You roared in to my life

My name is Val, I'm 17 yrs old and I am completely in love with a man I never met. I see him every day as he rides down my street on his Kawasaki Ninja 650. Whenever I hear him come down my street I make it appoint to go outside and pretend to be doing something like water the lawn or check the mail, just to watch him go by. The 1st time I saw him was at school, I don't think he was a student, I think he was there to pick someone up. When I saw him my heart begun to thump in my chest so hard I thought everyone around me could hear it. He was leaning against his motorcycle with his leg crossed at the ankles and his arms were spread out one on the handle bar the other on a helmet on the back of the bike. His shoulders were broad and slimmed down at the waist, his hair was dark and slightly matted to his head from the helmet but was quickly drying in the afternoon sun. He wore a black riding suit with leather pads on the knees and elbows with black boots that come up almost to his knees. I don't know how long I was staring at him, till I notice that he was staring back at me and our eyes locked together. I blushed heavily, I'm sure he could see the change in my face clearly it was that bright, I quickly turned to avoid his gaze. When I turned back to see if he was still looking, he had his helmet on and some guy who looked to be a first year student climbing behind him holding him around his waist.

I don't know why but I felt jealous that it wasn't me. He slowly walked his bike while sitting on it toward the street, when his path was clear he zoomed down the street almost knocking the smaller boy behind him off the back of the bike causing him to grab and hold him tighter. I would only see him occasionally after school picking up the same boy. I wonder if it is his brother, or at least I was hoping it was his brother.

Soon I began to hear motorcycles every where, I would perk my head up to see if it was him.

After a while it got the point that I knew the sound of his bike from others, before I never knew he rode down my street almost daily. I wonder where he lives or if he worked around here? One day I decided I was going to be a super sleuth, to find out where he goes after riding past my house. My house was on 1st Street he would turn right onto Jones St., so what I did was to make sure I was on the corner of 1st and Jones St. where he turns at to see where he turned after that.

The following day I must have missed him or maybe he just didn't come by that day. The next day I waited on the corner, sure enough here he comes, I watched as he rode down Jones St. past 2nd, 3rd he turned right at 4th St..

Now I was kind of confused because going right at 4th St. would take him back out to Main Street? Now I was even more determined to know where he goes. Again I wait for him, this time as he rode past he was going slower than usual, although his visor on his helmet was colored and closed, I felt he was looking at me, once he pasted me he sped up till he got to the stop sign. He then went across Main St. to another section of houses and made what looked like the first left.

By now I was super curious and excited that maybe I was close to knowing where he was going. The next day I waited on the corner of 4th & Arthur Street where he made the left, but this time I found a bush to hide behind. I heard him first before I saw him ride past on Main Street towards 1st Street where I turn to go to my house, about five minutes later I saw him come down 4th Street. He was looking side to side as he came down the street, he stopped at Main and continued across to Arthur, made the left, rode down to the 2nd street and made a right. I got out of where I was hiding and walked to the second street, it was Mathews Court. As I rounded the corner there he was parked in the first driveway on the right. Hoping I could turn around and leave before he could catch me.

I hear a low manly voice say "Hey! Stop right there!" my feet stuck like they were glued to the concrete, I couldn't move, I was petrified. I could hear his boots as they clomped on the concrete, closer and closer, till they stopped right behind me. I closed my eyes as I felt a hand on my shoulder pulling to turn me around. As he ask why I was following him my eyes opened almost in sheer terror, not because I thought he would hurt me but more because he caught me and I was embarrassed. Again he asked me "Why are you following me?" I had no answer for him, I couldn't tell him that I liked him, that he made my heart go pitter pat, hell actually he made my heart want to thump out of my chest! I stuttered something incoherently and tried to walk backwards to leave but he grabbed me by the arm tightly so that I couldn't get away; he pulled me towards his house and ushered me through the door. Still holding onto my arm he turned closed and locked the door.

At this point I'm on the verge of freaking out stammering "I didn't mean….I was just curious."

"Quiet" he said, pulling me to a room and shoved me in releasing my arm, walking in behind me, locking the door behind him. He stood in front of my only means of escape.

"Please let me go, I won't do it again!" I said my voice filled with anxiety.

Again he asks "Why did you follow me?" as he unzipped his jacket letting it slide to the floor as he walked closer to me.

I can now see he had beautiful emerald green eyes penetrating my own blue-green eyes. I stood there staring at his eyes as he walked closer and closer to me, so close I could smell his sweet hot breath. He put his hands on my shoulders, firmly pushing me back until my legs hit the frame of his bed making me fall onto my back; now lying on his bed he put a knee between my legs on the edge of the bed, leaning over me, my breath quickens as my anxiety went through the roof.

He said, "Let me answer for you. You like me; I saw it the first time I saw you at the school."

I blinked my eyes but said nothing

"You have watched me ride by your house almost every time I came by."

He was now leaning so far over he was practically laying on me.

"What's your name?" he asked next to my ear sending a shiver down my spine.

