Melissa V

Category : songs
Title : Melissa V.
Feedback : Melissa V. had been one of the best friends I ever had . Her dead had been a terrible shock for her family , her friends and everybody else who knew her
Inspiration : I was partly inspired by Jon Bongiovi's song August 7, 4 :15 , and partly by songs of John Prine . But I wrote it down in a blur really . I just had to get this out of me .
Thank you's : Sara : you knew her too and we felt just the same about her dead.
Monster Mike Welch : thank you for just being a real good friend .

Dedication : to every single victim of the traffic .

Sometimes God calls his angels too soon , but sometimes He calls them just on time .
As her sister wrote : as candles you go on , but as candles you also go out .

Miss you Melissa ... Rest in peace dear friend .

Melissa V.

Sometimes God needs angels there above , of the nice kind
And he takes one , from down earth
For to live with him in the paradise that the earth never had been

The girl who had won , her name was Melissa V.
When she turned her head to say " let's go "
God picked her before she could feel any pain
Before her head fell on the asphalt

The wheel of her bike was turned in an impossible angle
The driver had gone in shock as soon as he realized what happened
Her friend couldn't stop crying as she faced the dead body of Melissa V.
In the pouring rain

Many people spoke about this deadly crossroad
She came in the newspaper once , at least her dead didn't went unnoticed
Two churches were filled with the mourning
But only one would see the coffin disappear in the black , black ground

A tombstone followed later
As everybody still remembered the girl of sixteen
With her black hair that shone like diamonds in the dust
But time by time people started to forget
stopped talking about her dead
Her name on the paper slowly vanished

The name of Melissa V.