Girlfriend for Hire

Chapter 2

By KHLee

Emma looked down at her watch, reading in analogue, 8:10pm. She turned to look behind her to check that the Tiffany's and Co store hadn't disappeared from behind her. She was in the right place at the right time, just as the client had requested. But where was he? She looked back down at her watch, feeling her nerves build up. Hopefully this Anonymous wasn't standing her up. What a waste of time if he was… But this was not her first time at this kind of thing. She knew that. She'd made a rule to wait 20 minutes for the client after the requested time. If he or she was a no show, that'd be it.

She had decided to wear her black cocktail dress; sexy, but not too revealing. That was usually a safe bet for most formal events, not to mention it looked stunning on her. Emma pulled out her small mirror from black her purse to once again analyse her make up situation. Her eyeliner and eye shadow Smokey eye effect hadn't worn off yet, and her lips still were perfectly scarlet red.

Emma looked across the street at the expensive cars driving through the avenue. It would be nice if the client were rich, taking her out to a fancy ball or business event. That had only happened a couple of times, but Emma had loved every second of it. Having the night to play someone else. Living in a false façade of identity. Living a different life, usually playing the girlfriend of some moderately rich to rich fellow. After all, it wasn't the average Joe who could afford an escort like Emma for a night. She took pride in that. It was an ego boost of sorts. She wouldn't completely admit it to herself, due to societal preferences and stigma towards her way of living, but she loved her job.

Just as a smile was about to creep on to Emma's face, due to the obvious satisfaction she found in her job and the potential adventures tonight would hold, a young woman caught her gaze. The woman was around her age, twenty, twenty-one, maybe, had a slender figure, light brown hair up in a bun, and strikingly blue eyes, reminding her of someone though she couldn't quite place it. The woman seemed classy, wearing a familiar red Channel cocktail dress Emma had circled in her wish list in a summer edition of Vogue Magazine 2012.

"Emma?" The young woman began, as she tilted her head to the side, reaching out her slender, dainty right hand. Her eyes slightly squinted in uncertainty, her voice was high. She was an attractive young woman. Emma couldn't help think that this woman, herself, would make a good escort. But why would someone so attractive have a problem finding a date?

"Yes, that's me. Hello, nice to meet you." Emma replied as a smile crossed her face. Her hand stretched out to meet the young woman's delicate hand.

"Hi, I'm Lira." The young woman replied. "Wow, you're beautiful, aren't you? Damn I would kill for your jaw and cheekbone structure." Lira said musing. "You look even better than your picture online." She laughed.

"Thanks, Lira. It's nice to meet you." Emma said with a slight smile. "So, what's the event for tonight? And how long have we supposedly been dating?" Emma replied, as professionally as she could.

Lira squinted her eyes and pursed her lips. She seemed taken back as a look of confusion washed over her face. It took a second until her pursed lips unlocked and formed a large smile, revealing all of her pearly white teeth. "Oh, honey!" Lira laughed, "I'm not your date for tonight. My brother is. I'm just helping him out with the whole date situation."

Emma nodded her head slowly as it seemed to click. "Of course, right." She laughed. "So where should I meet him?" She asked as she looked to her left and right, trying to spot and male figure that could be related to Lira.

"Well, he's getting ready at the moment so, I was thinking we could meet him at his place?" She laughed "He's not really into this. It was my idea. See, we have this big family dinner party tonight with our parents and some of their business associates, which is kind of a big deal. And he's not really the best at bringing appropriate girls to this kind of thing – usually obvious gold diggers or complete idiots, so I thought this might be a safe bet. Hiring an actress or escort or whatever you prefer!"

Emma's gaze locked onto hers. "Sure." Emma replied as she struggled to hide her smile. "I know exactly how to handle this."

A wash of relief swept over Lira's face. "Ah, good. Thank God. Great. Let's get going then. You definitely look the part."

"Thanks." Emma replied as she smiled back at Lira.

