an unknown time. I unleashed a permanent change upon the world, and my enemy that resulted because of this change…is still here…and others like him will follow as well I am sure of it, and his and their machinations threaten the world as we know it…" and he motioned to Becky, who was revealed to be peering through the crack in the doorway listening in on the conversation, "and humans who aren't "special" like you and me…like young Rebecca outside the door"

Becky opened the door, and looked at the stranger in shock, "you could see me through the door?"

M-leader smiled, "no…I could hear your thoughts through the door"

"Wicked!" Becky said in awe.

Raven ignored Becky's awe at the stranger's strange power, and then became concerned "what do you mean?"

M-leader extended his hand to Raven, "I'll show you…as he showed me…if you want…it would be easier to show than to tell"

Raven looked at his hand questionably, and then sensing no danger inherent to this action, reached out her own hand to meet M-leaders.

Before she could touch it, M-leader drew his hand back hesitantly, and looked at Raven concerned, "but I warn you…you won't like what you see… the vision might be so terrible it will scar you, badly"

Raven smirked, sarcastically "I think I'm used to that stuff by now Mr. Cloak…so try me!"

And with that, M-leader shrugged and clasped Ravens outstretched hand.

Raven suddenly felt the sensation of flying, and her room, Eudora, Murdoch, Celeste and Becky disappeared…and in their place.

Raven looked around in horror at what she saw.

She saw the House of Eudora, Destroyed and deserted, with burn marks on the broken walls made by some kind of bomb or explosion.

See saw people outside, chained, working slave labor…or on the street starving, dying, or lying among the skeletons that littered the ground.

Working like slaves for their masters in this hellish vision of the world, and their masters…Raven couldn't believe her eyes.

M-leaders strange appearance was disconcerting enough, but images flew past her of people changed or transformed into something different.

She saw a girl who could fly, a boy who had the appearance of a lizard, a middle aged man who could turn into living smoke and fire, but the biggest image was that of a man wearing metallic armour.

His image towered over this hellish vision, and Raven then realized that this "thing" was the cause of what had occurred in this vision.

She then looked out from Eudora's house to see the city of New Orleans, a destroyed, burnt out husk that was once the proud city of the south.

Time then Reversed right before ravens eyes, and the city returned to normal…and the three changed individuals returned back into normal people appearances.

The streets were bustling with people around these three people.

Then the towering image of the man in armor appeared above the city, he outstretched his hand…briefly revealing a strange energy from his hands…Raven could barely make out the image of a strange egg shaped device in the armored man's hand.

Suddenly there was a bright flash of light that emanated from the armoured man's hand, and a shockwave followed that gutted and blew apart the buildings of New Orleans, and all of the people…save for the three individuals.

When the shockwave passed over them, they all turned into the forms that Raven had seen them in before.

They all looked around at the carnage, confused, scarred and horrified…not like the monster versions of them that Raven had seen before, then they all turned to face the giant image of the Armored Man.

He appeared to be communication with them…and then Raven watched as these innocent, transformed individuals became the hostile monsters that Raven had seen enslaving and or killing humanity. They jumped at Raven and raven forgetting for a moment she had magic powers, froze and flinched in fear.

The "monsters" vanished before they got to her, and also the armored man vanished as well…all that remained in the vision was the ruined city, and the dead lying around the two of them.

"What is this? What happened here?" asked Raven to M-leader as she looked around at the post-apocalyptic world.

M-leader looked around with a cold stone, scowling face at the evil of the vision.

"No... the question is "what will happen here?"…This is Meta Masters tomorrow… what he will do to others like me, if he manages to sway them onto his side… just as he tried to sway me." M-leader said, looking around at the vision with contempt on his face, and an unknown pain in his eyes that Raven could see…but couldn't quite read.

She looked around at the horror before her, and then questioned "meta master?"

"He's the one I'm Trying to stop…the reason I'm looking for other special people…" Meta master released his hold on raven, and the apocalyptic vision dissipated and raven was now back in her room, where her three friends were examining her, worried about Raven after seeing her face of horror after M-leader showed her the vision.

"Why?" Raven asked, regarding M-leaders search for other "special people".

"Because I fought him once my own once, it wasn't enough…I can't do this on my own…" M-leader explained, "And people like me…shouldn't have to learn or fight on their own…that is MY tomorrow…"

Raven contemplated what she had seen, and found herself believing what she had seen was a prediction of what will happen if this new enemy, Meta master, wasn't stopped…she was just glad she wasn't shown what could have happened to Eudora or Becky in that vision. Witch feeder was bad, and he wasn't going to escape Ravens wrath…but he was "gone" some when else in time in the future…Meta Master was the present. And if Raven had learned anything through her ordeals, it was the present…is the most important thing to be concerned about…the here and now.

