Note: I'm not altogether satisfied with this one. I wrote it years ago, and looking back, the writing seems rather cliche. Still, I see a little something in it, and maybe there's some one or two out there who will get something out of this, like I did.

In this cave, I've been,
two years, two minutes, two seconds.
Next year it'll be three.
Then where will I be?
In the same place?
In another cave?
Only time can tell.
Not I.
I'm a wasp bouncing off
the walls of a glass jar.
I might try the lid.
No good.
Someone take the lid off
for me.
What if I say please?
I promise not to sting.
I've better things to do
Am I a hermit,
or a wasp?
Perhaps I'm a bear
in hibernation.
If so, how long
will I be asleep?
This year, next year, and
Someone wake me up,
I beg you.
Winter's over.
Can't sleep forever.
Will someone wake me from my sleep?
Someone, anyone,
doesn't matter who.
Wake me up,
for a moment, even. Just a moment.