"This way." Lira said as she gestured towards the black Maserati Ghilbi slowly pulling up in front of them by the sidewalk. A driver stepped out of the car and opened the passenger door for Lira and Emma. They both entered the car. Emma couldn't help but smile, though she tried to hide it by biting down on her lip. This was a great car and it smelled of new car leather. Whoever this family was, they were established. It would be a great night. She couldn't wait to play the part as the girlfriend of a wealthy young bachelor. Plus, if he looked anything like Lira, the night would be a blast. Ah yes, this is why she loved her job – the lucky nights like these.

The drive wasn't long. After all, Fifth Avenue was in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and they seemed to have stopped at an apartment complex in the Upper East Side district. It was a lavish building – definitely built for the richest business moguls in New York City.

The driver pulled up in front of the building and opened the door for the two young ladies to get out. Emma followed behind Lira, curiously examining the interior beauty the apartment building entrance had to offer. It was nothing like where she lived. This place had a large, two-storey waterfall feature at the centre of the lobby, a bellboy and 2 security guards at the entrance. All Emma had at her apartment block was the grumpy old landlady who sat, day and night, like a guard dog on the ground floor, trying to catch tenants who owed rent.

"This is a nice place." Emma commented as they walked passed the giant entrance indoor waterfall.

"Yeah, it is. It's home." Lira replied as she pursed her lips. They walked towards the elevator, the touch sensitive upwards arrow button lit up as Lira's delicate finger swept past it. "I mean it's great and all. But It also would've been nice to live on campus for University."

"Yeah, that's true." Emma agreed. Though she did like the privacy her own apartment offered her.

As Lira pushed the button to the Penthouse and slid in her floor clearance key to the elevator she began talking. "Now look. My brother… He's kind of difficult to deal with." Lira started as she turned towards Emma, her eyes burying in. "He's kind of a playboy and dates the stupidest girls... hence you being here so that he doesn't completely disgrace the family name. I'll make sure he plays along nicely, so all you have to do is play the part. Here, I've already made you some flashcards on your dating life together, just in case anyone decides to ask." Lira said as she handed Emma a handful of flashcards.

Emma took them and briefly looked through them.

"Dating Time: 6 Months, How you Met: During Christmas vacation when our family went to the Swiss Alps, Pet Names: Sweetums and Snugglebear" Emma read aloud.

"I know, maybe Sweetums and Snugglebear was a bit much…" Lira started. "Oh, we're here!" she exclaimed as the elevator reached the top floor, penthouse apartment.

Emma panicked for a second, quickly shoving the flashcards into her black purse. The elevator doors opened.

"Hello?" Lira called out as she and Emma exited the elevator into the lavish entrance of the apartment. This family was rich for sure. In the millions or billions, at least. Money was not an issue. Their apartment entrance was well decorated, probably the work of some famous interior decorator. It was filled with simple and modern decor with a twinge oriental tang.

"In here. One second." A male voice replied. It was an attractive voice. Slightly husky but also with a boyish feel to it. Emma couldn't quite place it. It seemed familiar. She excitedly followed Lira to the room where the male voice had replied. She was excited to see who her mystery man was for the night. Who would she be acting for?

Lira and Emma stopped in the doorway of his room as he walked out of the bathroom door. "Your escort for the night is here." Lira said, speaking towards her brother. He had just come out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and another used to rub against his wet hair.

From what was displayed, Emma easily concluded that he was well built; obviously hit the gym, nice toned body, and had a fair amount of time in the sun. His body was admirable - not everyone could achieve such perfection, she mused. She felt herself already feeling attracted to the faceless man, more evidence towards her weakness to hot male bodies. It would definitely be a fun night, she thought to herself. It would be fun. She analysed the rest of his body and was taking in his luminous abs when Lira interrupted her. "So, Emma..." She started as she turned to face Emma. Emma could hear the drumroll in her head. "Meet my brother," Lira began as she gestured an introductory hand towards the undressed male. He stopped rubbing his head with the towel in an attempt to dry it and threw it to the floor. He looked up at Emma and their familiar eyes locked. "Liam."

There was complete silence for that long second. "Oh shit." Emma whispered.

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