"Va…..Val" I stammered

"Val….. I have noticed you too" he said even closer to my ear in a soft low tone, then I felt something hot and wet slide across the side of my neck. I shifted my body under him so I could see his face; I guess the expression on my face caused him to laugh briefly at me

. "Come now…. Don't be shy, this IS what you wanted, right" he said smiling "That's why you followed me…to my home!?"

My heart was thumping, I didn't know if it was from being here with him or that he was right, about everything he said, maybe both. I was excited and turned on, my member began to jump and swell with his words. He pressed his lips to mine forcing is tongues into my mouth exploring every nook and cranny within, I didn't resist I greeted his tongue with my own.

Taking some initiative I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him down, now his entire weight was resting upon me. Snaking my hands between our bodies to undo the buttons on his leather pants, managing one button at a time until all five were undone. Once I had all 5 buttons undone I began to shove the back of his pants down over his perfect muscular ass. I think I surprised him because he released me from our kiss to look at me, but only long enough to grab the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head trapping my hands in the shirt above me. He continues to kiss me again our tongues slashing at the others.

His free hand found the button on my pants, unbuttoning it with little resistance and slid the zipper down in one quick motion. With my pants undone he exposed my tighty whities that were even more strained against my erection, pulling at my pants and underwear just enough to free me from the confines of my clothes, he grabbed my cock and begun to stroke it as he threaten to choke me with his tongue.

I struggled to free my hands from my shirt and his grip but he held me firmly. Pulling my mouth from his I said "Let me touch you, I want to feel you, I …..want to make you feel good too" pant pant

He let my hands free from my shirt, I pushed him over to the side, I stood from the bed letting my pants and underwear fall to the floor, pulling my feet out of my shoes and pants.

I reach down sliding my hands under his shirt pulling him up to slide the shirt over his head. I yanked and pulled at his boots taking them off. Grabbing his leather pants on either side of his thighs where I had manage to push them down from before he stopped me, I snaked him out of the leather pants which was a total turn on watching as I peeled the skin tight pants off his sculpted legs.

Looking at his body I could see how truly beautiful he was, broad shoulders slimming down to his waist, long strong legs, his cock was hard and big, just about as big as mine, I wanted that body, to touch, feel, make love too, oh god just looking at him I was horny beyond all reasoning.

I got back on the bed with my head at his waist and my waist at his head hoping he would take the invitation, which he gladly excepted by taking me in his hand the other cupping and fondling my balls.

I did the same but added a tongue, slowing at first licking the head pushing my tongue in his slit, but my greed exceeded my patients and I took him in to my mouth hungrily. I was not lost to the fact that he was also hungrily sucking my cock in rhythm with my own movements. The two of us were moaning with pleasure from the others manipulations.

Again taking the initiative I licked my fingers then began to press my index finger into his ass, tensing briefly he took my cock out of his mouth.

"What do you think you are doing?" he asked tensly

I said around his dick "nothing"

"Doesn't feel like nothing to me!" he said

Taking him fully out of my mouth I look at him and said in a firm voice "Should we stop here?"

He looked at me and said "No, just not used to someone touching me there."

I chuckled at him and said "Oh, I see how it is... just to let you know I go both ways and expect my partner to give as well as receive. Is that going to be a problem?"

I was ready to leave even though I wanted him soo bad.

Seeing that I was serious he said honestly "it might be but I ….. I am willing to try."

With that I continued to "munch" on him, sliding my finger in and out of him, before long not only was he sucking me as eagerly as he was before but was rocking his hips against my finger and my face. I pushed a 2nd finger in pushing deep inside of him to find that spot that would drive him over the edge. He at this point had pushed his own finger in me, we were a pile of sucking and finger F*****g. His hips jolted convulsively, I knew I had hit the spot, his breathing increase his hips rocked faster slamming his cock in my mouth.

Not wanting to disappoint him in his new found arousal, I stopped my assault on his ass and cock; I removed myself from his mouth that was sucking me eagerly. I move myself between his legs pushing them up he looked at me with uncertain eyes.

I told him "It will feel soo good, it will blow your mind, just relax and see how the other half enjoy!"

I positioned myself and slowly pressed the head of my cock into his ass; at first he tensed up I told him to relax and gave him a minute to adjust.

He looked at me with uncertian eys "Man I'm not so sure about this!?"

"Trust me it will be so worth the brief pain, I'm going to start moving." Pushing the rest of the way in, I buried my cock in his ass.

He grunted saying "NO…...NO, take it out!"

I ignored him and pulled back slightly and pushed back in, again and again, at first he was trying to fight me, but then as I started to hit that spot that gave pure pleasure he changed his tune to "Oh, god yes, yes there!"

I slammed in to him again and again holding his legs for leverage, feeling my own climax forthcoming, I told him to stroke himself. It didn't take him long for him to come; he came so hard he splashed his own face and the bed.

Feeling his convulsions around my cock I splashed his inside walls with a heavy coat of cum. Letting his legs fall on either side of me I collapse on his chest, both of us were panting.

All he could say between breathes was "I knew…. how good….. It felt to give….but to receive..!"

I told him "next time give as good as you got, ok." We both slightly chuckled.

I asked "by the way what is your name?"

"Mathias...Ready for round two?"