Creative Writing

By Ange Noire

I pen ink across a page

To create my very own stage

Galloping across green plains

Unicorns with purple manes

Swimming through a sea of sharks

Or singing amongst the larks

Fighting dragons with noble steed

Being repaid for a good deed

Fiction, non-fiction, biography

Fantasy, Sci-fi, history

Mystery, thriller, western, and more

In a series there are two three four

Setting, events, adventure, conclusion

Climax, problem, and hopefully, solution

A lord destroying a powerful ring

Small town girl who wants to sing

Monkeys living in a zoo

Stories of things one and two

From Tokyo to outer space

It can take place any place

Its characters have any face

Of any species, any race

Whether now or middles ages

It can go through many phases

Middle grade, YA, adult

It becomes a sort of cult

I can write for anyone

I can write about the sun

Or anything that I find

In the depths of my mind

To my paper, words I lend

Until I write

The words

The End