Chapter 1

I stood next to Kale against the wall. Usually we would be chatting to try and lighten the mood but instead we just stood there watching.

Frost was sitting down at a table across from a woman.

We were at the local mad house. Once a year Solomon demands that Frost goes to the mad house for a check-up. Basically they ask her questions, lock her up, then she escapes.

It sounds stupid but it was to see if Frost is a danger to herself or needs to be locked away. Frost was only ever a danger if she wanted to be. According to Colman, no matter how many guards there are, how many passwords, cameras or even walls with barbed wire, Frost will escape.

"Okay, let's do a little math. Use the calculator when you need it." The woman said in a tone used for children. Frost just blinked. No one else talked to her like she was a child. Well... no one talked to her end of.

"Okay, what is...45x63?" Frost blinked.

"9720." Frost answered clearly. Her voice was like her, beautiful yet glazed over. The calculator remained untouched. She already had me mathematically beat.




"0.602." Where was the camera when you need one? The woman leaned forward.

"Where was I born?" What kind of question was that?!

"In your grandparent's house." Frost answered.

"Impossible..." The woman whispered with wide eyes and parted lips.

We watched from a TV as Frost was put into a padded cell. The man in front of us set a timer to 17 minutes.

"17 minutes?" Kale asked.

"Miss Frost always waits 17 minutes before trying to escape. Not a second before or a second late. Honestly."

"Why?" I asked.

"I think she and some of the people in the rooms next to her have a chat using their minds. Sort of catching up. I wouldn't. Most say the strangest things. Most just laugh at nothing. Or at their own blood." He shuddered.

We watched the clock. As soon as the clock stopped at 17 minutes exactly the camera watching Rose turned black. People shouted commands and rushed about. Controlled chaos surrounded us.

Frost walked in with a white bag. She dumped it on the table next to me before sitting down. Kale and I exchanged a look before I picked it up. Inside were two rolls.

"Care to explain?" Kale said.

"Neither of you had breakfast today." She murmured as she watched the screen. She had broken down doors, made camera's turn black, knocked at least fifteen guards unconscious, snuck past another twenty guards, walked to the baker's that was a five minute walk away and back with bacon rolls for us in less than a minute. Why was I here? This woman was beyond me.

We walked into the office and stopped. Frost sat down at an empty desk and twirled a pen around her fingers.

"Which one of us reports to Coleman?" Kale asked. I was going to do everything in my power to avoid him.

"Hey!" No such luck.

Coleman marched in wearing his usual dark blue suit. His face - that was normally red - was pale. He turned on the huge TV.

"Alexander Blackblood has unleashed chaos today by sending an army of immortals to the local horse races to slaughter all that was there. Here are the lists of people who have been identified..." A reporter stood in a moments silence as clips of people passed. Women, men, children, young people, old people, pregnant women, disabled people... it was horrible. The pictures next were worse. Limbs and blood and gore filled the images on the screen. The TV switched off.

We all stood for a moments silence for the dead. Those poor people.

"Alexander Blackblood has challenged all immortals to become our King. As IIS it is our job to stop his employees. No one is to go after Blackblood. Only our best will be put together for this. Mr Solomon is on his way over and is going to watch from afar in order to pick out the best. Until then we must stop this from happening again. Now, back to work." Coleman stormed off. It was common knowledge that Coleman wanted Solomon's job. I shivered... Solomon.

I looked at Frost. She was staring either at the TV or at where Coleman was. For once her eyes were not scanning the crowd and they were not glazed over. I tried to tell what emotion was in her eyes but from my angle I could not see. The pen was still in her hand. I walked over to her.

"He is mental." I heard Kale mutter. I ignored him.

"Hey." I said to Frost with a smile on my face.

"Hello." She said politely. The glazed look was back but she was looking at me. Her face was expressionless.

"Do you think Solomon will choose you?" I asked. She looked at me. Well... she seemed to look into me, like she was trying to see my thoughts, to see if I was worth talking to.

"We shall see." She said simply.

This boy was strange. Blue eyes, black hair, tanned skin; he looked like a cross between vampire and werewolf. Oh well... I wonder if the man in the suit will give me a job or if Solomon will. The man in the suit never speaks to me but at me. I did not care.

