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Kate sat in the back passenger seat of the convertible trying to keep her wild locks from becoming even more matted as the car sped along the highway towards the beach bonfire. She watched on as her friends laughed, gossiped, and threw their hands up in the air singing along to the blasting radio. Sometimes she wondered how she managed to associate with such a rambunctious and social group, and now was definitely one of those times.

Lindsey nudged her with her shoulder, "Kate relax!" she yelled so she could be heard over the music and wind, "Lighten up. Come on tonight is going to be fun." Lindsey smiled encouraging the girl to not clam up. She was rather determined to get Kate out of her shell that she lately found herself more and more drawn to as of late.

To ward of anymore gesturing for her to scream and squeal like their other companions Kate slipped one of the many hair ties she had around her wrist, tying her curls into a messy bun. She did her best to give Lindsey a heartfelt smile and attempted to sing along to the song that was reverberating from the speakers. This quelled Lindsey's interest because she smiled back and turned toward the girl in front passenger seat to reply to her question.

When the car pulled into a spot in the car park, Kate had a clear view from her seat of the area in which they would be setting the beach a fire and drinking until they either passed out, vomited, or some combination of sorts. In her mind the shore bared no difference from the car ride except for less wind and buys. Lots of boys. Most of which she was sure she hadn't seen in her entire life. Which made the idea of getting out the car even more frightening than it had been when she first got into it. With a dwidling amount of familiar faces and the growing uncertainty that the friends she came with would stay by her side, she had the growing feeling that she was about to be thrown to the sharks.

However, any plan of escape was quickly halted as Lindsey caught sight of someone she knew on the beach, and made sure to drag Kate out of the car and along with her. "Hey, Mike," Lindsey nearly squealed as she tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear showing off her clear complexion, which looked slightly tan in the growing fire light and the falling sun's set. "Thanks for inviting us," she continued. Kate took a moment to zone out her words as she took in Mike. He was definitely younger than her and Lindsey, which worried Kate a little that she may be one of the oldest persons there since she noticed her friend seemed to have a thing for younger guys. Her only comfort for not looking like a total cougar was knowing that Teresa and Harper were there, and that they had most likely had a few others their age there. Not to mention someone had to be old enough or at least have a fake to buy the booze. Kate's inner thought's were cut short when she heard. "Oh um Mike, this is Kate. The hermit I told you abo-"

"Hey!" Kate interjected. Being called a hermit definitely caught her attention. She knew she was a bit of a hermit, but that didn't she had to be introduced as one. Before Kate could get another word in someone else decided to join their conversation.

A rather built guy with disheveled blonde hair and pale blue eyes sauntered over holding a beer. His face was sprinkled with light stubble that was only noticeable due to the shadow casted from the fire light. He held devilish smirk on his face, which left you wondering whether to observe his face of his washboard abs. Kate kept racking her brain as to why the guy in front of her seemed in some way familiar, but it seemed that the connection was refusing to come to her. She missed wheveter he said with herself too caught in trying to process the man in front of her. 'Why can't they just burkas? It would be far less distracting,' she found herself thinking.

"Kate!" Kate snapped out of her ogling with her cheeks burning crimson to turn her eyes to Lindsey. "Shake his hand," her friend berated her. Kate turned and saw that the guy in front of her had his hand stretched out towards her. She reached for it and gave her best smile.

"Hi, um," she started realizing she hadn't even caught his name in her eye feasting.

"Jonny," he interjected. The name didn't help ring any bells as to why she may have known him, "And you are Kate?"


Jonny laughed at her seemingly speechlessness. "Want to come join the rest of us by the water? I'm sure the conversation will be much more interesting." His smirk eased into a more inviting smile.

Kate nervously ran her hand through her brown curls only to find them caught in her bun. She quickly removed it feeling like a total ditz as she did and found herself wishing she had just stayed home instead of going out. She glanced over at Lindsey, who was definitely giving her a look that screamed something in between "Yes you want to go, be social, and something else she couldn't quite identify. Though it left her feeling that this guy in front of her must be some kind of catch." With her hand finally free she turned her attention back to Jonny and grinned.


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