This was a problem she couldn't ignore any more than the witch feeder.

"All right M-leader…" Raven nodded in understanding, "I'm listening…"


In his room in the tower section of the Ducard Estate, Maximillian reflected on that entire report on how Raven was doing, and the meeting with M-leader he had been told by the returned Murdoch.

He had just come in from a long hard day of helping give information to his Friend Beaumont and his "ghost catching" team about the location of the next escaped 22 demons and spirits.

He was surprised that Beaumont was using Humans as members of the team, despite the council of magic's misgivings, but they were silenced probably by the fact that the spirit of the hero Naemon, and he was residing in symbiosis with a human was one for even more disbelief and awe.

So far these human "ghost catchers" had managed to find 10 of the escaped 22…so far not too shabby.

So when he had found Murdoch here in his Room Waiting for him, he was relieved that he didn't return with news of raven's demise…and assured him that his exiled sister was doing just fine.

Murdoch had told him about everything, the ongoing struggle to assimilate into the human's culture, her gaining confidence and control over most of her new power, her battle with the witch feeder and the dark magic user Judas Black…and more importantly, the appearance of Max's mother's angel.

Max had cried tears of happiness at these events that Murdoch had told him about, but when Murdoch told him about the witch feeder's escape into the future he became concerned.

He knew witch feeder wouldn't have done such a bold and reckless action…unless he was absolutely certain of success when he reappeared whenever in the years ahead.

And there would be no way to track him until he resurfaced.

And he became even more concerned when he was told about the superhuman.

Max scratched his chin as he pondered this information.

"So this M-leader, you believe he is an affected ones decedent?" Max Ducard asked Murdoch.

"he calls himself a metahuman, but that is my best idea on why he has powers…and a changed appearance…whatever he did to himself…its spreading, and its affected others…and one human who is one bad piece of work…almost worse that witch feeder…almost…he calls himself meta master" Murdoch explained.

"And what does this Meta Master want?" Max asked diplomatically.

"Subjugation or destruction of humans…and replacing them with others like himself…under his rule" Murdoch explained, his face dark at the thought of what he had said.

"This M-leader can't help find Witch feeder, can he?" Max asked.

Murdoch shook his head, "no…but he wants to try…he wants Raven to join his team, wants her to learn to master her powers and use them to stop Meta master"

"And what about when it's done…what then?" Max inquired again.

"that's Ravens choice…he even said it would be Ravens choice…but M-leader is planning on training the members of his team and any new Metahuman they find that wants or needs his help…sounds like something out of a comic book mind you…but I trust the guy…and you know I can read people like a book…so I want to know what your idea on what she should do should be"

Max thought about it, long and hard.

"I think that would be the best choice, Witch feeder is a future problem, but Meta master is the present. She should go with this man, she needs to refine her powers for when witch feeder shows up again…and I'm sure more like Meta Master will show up…besides, being with Humans who are "different" like her might be a good thing"

Murdoch smiled, "well that's good…because she said yes. She wants to use her power to help people anyway she can…Eudora has given Raven her blessing as well. She has taught Raven all she knows, and she will be leaving by plane to Los Angelo's, California to meet with the others in two months…the beginning of summer in earth Realm".

Max then began thinking about the witch feeder, and looked at Murdoch "we mustn't let anyone know about this. The council Is too busy about the escaped 22 to even bother with worrying about why the can no longer find Witch feeder on earth…and right now, I don't trust a few members in the council…some of them are becoming visibly shady to me…some are even using their Gaurdemon's to…." Max and Murdoch then heard a scratching noise above them, "MURDOCH!"

Murdoch then pounced into the shadows above them, but soon returned and shrugged "nothing max"

Max sighed in relief, "I swear…some of them are using Gaurdemon's to spy on me…I don't think some of them believed my story of Raven being dead… and I think they might have ulterior motives involved than the magic realms "safety"

Murdoch looked back up at the shadows of the rafters, and then back at Max and nodded "I'll tell raven this…just keep your nose clean…and I'll take care of Raven…and let's hope that there really wasn't any "dark seeker" dark mage conspiracy behind the release of Witch feeder…" Murdoch then began to fade away back to the earth Realm, "because if it was…things are worse than we thought… a lot worse"

Max then jumped from his seat, "wait…MURDOCH!"

