Chapter 1

The electric sliding doors open and I stepped out into the cold dusk breeze of London. The breeze tickling my face and sending shivers down my spine and I couldn't help but close my eyes and feel peacefulness of this busy city. I sighed and opened my eyes remember that I had to move. I walked over to the cab that I rung to pick me up. "Hi, are you Katherine Rosa?" The man asked. I nodded shyly. I hated cab rides by myself. "That's a very nice name, mine is Dave." He said with a kind smile, which I returned with a small smile of my own. Dave picked up my small bag of possessions and placed it into the back of the cab.

I hop into the back seat of the car and place my carry-on bag next to me and pull out my phone. Two miss call and ten texts. 'Kate where are you.' 'K why aren't you texting me back.' I deleted the messages and shoved phone back in my bag. I couldn't stand reading anymore. I once again where leaving my best friends. It was another life style change. I don't know why I am running or what I am running from. But I am running, as fast as I can from something I can't even see, that I have never seen. But I know they are watching me and following my every move. Sometimes I think I am safe and that I can have a normal life like every other teenager. The life I wanted to have, to get to stay at one school, to date whoever they please. They get to fall in love over and over again. Every time I think that might be happen, I run, I have always run. I remember that they are watching me and I run. I don't know why I run, but I do. I don't even know if what I am running from, or whether what I am running from is even there.
I have been running since I can remember, ever since my mum yelled at me to run and I did. All I can remember is her screams and I didn't look back.
I don't know where she is or whether she is even alive, I never checked, I never went back to find her. I just ran from my fears. I don't know what I am or what they are, but I am scared.

Dave left me at a large metal kissing gate, I pushed it open and walk through to stare at a large, grey old looking building. My new school, my new home. It looked like an old reform school. But it housed the smartest, richest and most talent in the United Kingdom. And I was lucky they allowed me to transfer here form, St Victors in Russia.

I walked into a high ceiling room, that had doors on either side, with people's names on it and a desk to the side, that had a rather plump lady sitting at the next doing a crossword puzzle.
"Hello, dear." She said looking up from the from the crossword word with a kind smile when I walked up to the desk. "Are you Katherine Rosa?" She asked.


"Welcome to Crosswell College, I am Miss Tracey. The headmaster Kihn, will see you in a second. He will go through all your class and then I will take you to get your uniforms and to your dorm, as well as much sure you are settled in." She said with a kind smile.

"Thank you Miss Tracey." I replied with a smile and I went to sit down on the comfy looking chairs. I sank into them, letting my tied eyes shut for a minute.

"Miss Rosa?" Said a voice and my eyes snapped open to see a man standing never a door looking at me. I rubbed my eyes and jumped up slightly nerves and walked over to the man and followed him into his office and sat in one of chairs opposite him.

"Hello Katherine, I am the headmaster Kihn and it a pleasure to have you at Croswell. Now we have I have just received your report card from St Victor's. You are a remarkable young student; you passed everything with the highest marks, as well as being very sporty. But I notice you didn't take a language. Here at Croswell you are required to take a language. These are all the languages we offer here." He said handing me a sheet listing all the languages; French, Russian, Spanish and Greek. "Any that standout that you would like to do?"

"Spanish please." I shift slightly in my chair, I already knew all the languages, but Greek was my native language but I wasn't going to tell him that.

Headmaster Kihn nodded and typed it into laptop. "What other subjects?"

"Maths extension, Chemistry, English extension, Drama, Legal Studies." I told him. "Plus I am aware that I have to do an extract curricular activity. I was thinking dance." I told him quietly as he typed.

"Sure," he said before printing out my timetable and a few other sheets. "Here are to rules, map of the school and your timetable you will start classes after lunch since you will be a bit behind in classes." My sudden butterflies drifted back into my stomach and my normal pre-school nerves came back. "Don't worry Miss Rosa you will do just fine." He said giving me a smiling before sending me back out to Miss Tracey.

Miss Tracey spoke happily about life at Crosswell on the way to the uniform shop, she spoke on expectations. I listened ever so slightly as I walked with her, only speaking when I was asked a question. I was ever so glad that everyone was in class when I got there. I couldn't bear being stared at, at this moment. I was sized up and given sized four uniforms, as Miss Tracey chatted away to the uniform lady, I wish that she would shut up for just a second, my head was throbbing like mad. It was probably just jetlag.
On the way to my dorm I was not so lucky, everyone was out for lunch and I had to bare the stares and the whispers until finally we were standing out the front

"This is your dorm." She said pushing back the door to reveal a small white room with two single beds on either side, two desks one covered with school stuff the other empty and clean. One side of the room was covered in posters and quotes the other bare except for my little suitcase. In the middle was a young girl with long brown hair a rounded happy face and long legs.

