Girlfriend for Hire

Chapter 1

by KHLee

Synopsis: It was a job and it paid well, based on four simple rules: One stranger, one night, one act, for one thousand dollars. It was as simple as that until he hired her. He broke all the rules. And she liked it.

She clicked open a new tab on Google Chrome and began to type in her domain: girlfriend4hire dot com. Her green eyes scanned the website page to check for new client requests. Nothing. All that was displayed was the usual commitments that she had already accepted for a future date – businessmen in town looking for company, last minute dates to weddings and family dinners, and those individuals who could afford a fun night out surrounded by a posy of girls – all planned for later in the month. She had originally gotten into the business as a way to pay for her ridiculously expensive college school fees. It started off as a necessity, but once she had that covered, it became more of a job that could afford her nice things. Why not? She was of legal age to escort, she never did anything she didn't want to do, and it was good money.

She closed the tab, stood up and proceeded to get changed for her first day of her Junior Year at her University in New York City. It was a slow morning – she wasn't too motivated to do anything at this hour. She walked into her small roomed walk-in-closet, her eyes scanning the room – D&G, Prada, YSL, and LV. She settled her gaze on a black D&G tube dress, matching of course with her favorite Prada heels.

"Emma!" her roommate called out "we're going to be late! We have like fifteen minutes to get to class."

Emma groaned and bit the corner of her lip, heaving out a sigh. Her eyes darted to the mirror. She couldn't leave like this. She walked quickly to the bathroom, putting one pedicured foot in front of the other. She switched on the lights, revealing her perfectly symmetrical face, model worthy. She grabbed the eyeliner, starting there. Next was mascara. Her lashes were naturally long enough, but a little mascara couldn't hurt. She quickly grabbed the rose red Channel lipstick, and applied it to her firm, pulp lips. A dash of blush over her firm, sharp cheekbones, and she was just about done. She combed her fingers through her long black hair to smooth out the bed head knots she had accumulated from the hectic night before hand.

"Ready!" she called out. She ran back to her room and grabbed her Mulberry green Lizard Print shoulder bag. Phone, wallet, keys, textbook and notebook. Check. She ran back the way she'd came to meet her roommate in the hallway. Taylor was standing at the door ready, in her blue skinny jeans, plain white top, and brown leather book bag. Her blue outlined eyes darted up from her phone - probably texting her boyfriend as usual – as she ran her fingers through her pixie cut brown hair.

"Lets go then?" Taylor said as she chewed the Cobalt flavored 5 Gum she had in her mouth. Emma opened the door and gestured with her left hand, waving Taylor through. "Busy night?" Taylor asked as her eyes darted up from her phone once again.

"Tell me about it." Emma replied as she inserted the key and locked the door. They proceeded towards the apartment stairs. Emma quickly eased down the stairs in her heels like she was born with a heel attached, clicking and clacking. Taylor's Vans made a different sound, patting against the stair pavement until they reached the bottom.

"Was he a wealthy businessman?" Taylor asked, as they jogged down the busy New York City Street.

"Something like that." Emma replied as she glanced at her sleek black and gold Gucci watch.


"And just the usual. Let's not talk about this now." Emma retorted, catching her breath.

"Ho - kay. Later tonight then!" Taylor replied with a smile on her face – or what she could manage between her breaths.


They arrived at the research hall were the lecture was being hosted; Psychology 101 with Professor Dr Windt. Emma and Taylor quickly entered the large amphitheater-like space and took their seats in the middle-right side of the 200 seats available.

Emma sat down and pulled up her green shoulder bag to her lap. She pulled out her notebook and searched for her pen. Phone, keys, wallet - Damn, she had forgot to put one in her bag. She looked up hopelessly to her left up at Taylor. "Got a pen?" She asked as she pursed her painted lips.

"Nope sorry. Maybe he does?" Taylor replied as she nudged her head in Emma's direction. Emma's vision followed Taylor's nudge, past her to the person sitting to her right. Her eyes focused upon Liam. Liam, her brother's best friend. She took a moment to take in the image of his short dark brown hair, - short on the sides, longer at the top – his attractive blue eyes, looking up at the clock above the blackboard, and his perfectly symmetrically chiseled face. He was an attractive guy, no doubt. Emma knew this, everyone knew this… But she also knew that they had history. Well, history enough to place him in the no go zone.

"Hey, Liam. Do you have a pen I could borrow?" Emma asked as she bit down on her bottom lip.

"Sorry, I don't have one." Liam replied "but I was wondering… How have you been? It's been a while since we've hung out."

"Yeah, I know. I've just been b-" Emma started

"Liam, can you check my schedule? I want to see if we have any classes together." Interrupted Bianca. The most recent blonde haired, blue eyed Barbie Liam had been dating. She had popped her head over, looking at Emma, her hand on Liam's arm.

"Yeah one sec, babe." Liam started, his glance not leaving Emma's. Bianca looked back at him and back at Emma. Retracted her gaze and turned to her right to continue talking with her friends about their new schedules.

"New girlfriend?" Emma asked with a slight smile.

"Erm, kind of…" Liam began as an uneasy look formed on his face.

"I thought you were dating Jessica?" Emma asked as she squinted her perfectly outlined and mascaraed eyes.

Liam's eyes darted down for a second, avoiding Emma's gaze for one moment. "…I am" Liam whispered as he looked up from under his eye lashes, displaying that infamous bad boy look.

Emma pursed her lips and forced a smile. She felt a tap on her left shoulder and turned. "Found a pen." Taylor said as she held it up with her fingers. Emma took the pen and darted her eyes up towards the board.

"Welcome class, to Pyschology 101" Professor Dr Windt began.

Emma dragged her feet back to the apartment. It had been a long day with a quick start. After Psychology 101, she had 2 more classes after which, she proceeded to take her three hour shift waitressing at the local coffee place down the street.

She opened her bag and felt around for the apartment keys. She felt her phone, notebook, pen... keys. She picked them up and inserted the key into its position in the door's lock. She twisted and opened. Taylor didn't seem to be home yet. Her Van's weren't at the front door, so she was probably at her boyfriend's place. Emma walked over to her room, taking off one heal and then the other with her first two steps in. She threw her heels into the corner of her room and then tossed her green bag onto her fluffy, comfortable, snuggly white bed sheets.

She lazily plopped herself down on her swivel black office chair and un-hibernated her 15 inch MacBook pro. Just like this morning she routinely typed in her website address and logged in to check for any new clients. The list seemed unchanged. Nothing too inter- Suddenly with a ping, a request came through.


- CLIENT NAME: Anonymous

- CAREER: Artist

- CONDITIONS: Date for the night

- PAYMENT: $5,000 (Cash)

- EVENT: Formal, Dress classy please.

- WHEN: 8pm, Tomorrow.

- WHERE: In front of Tiffany's and Co, on Fifth Avenue.


Well this seemed interesting. "Anonymous'" were always interesting. Usually a little more risky and precarious, which is exactly what makes them fun. Emma hovered her mouse over the DECLINE option. It had been a long day; did she really want the mystery? But then again, it was five thousand dollars in cash. One stranger, one night, one act, for five thousand dollars. She could live with that.



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