Murdoch stopped phasing, once again at the head "oh…Jeeze… again? What?!"

"Tell Raven from me…I'm very proud of her for what she has done…and she is still my sister, no matter what" Max said full heartedly.

Murdoch stopped scowling, and smiled "I know she will be glad to hear that from you"

And with that Murdoch vanished away into Earth realm.


A group of seventeen black robbed and cloaked individuals stood around the shattered remains of witch feeder's crystal prison in the forbidden wood.

Each of the cloaks back bore the insignia of the witch feeder, revealing who they were…they were the Dark seekers.

Dark magic users foolishly and fanatically devoted to the witch feeder, seeing him as their true "lord and master"…despite the fact that they were all food to him.

In the center of the circle of Dark seekers, was a magical flame emanating from a stone…and within the flame, the events of Ravens battle with the witch feeder played before them all.

"That teenage half-blood abomination actually beat the master into fleeing to another time…who would have thought it!" a female member exclaimed in disbelief.

"such is what happens when the witch feeder fuses magic to magic users…the girls augmented strength is not her own…" a male member continued, "and despite certain oversights with regards to the powers of Sabrina Ducard mixed with Raven Ducard's latent magic she has yet to unlock in herself. She doesn't possess the ability to destroy our lord…no magic user does"

"Not even dark seekers have the magic to control darkness…." The tall one in the far side of the circle, the leader stepped forward, "but the witch feeder has left something behind in her…and he wouldn't have done that if he didn't have a need for the abomination…her power is to be acknowledged, because our master has acknowledged it…we will keep an eye on the young Ducard girl…and see what the master has in store for her…and we'll keep keeping an eye on the Ducard boy Maximillian…make sure he doesn't find out about us…or warn his sister if he does. And as for the council… we keep them in dark about this any way that we can…until the master resurfaces"

"And then we will have revenge on the magic realm for what they did to us and our master all those centuries ago" another member added, "and then earth realm as well"

"Exactly!" the leader finished.

A month later….


Raven was in her room, packing her things into her magic sack…all her spell books, all her potions material that she had been given by Eudora…and also a picture taken during the past month of Her, standing outside the house alongside Murdoch, Becky, Eudora, Celeste, Murdoch, Selene and Bart.

Raven was thankful that Murdoch didn't need to wipe those two pre-teens of their memoires of that night; it was nice to have a circle of friends who were outside of the world of Magic that Raven was part of.

And it was nice to have friend's period, having never had any for so long.

She wondered about this team she was going to meet to join, what kind of people were going to be there…would she fit in…or would she be a pariah again?

What if she wasn't strong enough to help out in the fight against Meta master?

And was she making the right decision doing this… these were all thoughts going through her mind as she packed…she hadn't felt this unsure and scarred since the night she left the Magic realm for possibly forever.

But part of growing up was to take steps into the unknown, and bear what those steps bore… and also when she was packing she was watching the T.V News reports on the Battle….no one had really seen her in the fight, and if they did, they dismissed it as public hysteria.

Raven smiled and shook her head at the reports, Humans were so simple, never believing things even with their own eyes…even when scientists and meteorologist couldn't find any explanation to the "rogue typhoon" that appeared and disappeared over New Orleans.

If M-leader was right, and the world was beginning to change…then these "strange" reports were about to get stranger.

But then the TV reports went to another story, one concerning a terrorist attack in a place called Lunar city…most of the U.S was reeling in response to the domestic terrorism that had struck the city of the night.

But through the disaster, varying reports were being brought through of some kind of "living shadow" seen fighting the terrorists in the attack…but these reports were dismissed as hallucinations caused by the gas that caused half of the city to go nuts.

But hearing the reports of a living shadow, which got Ravens attention…, she starred at the faint image taken by a news broadcaster's camera during the attack…and to her relief, it didn't look a thing like the witch feeder.

But the living shadow…it faintly looked like the one from her dream when she was young…was this a coincidence…maybe not…maybe this "vigilante" as they called him was a forgotten one who actually had shadow magic…the one thing witch feeder was not immune to…and if that was the case, and if this shadow was an ally…she might see him on M-leaders team soon…and she could get her answers then.

But maybe not, in her experience, anyone with dark powers…never had turned out to be a good person.

She sewed up her pouch and placed it in her pocket, and went downstairs to meet up with Murdoch and Celeste to travel to Los Angelo's via Murdoch travel portal.

