Chapter 3

I was all about giving him space and shit like that but when he didn't reply even after two days of radio silence, I got worried. What is going on? I thought. Does he not like me anymore or something? I started panicking. Okay Nadia, chill. Just text him. And that was what I did. Finally, he replied.

Let's go out again. Tomorrow?

When I saw that, I was confused. What is with the sudden invitation? Despite my doubts, I agreed. It wasn't like I had anything to do anyway. I was curious.

You know the saying 'Curiosity killed the cat'? In this context, it killed my heart; not the cat. He broke up with me! I tried to be strong in front of him but a few tears slipped from my eyes anyway. He didn't even look guilty.

When I met up with him at the MRT station the next day, things seemed normal but they felt awkward. I hugged his left arm as we walked but somehow, he managed to slip it out of my grip without my noticing until his hand was out of my reach. I was miffed. I could feel something was bothering him but no matter how much I poked and prodded. He wouldn't give up. That pissed me off. Royally.

"Nadia," he called out to me since I was ahead of him. I pretended that I hadn't heard him and continued ahead. I wasn't going to give in so easily. But he was not one to relent. He caught up with me, grabbed my left arm above the elbow and spun me around.

Feigning innocence, I stuttered, "Huh? What?" Then I tried moving away. Firstly because I was getting uncomfortable and secondly because we were blocking the route for many other people. Eventually, he got the clue and moved us both to a corner.

Sighing, he let go of my arm and announced, "We are breaking up, Nadia."

I lifted my chin to look up at him so quickly that I saw stars for a few moments. Recovering from my shock, I asked, feeling incredulous, "What?! Why?!" he was reaching for my shoulders but I jerked away from him. "Why?" I questioned, this time, my voice was softer, more hurt.

He looked uncomfortable as he replied, "Uh… Um…" He looked around as if looking for inspiration. I stared at him, waiting. He sighed again, "You are just too experienced Nadia. What I mean to say is that what you did the other day, it shouldn't have happened. You shouldn't have done that. But now it is done and I am sorry to say that I can't do this anymore."

"Wh-what?" I felt like a broken recorder. All that seemed to come out from my mouth was 'what'. Shaking my head, I said, "What kind of excuse is that?! You liked what I did. You fucking egged me on!" my voice getting shriller with each word.

"I just can't do this anymore. We can't be an item. Not anymore." He ran his right hand through his hair in exasperation.

I was dumb-founded. I didn't know what to say. I honestly had no words. What does one say to her boyfriend when he gives such an excuse for breaking up? It didn't make sense to me. I shook my head from left to right, an attempt to clear it but Nafez got the wrong idea. He quickly rushed to say, "No, no. Don't fight me on this. We can't be together so we can't. Stop fighting it."

I stepped back a few steps. His facial features twisting in confusion. I looked at him, from head to toe. My gaze raked his entire body. When my eyes finally met his again, I whispered, "Okay." That's when the waterfall began. I stepped back further, bumped into someone, croaked out a 'sorry', immediately turned and shuffled away quickly.

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