A/N: So this is me trying to work on my narrative writing skills, which are sub-par, to say the least. My forte is more rhetorical and argumentative pieces, but I want to work more on other aspects of writing. So here goes. Please, any kind of criticism is welcome!

I stared into his hazel eyes, pouring as much emotion into my face that I could muster. I forced myself to tear up as I scanned his face. His perfect features hidden by a concoction of dirt, sweat and blood. His normally tan skin was now paled and his eyes, his beautiful hazel eyes dimmed. His chapped lips opened as he struggled to breath. I let out a sob that reverberated throughout my body.

He slowly lifted his hand up to my face to wipe away the tears, and I clasped my hands onto his, as if holding onto him would mean saving his life. I desperately scream his name, the sound drowned by my sobs. Once, twice. He faintly mumbled something. I paused, only to receive silence. I frantically try to get him to repeat himself, and after a few seconds of coaxing he did.

"I..." he began.

"You what? What? Come on, you can do this. Don't leave me, you promised that you never would!"

"I-I...I" he started yet again, and just as he's about to continue a loud ring like the one that would signal the end of recess in elementary school sliced through the intensity of the moment, signaling the end of the scene.

"Get off me" I snapped at William, dropping him in disgust. He shot me a look as we were both handed those expensive FIJI bottles. I thirstily screw if the plastic cap and gulped the contents as fast as I could, open to anything to relieve this fatigue. As I finished off the bottle with a grateful sigh, I glanced over to William with a mock surprised expression on his face.

"What?" I barked sharply, my exhaustion molding into annoyance. He is the most infuriating human being on the planet, and I have to work side by side with him every damn day.

"I mean I know you're infatuated with me, but do I really make you that hot and thirsty?"

"I'm not attracted to pricks, sorry to disappoint." I spit out, just as the director calls it a day.

Everyone nods and scrambles about, doing the things that need to be done. William then turns to me, and with the same venom I used retorted "Well, I'm not attracted to twats like you." In response I rolled my eyes and walk away, earning a chuckle from him.

He's so insufferable, and egotistical and annoying and arrogant and—"Lilliana!" My internal rant was cut off by someone calling my name.

I snap my eyes to the direction of the voice, not wanting to talk to anymore of these elitist people. As I scan for the source of the voice, my eyes found Thomas waving at me with a bug goofy smile. I instantly soften and allowed a delicate smile to crack through my indignant expression. Noticing, he decides to jog over and in a moment he enveloped me in the perfect Thomas-style hug. I allowed myself to unwind in his arms. I reveled in the perfection of his hug until he let go—much too soon if you ask me.

Thomas is seriously the epitome of the perfect guy. He's fun and extremely caring and selfless. There have been several times I've seen him help others despite any inconvenience on his part. He just knows how to bring a smile to your face, even if you're in the darkest of moods. He makes everyone feel special and welcome and his smile just brightens up the room. Thomas is the easiest guy in the world to talk to and trustworthy to boot. And don't even get me started on his famous hugs. You haven't lived if you haven't been hugged by Thomas. All in all, he's the best friend a girl could ask for, unless you're me and he's your only friend.

When I first started here, I was the outcast. I didn't have a clue as to how anything worked, it was all so foreign. The director would get extremely frustrated with my lack of knowledge. Thomas, however, as the chief cinematographer, noticed—he notices everything, and helped me out. Eventually we began to spend all of our time together, and we developed the best friendship I have ever had.

"Hey!" he beamed down at me, joy obvious in his light brown eyes as he flashes that smile of his. "You did fantastic out there today!"

This perked me up. "Really? It was awful. I was struggling to keep up with that action sequence and then that last scene took everything out of me. I feel like the zombie that I just killed." I chuckled.

"Well it didn't show, you looked perfect up there. And that last scene, nobody could have looked away of they tried, you had us all pulled in, like usual" he replied, admiration overcoming his voice.

"Well," I begin playfully, "I do tend to have that effect on people." He laughed in response. I love his laugh, it's one of those laughs that, when you hear it, you can't help but laugh also. My reverie was broken when one of the other cameramen called for Thomas.

"Hey Thomas! Can you help me out over here?" Thomas nodded and told the guy he'd be right over.

"Sorry, but I have to go take care of this. We're still on for tonight, right?" I grin, and before he leaves he smiles that smile again and gives me a quick embrace.

I sigh silently, and slowly head for my trailer so I can change and get home and sleep before Thomas comes over. Every Friday he comes over to my apartment, and we watch a kid's movie in our pajamas. It started in the middle of filming the first season of At World's End when I had had a particularly rough day with the director's instructions. Thomas had noticed, yet again, and popped by my place in his Spiderman pj's and a DVD of The Jungle Book.

I opened the door reluctantly, really not wanting to see anyone. The next thing I know Thomas waltzes in to my apartment rambling on about some movie.

"Thomas! What are you doing here?" I snap, not in the mood. He suddenly stopped, looking slightly unsure, and I smirk at his slight demonstration of trepidation. I take pride in my intimidation skills, they've gotten me where I am today.

He regained his resolve, and slightly puffed out his chest and stated matter-of-factly "We are going to watch The Jungle Book. Now sit down and let me put in the movie."

I was confused, to say the least. "Uhhhh, why are we watching The Jungle Book? Isn't that a children's movie?"

He stared at me defensively with eyes opened wide."It's The Jungle Book! You never need a reason to watch it!" He then pushed me on the couch and popped in the DVD. I glanced over at him as the intro started to see his face full of innocent wonder.

I sighed as I unlocked the door to my trailer, coming to the realization that that night was undoubtedly one of the best nights of my life—watching a kid's movie. I shake my head at the thought, walking up the steps into my trailer.

My train of thought was disrupted when I heard my manager Rick say "You need a life."

"Thanks. Nice to know my manager thinks I'm dead."

"Oh shut your trap. What I mean is that you're not getting any publicity. You're too boring. Do something with your life for once, maybe make a sex tape or something."

At that suggestion anger bubbled inside of me. "No. No way in hell am I doing that. I'm not a sleazeball like you." I turn to walk away only for him to grab my arm and pull me back.

"Listen you little slut, I'm your manager, and if I tell you to do something you fucking do it." He released my arm and stomp out of my trailer, still in wardrobe.

Still in a stormy mood I stomped over to my car and angrily drove back home, not paying any attention to anything around me.

Hopefully Thomas and his movies will be able to cheer me up tonight

That was my last thought before everything turned to black.

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