The boy in front of me. I had seen him before... seen him fight before... he's smart, his friend is strong. Solomon should choose them... if he was smart... maybe I will tell him... maybe he will have some cake.

"Thanks for the rolls. How much were they? I will pay you back." He took out a piece of leather with money in it. I could not remember what it was called. Rolls? What rolls...? I waved my hand at his offer of money. I did not care... rolls...

The boy looked like he was searching for something to say. I waited. He should not have bothered. I have nothing to say... not to him anyway...

"I'm Leon. Leon Grey." He held out his hand and I shrunk back. What did he want? For me to touch him? This was odd... I touched no one. Slowly I reached out my own hand and placed it in his. His skin was warm against my own. He shook our hands softly. It was not unpleasant...

Her hand was cold but soft. I had considered taking my hand back when she reached out. She must have looked at me for a minute before doing so. Has it been that long since someone had touched her? That was just sad.

"Frost." She said, looking at me again. Her glazed over eyes held some confusion in them. It took me a moment to realise that I still had her hand. I let go and her eyes flashed to her hand as she frowned. It must have been a long time since someone had touched her.

Coleman was storming over. He dumped a file in front of me before opening his mouth. Frost leaned back in her chair and looked at him. He turned to glance at her then walked off. Coleman didn't like Frost. I wonder why he does not fire her? Mind you I often wonder why he does not fire me or Kale.

I picked up the brown envelope and peaked inside.

"Seriously!" I huffed. Fairies. Really. I was going to quit. That was my new case. To take down a leprechaun and a fairy. Frost frowned at me. Carefully she reached over and plucked the envelope out of my hands. She glanced at the information before taking her pen and writing something down and handing it back to me.

It was an address of a club. There were a lot of clubs in Florida but this one was specific. When I looked up Frost was gone. Kale sauntered over.

"What's up?" He said. I handed the envelope to him.

"Where did Frost go?" I asked, still looking around.

"She disappeared into thin air. I didn't know she could do that." He murmured, neither did I.

"What do you think?" I asked, nodding to the envelope.

"I think we are going after a small green man and Tinkerbelle tonight." He grinned. I shook my head. Trust Kale.

Kale and I entered the club. It was full of people. Drunken people. And vampires. This is bad. Very bad.

"This can't be good." Kale said. This many vampires in one room with all of these blood filled people usually meant that a blood bath was on its way. I saw our job across the room. The sooner we got them the sooner we can get back and the sooner we can get back-up here.

Kale sat down at a table with a clear view of them and I sat at the bar.

"What can I get you?" A middle aged woman asked.

"Beer." I said. She wandered off. I turned my attention back to my job. An icy presence came up behind me.

"Hello." A smoky voice said. Vampire. Female. Hungry.

"Hey." I said without looking. I could feel her gaze on my neck. She was going to attack me. Now.

Her hand grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. I felt her fangs on my neck but before she could break the skin my gun was pointed at her. Ready to shoot. Then a hand grabbed her and threw her away. Frost. What was she doing here?

Kale had handcuffed our targets. The vampire was leaping at Frost. Then Frost was behind her, slamming her face into the counter and handcuffing her wrists. I could feel some charms on the handcuffs. They were knocking the vampire out. Then it all clicked. This vampire was a leader. One on our hit list. Frost passed her to me and walked out without saying a word.

What is she?

I stood next to Coleman. We were looking through the glass at the vampire. People were asking her question after question after question. She was guilty. All the vampires in the club had fled. A team were on their way to the vampire's hideout.

The vampires face was badly bruised from where Frost had smashed her face. How Frost could inflict that much damage on a three thousand year old vampire was beyond me. I walked out.

Frost was in her office. She was looking through a file. When I knocked she continued to look at the file.

"Hey." I said. I walked in. "Uh… thanks for, um, taking down the vampire… and for the clue." I said. I felt awkward.

"Need help with anything else?" She asked, looking up at me.

"I have some questions." I said. She put the file down and looked at me. She was muttering something under her breath. A formula.

"What formula are you saying?" I asked.

"An important one." She answered.

"What one?"

"The one for chocolate." Oh yeah, insane. I forgot.