A/N: This is just a vague, modern take on an old story-it'll probably be pretty clear which one, so I won't say. But it was really fun to write, and I hope you enjoy it.

He's a lost boy and she doesn't know how much longer she can pretend to love him.

Every part of him needs her, she feels like water after walking through a desert for days. She is his relief.

He could have held the world in his hands, but he chose to hold her instead.

She's growing up much faster than she'd like, and he's not the mystery he used to be. She used to hang on his every word, his touch was her drug—his drug was called Fairydust and she liked it just fine too—

But she's older now.

She used to clap her hands to his beat every night because she believed in him, believed he would hit it big and take her on trips to Neverland every weekend. But his band broke up in a frenzy of thrown guitars and violent hexes.

So now she works at their local fast food place every night, and he comes in and she gives him free shakes even though she could get fired for it.

The way he calls her 'darling' just ain't the same anymore.

She's disenchanted now, but she lets him stay because he still spins stories out of thin air like he used to. And he still gives her Fairydust and they still fuck but it's not as shiny and magical as it used to be, it's rough and boring now.

He's a lost boy and he's never going to grow up. They both know it. He swore it the day he turned ten, said he'd stay like that forever, and he did.

She knows he's never going to grow up because he calls her his mom sometimes and he kisses like a little kid and he seems to think that life is a game. And he laughs like a kid too, and it's infectious because it's so wild and youthful and free, it's everything she's not. So she laughs with him but she sounds old to herself.

So then she just snorts a little 'Dust and she has something to laugh about for real, because 'Dust makes her a fairy and she can just fly around as a tiny pocket-sized version of herself. And that's funny, because everyone's so big, and also it's just funny to be a fairy.

He calls her darling and he calls her fairy, his fairy—but he never actually says her name. She's pretty sure he doesn't even know her name, they've been together three years but the night she ran away with him he just called her darling, darling let's run, I love you darling.

He still believes in everything, and she envies that, because the only things she believes in are the pains in her body, Fairydust, and the fact that they're broke as fuck paying for Fairydust.

He's a lost boy and he'll never be found.

She's tried, tried so hard—searched down every back alley in this city and the next looking for some part of his life, but he's a mystery. A boring and deadbeat mystery, but a mystery all the same. He's never told her about himself, she doesn't even know how old he is, but he'll never be a day older.

He's going to be stuck in inertia the rest of his life, she keeps saying she'll leave him soon, but the days go by and she gets older and older and she feels so much older than him, than his smile and his laugh.

He's a lost boy and all she knows is that he'll never change.

He'll never grow up, never kick Fairydust, never lose his youthful laugh. She hates him for that. So she'll never clap her hands for him again, because she doesn't believe in him anymore.

He's a mystery, and all she knows is his made-up stagename.

He's a lost boy, and he calls himself Peter Pan.

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