A lady walked into an old and shabby grocery shop, McGilacutty's. The building itself had been built a century before and has been remodeled many places before. The beige paint was peeling outside, it screamed for a new coat of paint. Inside, it was not as bad. The lady went around the aisles for her weekly shopping. She got a can of corn, a loaf of bread, this and that.

The lady herself was not that noticeable. At one glance you would not remember her, at a second glance you would see that she had dark, shoulder length hair, was young, and simple. That does not imply that she was not pretty, if not beautiful.

Once a week she came to this store for her food. This week there were pumpkins on sale, the lady decided to buy one and thought that she could maybe make a pie. She looked at the orange pumpkins and finally decided on one. This pumpkin is perfect, she thought. It was round and was not too small or too big. But this seemingly perfect pumpkin had a flaw…it was cursed. You see this pumpkin came from a farm where all pumpkins were cursed for a reason Time had forgotten, but we shall say it was the price to make perfect pumpkins the farmer paid so that his pumpkins would win the at the state fair competitions. He got to be the largest pumpkin producing farm that were famous for being virtually perfect, which is said without any knowledge of the curse. Of course you would probably think it's strange that this farmer wished for good pumpkins instead of being the richest man in the known world, wouldn't you? This farmer was a strange man, but he took pride in his pumpkins. Any way, on with the story. The Curse could come in many forms, one of which you will see later in the story.

After she got everything on her list the lady went to the cashier and waited as he scanned everything. He looked up and smiled under his bushy brown mustache shot with silver. He tallied up all the assorted prices.

"There ya go ma'am, have a nice day!" said the cashier.

"Thank you, and you too Mister Cline," replied the lady as she turned to the bag boy who followed her out with her groceries to the lady's car.

"Thank you," the lady said to the boy with a smile when they reached her car.

The boy smiled back at her and said, "See you next week Miss Haimon." And he returned to the store.

Miss Haimon got into her car, drove out of the parking lot and down the road.

Miss Haimon drove up to her house, 701 Nutchester Lane where a couple of people were jogging down the street and someone was walking their large Saint Bernard on the other side of the street. The sun was starting to set and the sky looked like a watercolor painting in the making with deep reds, purples, and oranges.

After Miss Haimon put the food away, she got out her bowls and mixing utensils to get prepared to cook her pumpkin. She got out her chopping knife and came upon her almost flawless round and orange victim, the pumpkin. Then the lights flickered out. The pumpkin started to glow ever so slightly. She brought the knife to the pumpkin. She seemed to be possessed. She lowered the knife and it grew even brighter. The pumpkin seemed to pull at her. She couldn't stop from cutting it. The glow seemed to transfer from the pumpkin, through the knife, and to her. She gasped, she stopped glowing and the lights came back on.

I must have been dreaming, the lady thought.

She continued cutting the pumpkin and went on making the pie. She made a wonderful pumpkin pie and ate it. It was the best she had ever tasted and she exclaimed to herself, "I should get another one next week, wouldn't that be a treat!"

The next day, as usual, people were walking or jogging on the sidewalks of Nutchester Lane. The early riser jogger noticed something big. The house with the numbers '701' was gone. Everything, the white fence, the garden, the driveway, everything. And to add to her bewilderment in its place was a single, perfect, round pumpkin that was neither too big nor too small.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is my original version. I have another that is this same story, but it goes into more detail and is longer. However, it is not finished. Please review. How is my writing? I have posted two fanfics, which I enjoy, but this would be my first original story I have posted up. Again, please review.