A/N: So, this is kind of inspired by the line 'the heaven ain't got a vacancy' from 'Planetary (GO!)' by My Chemical Romance. Also, I'm planning on continuing, but I fail at acting on plans, so I wouldn't expect more than two chapters. (Tops) Also (one last thing) this is a bit of a rewrite of my story Ash & Blood.

"Your elevator's here, miss."

Etta blinks twice, clearing her eyes and her mind. There's a bland faced man in a very nice suit, and he's gesturing to an elevator.

Etta doesn't know where she is or how she got there, but as she looks down at herself, memories start to come back. Vague, hazy memories—almost like when you wake up after a night out, and it starts to come back that fuck, you kissed a girl in front of your boyfriend, but you can't remember her face or her name, just that she was the flavor of the moment.

But those vague memories fade the next time she blinks.

"Miss?" the bland man says again. "You need to get into the elevator, miss."

Etta shakes her head, focusing. "Why—"

The man grabs her and shoves her into the elevator. "I'm sorry miss, but it was about to leave without you, and we can't have that."

Etta stares at him, surprised, until the doors close and the elevator starts to descend. The elevator's all glass except for the doors, and she has to choke back vomit when she looks out. She's looking at clouds, there are clouds hanging out outside of the elevator, and she curses her vertigo.

She closes her eyes, and sinks to the ground, wrapping her arms around her legs. She re-opens her eyes when she feels a mark on her skin that sure as hell wasn't there before. It's a long scar down the side of her leg, and it looks pretty fresh.

She'd say this is probably the worst 'morning after' she's ever had. At least, she's pretty sure it's a 'morning after'. Her best dress is ripped, there's black dirt all over her arms and legs, and she looks pretty beat up.

But none of that explains the whole elevator-in-the-sky thing. She decides to look out again, she can brave it. If she just holds tightly to herself and doesn't look down, she should be fine.

The clouds are starting to part, and make way for the biggest statue Etta's ever seen in her life. And the man it depicts is godly. He's got the most wonderfully sculpted face she could imagine, and the body of Channing Tatum on steroids.

She could stare at the statue all day. And it's funny, the elevator does seem to slow so she can better take in the view.

It's about three minutes before the elevator gets to his feet, and Etta sees people. Happy people, just smiling and laughing and kissing. The elevator stops and dings, but the doors stay closed.

A mechanical female voice says "You have not been moral enough to get off the elevator at this level. Going down."

Etta's mouth drops open and stays there.

The female voice cuts in again. "Closing your mouth is suggested, as the ride down is much faster."

Etta obeys, just in time for a drop worthy of an amusement park ride. She screams, closing her eyes and blindly groping for something to hold on to. Thankfully, it's not much longer before the elevator slows and stops.

There's a ding, and the doors slide open. Etta remains in the elevator, unsure of whether she wants to get out or not, until the robotic voice comes back.

"Get out. Get out. Get out. Get out."

Etta gets out.

The sky is dark, and it looks like it could start raining any second. She can hear screaming not far in the distance, the buildings are mostly dilapidated and old, and most disturbingly, there is blood running down the street. Just a trickle, not like a whole river, but it's enough to freak Etta out.

There are people too, just lounging on the porches of some of the buildings. They're all pale and they look severely under-nourished.

A guy whistles as she passes him, and she suddenly gets very self-conscious about her ripped dress. She has no idea where the fuck she is or what to do, so she just keeps walking. She'll figure it out eventually.

It gets colder as she keeps walking, and she starts to wish she had a jacket. She could have sworn she remembered having one when she left her apartment last night. She must have lost it, or loaned it to someone, or something of the sort.

She's really starting to regret those tequila shots. Not that she feels them at all, other than being a little blurry and having goddamn amnesia, she feels pretty good for being as epically wasted as she must have been last night.

She thinks that maybe she OD'ed, and she's lying in a hospital bed somewhere hallucinating her ass off. Or maybe somebody slipped her something.

She just keeps walking, considering every possibility that comes to her. Some of them seem likely, but she won't know for sure unless she wakes up or snaps out of this or whatever.

The street she's walking on is the only way she can go, there are no others to turn on to. She wonders if this continues on forever, but is quickly stopped by the sight of a large square.

It looks like a cruel mockery of the square she saw from the elevator. Instead of a statue, there's just a black pillar that fills Etta with a sense of dread. Instead of happy people, people are screaming, bleeding, vomiting and crying.

She puts a hand to her mouth, but she doesn't know what she's trying to prevent. She just tries to take it all in, taking deep breaths to try and calm herself. She still hears screaming, but it's not as distant anymore. She can make out words, and voices—a lot of voices.

"What do we want?" one guy yells.

"HEAVEN!" a crowd yells back at him.

"When do we want it?"


Etta's about to go and check it out, but a hand on her shoulder stops her. She turns around, and a woman's tapping her, eyebrows raised.

And damn, Etta has to say she's a gorgeous woman. Not classically beautiful, for sure, but she's got a big ass and big thighs—which definitely draws Etta's attention—a flat nose, big eyes, and small lips. And piercings. A lot of piercings.

Etta tries to make words that aren't 'fuck me' come out of her mouth, but thankfully the woman beats her to it.

"I haven't seen you around," she says. "You must be fresh off the elevator."

Etta clears her throat, trying to regain composure. "Yeah, uh—yeah."

"I'm Zia. I run the Graveyard Shift." Zia jerks her head backwards towards a bar sporting the words 'Graveyard Shift' in purple and green neon. "I'm kinda a big deal 'round here. And you are?"

"Etta." Etta feels a little aggravation at Zia's apparent arrogance. Guys like her have always pissed Etta off, girls should be no difference. "If you're such a big deal, why are you stopping to talk to people who are 'fresh off the elevator'? Shouldn't I be below you?"

Zia bites her lip ring, starting to smile. "I like you, girlie. Come to my bar and I'll see about getting you a place to stay."

"Where the fuck is this, anyway?"

"Town's called Abyssus. It's part of the 'burbs. Actually—I should use the real name. The Hellburbs."


"Haven't you figured it out, girlie? You're in Hell. Welcome to your new home."

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