"Oh, Isobel I was hoping you were here." Miss Tracey said walking into the middle of the room. "Isobel this is Katherine Rosa your new class mate. Katherine this is Isobel Clarence." She said introducing us. "Miss Clarence, I hope I trust in you to make sure that Katherine finds her way around."
"Yes, miss." She told and smiled at me which I returned.
"Miss Rosa, if you don't hesitate to ask." She told me with an annoying smile, I faked a smile back to her.
"I'll be fine." I told her.
"Are you sure, I could always-" She started but I cut in.
"I'll be fine, thanks for your help." I said a little to unkind. She didn't notice but smiled and returned and walked out. I walked over to by bed and fell back onto it and stared at the ceiling.

"Sorry, about Miss Tracey, she can get annoying." Isobel told me, sitting on her own bed. I sat up and looked at her.
"She is nice enough; I just have the worst headache and she wasn't helping." I said rubbing my head. She rummaged through the top draw next to her bed and pull out some aspirin.
"Here." She said giving it to me.
"Thanks," I replied with a smile.
"You have a very pretty name; I wish I had one like that." She told be with a little envy. "Try having a boring name like Isobel Clarence."
"Trust me I wish I had a boring name, so call me Kate." I told her and she nodded. "What class do you have now?" I asked her, looking at my timetable, drama.
"Biology, you?"
"Drama; where is that?" I said looking at my map. She walked over and pointed on to the drama class room. She then points her finger to the dorm and showed me the way. "Thanks."

"Come one we better get going, you don't want to be late on your first day." She laughed and walked out the room. I quickly put on my formal uniform before following the directions that Isobel gave me.

Chapter 2

I found my wall through long halls full of teenagers walking busily to their class, laughing happily and couples holding hands, before turning and staring at me. Whispers surrounded me, guys gapped at me, girls glared but everyone stared.
I walked through the school as quickly as I could before reaching the blackout drama classroom. I followed my class mates to a locker room. I pulled out my locker number, before finding it and opening with a struggle. I pulled of my formal uniform and put my stage blacks on before walking into the dark drama room. I walked over and sat on the ground in a gap in the circle the class had made. Everyone talked quietly as the teacher marked the role. I stared around the classroom, at one end there was a stage only a few centimetres of the ground stage lights hanging above it, everything was painted black.
"Year 11's today we are having a practical lesson, I will pair you up and you will get up on stage and I will give you a situation and a character to play. You must make up a two minute up on the spot. I will be using today to cast you in our upcoming production. So up first, Jimmy and Melissa." Two, by two couples got up and performed most had us all in fits of laughing. "Ok last pair, Ivy and Katherine." I stood up and walked on stage and turned to face the teacher, who studied us for the moment before saying. "A fight between to best friends, Ivy your boyfriend cheated on you with Katherine."
I nodded and muttered under my breath, "Familiar with is argument, aren't you Kay?" But that argument I didn't want to remember. And we started, the screaming, yelling. The bitchy side of me came out with an explosion as I acted this argument out by using improvisation. Everyone clapped loudly when the two minutes where up.

The bell rang signalling next class and I went to get changed with the rest of my class. I walked out of the change room to find Mr Benson waiting for me. "Miss Rosa may I have a word?" I nodded and walked over. "Well, I would like to say you did a great job today in class. You are quite a talented Actress."
"Thank you Sir, if that's all I need to get to my next class." I told him.
"Of course and welcome to Crosswell Miss Rosa." I smiled and started off in the direction that everyone went. I grabbed my map out and without minimal damage. I walked into class and Isobel waved at me to come over. I walked over to her and placed my books down on the desk and sat down.
"Kate, this is my boyfriend, boyfriend this is Katherine." She introduced us.
"It's a pleasure to meet you boyfriend." I laughed offering him my hand to shake.
"Please call me Dylan and the pleasure is all mine, milady." He said taking my hand. Dylan had brown hair with light blue eyes. I opened my text book for Spanish and started looking through the book, while Isobel and Dylan chatted before class started.

"Why is someone in my chair?" a masculine voice said from behind my chair. I turned around to see an average sized male with black wavy hair in a mess on his head, with emerald eyes that where staring at me.
"Sorry, was this your chair," I asked sweetly with a smile on my face.
"It is my chair." He corrected me, with a flirty smile of his own.
"Then I doubt, you will not mind me sitting here." I smiled as he sat next to me defeated.
"Sam." He said holding out his hand.
"Katherine." I replied taking is hand.
The next minute a women with long bleached blonde hair and grey eyes. She stood at the front of the class waiting for the chatting to die down. Her eyes rested on me and she smiled. "You must me Katherine the new student." She spoke to me and everyone stopped talking and turned to look at me.
"So you are the new kid," Sam whispered near my ear. "No wondered you didn't look familiar. I would have thought I would remember you if you had of always been here."
I turned and smirked at him.
"Katherine, I am up here thanks." My hand snapped around to look at her and everyone laughed at me. "Have you learnt Spanish? There is no record of you ever learning it."