Problem with Murdoch portal was that he could do across country distances for transporting a group of people, but it takes a lot out of him, it would take a month before he could do it again…transporting around a city however was like breathing to him…so easy come, easy go.

They couldn't take the airplanes, "flying carriages" Raven mused "who would have thought"…she didn't have I.D and despite her magic, she didn't want to "cheat" her way past every obstacle…besides, Murdoch's travel portal was the fastest way to get to the meeting place.

When she passed Eudora's Potions room she paused and glanced at the statue of Judas black inside the room.

Eudora was trying to think of what to do with it…besides putting it on display in an art galleria somewhere in the city.

Since the spell couldn't be reversed by the original caster, which was Judas Black, Judas seemed to have been given this fate…terrible, but done by his own hand.

Was there any possible way that he would break free of his rebounded spell?

Raven shrugged it off, Judas Black was gone…he wasn't her problem anymore.

She stepped out the door out back to where the dock was, and found all of them waiting for her.

Raven looked at Eudora and Becky…and sighed, "Well…I guess this is it…"

Eudora went forward and hugged Raven, "take care of yourself kiddo… your always welcome back; my door will always be open for you"

"I know…thank you Eudora…" Raven hugged back, "and thanks…for everything"

Raven then knelt down to be eye level with Becky, Becky wasn't happy to see her go. Raven understood why…over the time she had spent living with her and her grandmother she had become in Becky's eyes like a sister to her.

And now she was afraid that Raven would never come back.

Raven herself feared the same thing, but she was trying to be strong…at least for Becky's sake.

"I'll drop in any chance I can get, I promise…" raven promised to Becky, "and I'll write when I figure things out where I'm going"

Raven was almost taken by surprise when Becky leapt forward and hugged her tightly.

"Do you really have to go?" Becky asked.

Raven sighed, "yes I do…there are monsters out there I need to fight…because I have to, because I can fight against them…this is my world now, and I will protect it…and all that I care about inside it."

Becky then let go of Raven, sniffling, trying not to cry in vain…she reached into her pocket and pulled out azure moonstone ring.

"Here…" she handed it to Raven, "it's my good luck charm, and it's always helped me before…I want it to help you now"

Raven clasped the ring in her and looked at Becky concerned "are you sure?"

Becky then perked up a bit, smiling.

"Don't worry about it…I've got a dozen up in my room hidden under my bed" Becky smiled smartly.

Raven chuckled, and placed the ring on her index finger…it glowed in the sunlight. Almost like a symbol of friendship…and that's exactly what it was.

Raven and Becky hugged one last time, and Becky joined Eudora as Raven went to join Murdoch who was waiting for her at the end of the dock.

"A teenaged witch superhero…" Becky mused beside her grandmother, "I have the most interesting friend in the world"

Eudora smirked, and put a hand of Becky's shoulder, nodding in agreement "we both do…we both do"

Raven stood beside Murdoch, and then looked at the azure moonstone ring on her finger…and then clenched her fists.

It was hard leaving her family behind the first time; it was harder leaving her friends here right now.

But she knew she had to go, and with that she turned to Murdoch "are you ready?"

Murdoch's eyes glowed gold, and before raven and celeste a portal leading to the meeting place appeared, "as ready as I guess I can be…it's been a while since I transported people great distances across a continent" he said worriedly.

Raven shook her head playfully, "if you're so worried, we could still just take the plane"

Murdoch shook his head, "if it's all right with you, I'd rather not fly in a cramped cat box in a small luggage container drugged asleep and calm while you enjoy a "luxurious" economy class seat all the way to Los Angelos…and the feeling is mutual… Right pretty cat?" Murdoch motioned to celeste beside him.

She hissed as if to say "leave me out of this"

"Then let's go…we got a new world to become a part of…" Raven said, her face now determined to face the future ahead of you, "the world…of being heroes"

"And with that said, "beam me up Scotty" Murdoch quipped, "besides…I don't think you'll have much trouble with this…your already a hero…or heroine, whatever in my eyes"

Raven smiled at her Gaurdemon, and then in unison she and her companions entered the portal…heading for the meeting place, to her future…and unknown to her…to eventually meet her fated companion…alongside the other heroes assembled by the mysterious M-leader. more origin story told from the pages of M-leaders Dossiers. Another soon to follow, counting down to when the heroes become the legion. hope you readers enjoyed this story and feel free to review if you want.

Raven: Mistress of magic pt. 2 belongs to Maskedhero100, this story is purely fictional, any similarities to any persons, places or events are purely coincidental.