Multi-chaptered fictions are something I've never really been good at, considering I write short stories half of the time, but I'm trying.


- Prologue -

"You okay?" He whispered, a smirk upon his lips.

That was all I felt as his weight lifted off of the bed. I was panting, so hard, I couldn't breathe and didn't move- didn't have the energy to. I rolled onto my stomach and groaned lightly, glancing up at him. He wore raised eyebrows, obviously amused with our tickle fight we had minutes ago. I scowled up at him as I discovered he had just found my weak spot only to have him smile back at me.
And there it is. The lopsided grin that somehow made my heart beat faster and louder.
The adorable dimples, the squint in his eyes, and the pearly teeth that shined like they did in those dumb little cartoons.

"I hate you." He chuckled lightly and I couldn't help the giggles that escaped my mouth. He reached out his hands and I playfully smacked them away and stood up myself, only to be attacked once more. But nothing came after. No tickling. No laughing. Just silence as we gazed up at the ceiling. And then I felt it. He kissed the top of my head and my lips automatically pointed upwards.

I felt his head shake. "No, you don't. I'm your best friend." Ah, the best friend card. He had to pull that one out and remind me that we were still and always will be best friends. You guys thought we were together? As in together-together? A couple?

.. I just laughed out loud.

Because Carter Landy and I will never- and I mean never, ever, ever- become a couple no matter how much I want it, imagine it, or dream of it.

Yep, you guessed it; I'm in love with my best friend.