A/N: This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine, who really liked someone that didn't know how to tell her that he liked her back. Needless to say, it didn't work out. The first stanza will be in his PoV, the second in hers, and so on. Oh and 'Sarah' is a pseudonym.
Re-uploaded on 6/14 due to grammatical errors.

You walked in
That hot summer day
My heart stuttered
I was confused.
What is this that I'm feeling?
I don't know her.
But maybe I'd like to.

I see you.
Sitting there.
Looking at me.
I'm confused.
Why would anyone look at me?
I'm not anything special.

This feeling.
I don't understand it.
It makes me feel like I'm shaking on the inside.
I have never felt this way before.

I see you every day.
In and over weeks.
You play basketball I learn.
Pretty good too.
But why do you never talk to me?
Even when you do, it's nothing nice.

I ruined it, just as I realized how I feel.
All I can do is say mean things.
It's like I'm in kindergarten again.
When you like someone, all you do is tease them.
But this time
I think I went too far.

He is so mean.
Why can't he compliment me for once?
Sarah says it's because he likes me.
But that can't be true.
He has a girlfriend.
It would've never worked out.

I have a girlfriend now. She's a great person.
But every time we kiss, I can't help but think of her.
Her, her, her.
Her name
It's the whisper in the wind, the thought late at night, the beat of my heart.
I'm trying to move on.
But I don't think I ever will.

I have a boyfriend now.
He's everything I could have ever asked for.
He's sweet, caring, and compliments me. Unlike someone I know.
He's been avoiding me lately.
I wonder why?

She has a boyfriend now.
As much as I love seeing her happy
It kills me
To know that it's not me putting that smile on her face.
Watching them together
I hear a shattering sound
I'm pretty sure it's my heart.

He broke up with me. I can't believe it.
I thought it was going great.
I thought I was in love.
But apparently there was someone else.
Tears started falling.
In the middle of the hallway.
He walks by. My tears are plain on my face.
The look on his face... It is pure pain.
Looking at mine.

I want to kill him.
He had the best girl in the world.
And he treated her like crap.
I want to give him a piece of my mind.
Put him in as much pain as he put her through.
But I have a girlfriend.
I can't do this.

The days pass by in a daze.
The summer passes in a haze.
He broke up with his girlfriend I notice.
I asked.
But he never gave a reason why.
Sarah repeats herself.
She says it's because he likes me.
But that's impossible.
We hate each other.
That will never change.

I broke up with my girlfriend today.
I just couldn't go on, when my heart was pulling me in the opposite direction.
She's looking better I see.
Happier than I've seen her since..
And that makes my heart leap.

The school year starts up again.
I barely saw him this summer.
But he looks happier.
And that makes me glad?

Seeing her every day again is priceless.
I promised myself
That I wouldn't mess up again.
I have another chance.
I won't let it go.

He's been a lot nicer lately.
Holding doors.
Helping me with my stuff.
He even told me I'm a good basketball player, and wished me luck in our next game.
That's huge.
You know?
Maybe he's not so bad.
Maybe I just need to learn his story.

She's been opening up more lately.
But this time, I'm the reason.
Do you know how that feels?

I can't believe I'm saying this..
But I like him.
He's been so nice lately, helping me out.
He was even there when I saw my ex.
Sauntering down the hallway, a hot new blonde pressed up against him.
He was there.
Put a hand on my shoulder.
Glared at the ex.
And gently led me away.
I just realized.
That I never really knew him at all.

These months have been the best of my life.
I'm becoming closer to the girl of my dreams.
I sound like a bad romance novel.
But you know what?
She's worth it.

I cannot believe I trusted him.
I liked him so much.
How can be be so oblivious?
I'm done.
I can't keep liking people who hurt me.
I guess I was right.
It will never work out.

I blew it.
I've been in my room for the past two days.
She won't answer my calls.
It's obvious.
She hates me.
You know what?
I don't deserve her.
She deserves someone who can make her happy all the time.
I guess I'm not that guy.

School lets out.
Thank goodness.
I can't stand being around him any longer.
He's apologized countless times.
But I don't care.
Too little, too late.

Summertime. Happiest season of the year right?
Three months without her is like three months without air.
Without her, I'm only a shell of the guy I used to be.
I'm heartless.
She took my heart two years ago.
And I will never get it back.

I met a new guy over the summer.
I'm glad I finally got over him.
There is still an ache in my heart when I see him though.
It's irrelevant.
I hate him. Same ole, same ole.

School is back in session again.
We have every class together.
In a way this thrills me.
In a way this kills me.
There's another guy. Making her happy.
I can see it though. It won't last.
He'll break her heart, same as that guy did two years ago.
The same as I did.

Every class.
This must be God's idea of a joke.
He probably thinks it's funny.
Yanking my heart around like that.
I wish my stomach would stop lurching every time I see him.
It complicates things.

I was right.
That heartless jackbag was playing her.
It was a bet. Just to see if he could score her.
My blood is boiling.
How dare he treat her like that.
How dare he break her heart.
She runs out of school.
Trying to board the bus. I reach out my hand and stop her.

Why, why, why?
How can someone be so cruel?
He laughed in my face.
Told me it was all for money.
Tears fill my eyes.
I rush to get on the bus.
Ready to head home.
A hand reaches out.
It's him.

Her eyes are so red.
It looks like she's been crying for the last three hours.
Come to think of it, I bet she has.
My heart breaks.
My hand is on her shoulder.
I flash back to that day, two short years ago.

My mind flashes back to that day, two long years ago.
He's always there.
After the others leave me.
He's always been there.
Maybe I was chasing after the wrong guys.
Maybe the right one has been right in front of my eyes.

We sit on the sidewalk.
What's wrong I ask.
Stupid question.
Her eyes fill with tears.
My heart clenches.
I slip my arm around her.
I wonder if I've gone too far. Time slows.

His arm is around me.
That's the only thing I feel.
My mind goes into overdrive.
What should I do?
Push him away?
My body acts on its own.
As I lay my head on his shoulder.
Allowing my tears to fall.

My shirt sleeve is soaked with tears.
You think I mind?
I stand up.
Reaching both hands down.
Pulling her up.
As I always do.
You know, maybe it's not forgiveness. I've still got a long way to go.

But it's a start.

A/N #2: Finished! You know, I'm extremely proud of this one. I think it captures how they feel now, and how it might work out. In real life, they're stuck in the 'he blew it' stage, and the 'she found someone else' stage. I really do love this. Please review. It means a lot to me :)