"Sue," I sighed,

"What would I do without you?

How could I manage to,

Ever, carry on?"

"Sue," I sighed,"

Do you hear my somber cries?

Can you hear them whispered,

Though this broken home?

Do you hear my cries?"

"Sue," I sighed,

"Why would I walk away,

Set that bridge ablaze?

To this day I ponder, and wonder why?

Our lives were so entangled,

As this gnarly cable, that hangs and dangles,

Before my weary eyes."

"Sue," I sighed,

"I've only strength for one rebellion,

That's all I have remaining,

Enough for one more stand.

Take note of my last stand,

As I raise my head one final time."

"Sue," I sighed,

"Dressed to the nines,

With fancy tie and shiny shoes,

To catch your pretty eyes,

In this moonlight I dance a Waltz,

All alone, not a single soul,

But the shadows on my walls

Watch my every move,

Those shadows do.

I'm nervous still, as the day we met,

Maybe more so, now I know,

That I wish I had the time,

To tie this knot with you,

Sue," I sighed.

"No more hesitation, Time, She's a wasting,

This is my Goodbye, Sue," I sighed.