Chapter 5: Training and Pain

Ayame awoke to the gentle sound of her alarm clock. The chirps and tweets of birds emanated from the digital device as her eyes shifted open and she shifted up into a sitting position. She instinctively touched the pendant around her neck, slumped against the headboard of her bed and sighed. Thoughts raced through her mind at lightning speeds and she tried to find a mental hold on one of them.

"I don't have time for this," she mumbled to herself before wrenching her body out of the bed and sulking over to her closet and getting her clothes out.

After getting dressed she exited her room and walked down the hall and stopped at Mamoru's room door. She raised her hand and was about to knock on the door but instead decided to open the door slowly and peak inside. She saw the blue cover rising and falling and knew that he was at least alive; she hoped that he was feeling better before closing the door and turning and walking down the steps.


Ryozo walked down his stairs and into his living room where he proceeded to sit in a large cushioned chair and watch the television situated in the corner of the. As he watched the screen he began to think and as he began to think more, the images on the screen blurred and his eyes became heavy.

"Hi, Ryo what are you up to?"

Ryozo stirred from his sleep and was greeted with the grinning face of his younger cousin. The blond haired youth was only supposed to be staying with them for a week and yet he seemed to be staying longer. Ryozo slowly sat up as to let his cousin sit down.

"Nothing Saiske, I was just killing time," Ryozo replied still feeling sleepy.

Saiske's blue eyes looked over his cousin with the innocence only a young preteen could have. "Well you should try getting more sleep, you've been really tired lately."

Ryozo thought about it for a second, "You make an excellent point," he smiled and rubbed the boys head before removing himself from the couch. He felt a slight buzz in his pants pocket and he proceeded to fish out his cell phone; it was his alarm that had gone off and he knew that it was time for him to leave.

"I'll see you when I get back – stay safe," Ryozo called as he bounded to the door.

"Okay… I'll see you later."


Ayame arrived at the appointed destination and she observed her area in order to see if Ryozo had made it before her. She did not spot him so she proceeded to take a look around. The black haired youth had never been to one of the designated training fields connected to the academy and on top of that she wondered if it was against some type of rule for her to even be there since she hadn't yet started her year at the academy. Even still, it was a marvel that should be shared with the entire witch world. The vast flat land was covered in grass with large luscious green trees that stood tall over her.

"Sorry I'm late!" Ryozo panted as he sprinted up the way to Ayame.

Ayame turned, smiled, and said, "Its not a problem, I was just observing the area."

Ryozo placed his hand behind his head while beaming and spoke, "That's right, you've never been here before because you've just become the witch in your family."

"You are indeed correct," the black haired girl replied, "so what will be doing for training today?"


Mamoru sat in his bed with his back against his headboard and his hands fumbling with his phone. He was shocked at how many of his "friends" were worried about him now that they were aware that he had an accident. He scrolled through the list of endless comments, scoffing at the pseudo-concerned voices of the people who had joined him in his online life, when he heard a soft sound come from the lower level of the house.

"Ayame, how was your training," the teen boy called through his closed door. Even though there were several layers between him and his sister, he knew that she would be able to hear him. Alas, he received no response to his call so he called again, "Ayame, can I talk to you about something?"

There was no response.

Slowly his room door creaked open but no one seemed to be on the other side. Mamoru sat up completely, removed himself from the headboard, and uncovered himself. He was becoming nervous; he could feel a large lump growing in his throat. His hands were beginning to tremble and he could feel his heart begin to beat faster.

The door to his bedroom suddenly swung open with an immense force that seemed so great that may have thrown it off its hinges. Alas, the door remained connected to the structure and standing in it, was a tall man with brown hair in a dark black suit with a gleaming red tie that was covered with a dark black cloak. Mamoru knew who was standing in his doorway – he may not have known their name or their lineage but he knew their affiliation.

"Wh-why are you targeting me!" The teen screamed, fear shaking his voice.

The black figure did not respond, instead it bounded across the room with a speed that had never been witnessed before and jumped atop Mamoru's bed. Mamoru made the mistake of taking a look into the eyes of his oppressor and noticed the gleams of blood thirst and revenge that were etched into them and ultimately his soul. The evil witch leaned forward with his hand in a gripping position, ready to strike, ready to immobilize, and ready to kill. Mamoru placed a shaky hand on the one that was now holding steadily onto his neck – clamping onto his neck.

"You defied one of the greatest witches of our organization and then had her killed by your guardians… this is why you are being targeted. You are a threat, albeit a small one, but still a threat that must be eliminated – immediately."

"I am… I am not," Mamoru struggled to speak beneath the force of his oppressor.

"Neither your cries for help nor your cries of forgiveness will assist you now."

Mamoru could feel his heart beat slowing and his vision becoming blurred.


Ayame's knees buckled and she collided with the ground; sweat was pouring off the young girl's body. Suddenly a dark shadow crossed the girls exhausted body.

"I think we've done enough for today," Ryozo said, sweat pouring off his body, smiling and extending his hand to Ayame. The girl smiled back and took the males into her own and instantly a spark ignited in her chest that made lose her grip and fall back to the ground. Ryozo chuckled and grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

"I think we'll be good for a week," Ayame said as she fully balanced on her two feet.

Ryozo chuckled slightly before saying, "If you want to be great and remain great, you must always train."

Ayame nodded slightly while she stared into Ryozo's eyes. Her eyes traced the boy's facial structure and took note to the thinness of its profile yet the prominence of the small layer of fat that cover it that gave his face an irresistible look – his pearly white smile accented all of the other features and strung it together into one magical package. Ayame did not notice her staring and neither did Ryozo as he watched her face as well. The black haired maiden watched the blue haired teen's facial expression change slightly.

"Ayame there is a tear rolling down your cheek," he spoke softly reaching to brush it away.

Ayame reached to touch her face where she could now feel the wet little drop of liquid and hers and Ryozo's hands collided. "This is an ancient spell that alerts me to when my loved ones are in danger. After Mamoru's last encounter she placed the connection on both of us. Mamoru must be in danger."

Ryozo stepped away from Ayame and tapped the pendant around his neck before creating and arc from its location to the center of his chest thus materializing a staff made of old wood with a yellow tint and a star engraved onto it into his hands. Ryozo whipped out his hand and grabbed Ayame and brought him close to her and spoke directly into her ear.

"I have a technique that will take us to your house instantly but if I use it, it will consume all of my remaining energy and it will be up to you to get rid of whatever is plaguing him."

Ayame looked deep into Ryozo's eyes and agreed with a nod of her head.

"Okay then. Shooting Star Technique." Ryozo thrust his staff into the ground their bodies began to compress into one another until they became one individual self. Ryozo's magic then separated the new form into its atomic structure before thrusting it into the sky. After reaching the black of space the magic redirected the particles to the direction of Ayame's house before thrusting them into that direction. The particle arrived in the girl's home before separating into the two individuals and forming their bodies.

"Mamoru I'm coming for you," Ayame yelled as she broke away from Ryozo and bounded up the stairs. Without Ayame there to support him, Ryozo fell to the floor of the house.

Ayame rushed into the room to find that no one was there. The room once occupied to people but now none but one new body stood in the room.