Author's Note: I hope you guys enjoy this short little piece of the gigantic series that I attempted to write known as the Witch Series. I originally wrote this when I was in 6th grade but am just now doing what I promised I would do – fix up the original and add to it. Please Read & Review

Chapter 1: Prologue

Witch 3 Reloaded

By My21Heartbeats

"No grandma!" Ayame screamed.

Ayame Kubito stood tall before her grandmother with a thick scowl etched into her face. What had her seemingly pleasant grandmother done to deserve such treatment? She had supposedly chosen Ayame as the family's witch. She would leave the life she knew to train at Witch Academy to one day fight to protect the city and whatever else she was commanded to protect. It was a job that was an honor and a true curse all at the same time. In other words, her grandmother has signed away the young witch's life for her without her consent. These were all accusations of course and deep down in the young maiden's heart she knew this, but she couldn't – no she wouldn't – allow herself to think otherwise. The young girl shifted her gaze from her grandmother to the dingy old couch that stood in the center of the basement; the girl tore away from her grandmother, a little less heated now, and sat on the furniture.

"Ayame sweetheart, I didn't pick you the council did, and you know it skipped your mother's generation." Ayame's grandmother explained. Ayame didn't feel like hearing what she thought was a lie. Her mother was indeed a witch but she never achieved her full powers because she never attended the academy; that part of the lie was true.

"Grandma you're part of the council, the teenage girl spoke calmly, "so please just leave me alone," her voice was rising in volume, "so I can wait and watch as you all destroy my life!" Ayame screamed the rest before storming up the worn steps, but before she reached the landing at the top of the stairs she turned and called back down. "You could have just as easily chosen Mamoru!" With that she was gone.

Khia, Ayame's grandmother turned to Mamoru, Ayame's younger brother, she sighed before saying. "I hope when you get your powers you don't act like this." She then went up the stairs without another word.

Mamoru was left in the cellar to contemplate the scene that was displayed before his eyes and ears. He didn't want the role as family witch either. The role was a true honor but it was a difficult one. Not only would his sister, and possibly himself if he garnered full witch abilities, have to protect the city of Tokyo and the family's name. He had to admit that this was going to be one crazy year!