"Lo aprendí cuando tenía once años, cuando vivía en España. En la escuela me fui a todas mis clases eran en español." I said speaking fluently in Spanish. I explain that I learnt it when I live in Spain when I was eleven and all my classes where taught in Spanish. The class as well as the teacher stared at me.
"Why didn't you take, France or Russian?" She asked confused.
"Well my Spanish it the language that is lacking in at the moment." I told her. She stared at me along with the rest of the class.
"You speak three other languages other than English?" She asked getting annoyed that I spoke more languages than her.
"I also speak Greek and I have been learning Latin." I said with a smirk.
"Well Katherine welcome to my classroom." She said with a little too much fake niceness, which I returned. She started her class and only occasionally people turned to look at me when she asked a question, which on occasion if no else could answer it.
"I am nabbing you as partner for the assignment; I will not have to do a thing." Sam whispered to me.
I giggled quietly. "That's if I am here." I told him. "The teacher has no idea what she is doing." Which was true and she knew it, she kept looking at me, to make sure I would say anything if she pronounced something wrong or when she didn't teach us the right word.
"What, you let me fail." He said in shock pretending to clutch is heart. "How will I go on?"
"I will tutor you."
"Miss Rosa, Mr Downton. I don't want to intrude into your conversation but I was just wondering if Mr Downton would be able to answer a question that I just ask." She said with once again a fake and annoying smile but her eyes shone with annoyance.
I looked at Sam to see him struggling with something to say. So I said something. "Well I am very sorry for distracting Sam as he was just asking me question about which you where teaching." I said sweetly.
"And what was it, I am sure I can answer it." She said cross her arms and looking at me.
"Oh don't worry Miss, I already answered it. He wanted to know whether you got your Spanish vocab from an experience or translator? I told him most defiantly translator." The class giggled and she glared at me. With the look of Game on!
I turned and whispered to Sam. "Change of plans I am staying with Spanish. I think I can learn a lot from this teacher." His face lit up after being embarrassed by the teacher. "But I am still giving you tutoring. You need it." I said looking at his book.
"Fine, long as it is just us and not the rest of the class." He whispered back and I nodded and I started drawing in my book.
The rest of the class was interesting, Sam teased me about my drawing, Isobel gave us weird looks before whispering eagerly to Dylan and Miss Grafton continue to ramble on about stuff that could be considered remotely Spanish.

The end of the class finally came and I walked back to my dorm with Isobel, Dylan and Sam. Everyone was whisper, but this time they knew something about be, first being I speak many a languages the other being that I gave Miss Grafton what for. I walked along chatting with my new friends.
"So Katherine, can we start tutoring this afternoon?" Sam asked me when we got to mine and Isobel's dorm.
"Well, I need to unpack then I got two hours of Ballet, so I don't really have time plus I have to study. So maybe tomorrow afternoon school for an hour before I have contemporary dance class." I told him, his face drop.
"Why are you so excited to do tutoring you always hated going to teaches tutoring?" Dylan asked suspiciously between the two of us.
"Hey," he said putting hands up, "I want to be able to speak Spanish better than that cow of a teacher. But seriously, a translator?" He said looking at me.
"Yeah there were some words that were." I said looking at my hands. "I really should not have said that, it was rude." The teacher annoyed me not to mention hated me, but I think I went a bit to far, embarrassing her like that in her class that was a bit a cross the line. But that was the second time she had embarrassed me.
"Are you kidding me that witch seriously need that. Though she hates you ever since you said you spoke a million languages!" Isobel told me with a laugh.
"Well, I better get going lots of stuff to unpack." I said to them.
"Safe us a seat a dinner." Isobel said before giving Dylan a kiss on the cheek and disappearing into the dorm after me.

I walked over to my plain brown desk, and I pulled my bag opened and pulled out my books and placed them along the long book shelf that sat above the desk.
I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out a stack of books and added them to the book shelf, in alphabetical order.

"Which is your favourite book?" Isobel asked from where she sat on the bed with her homework, her face staring up at me curiously.
I walked over and collected more books from my suitcase before replying. "Probably Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, mainly because I am in love with Mr Darcy." I said with a laugh before adding the rest of my books to the shelf filling it up fully.

I then moved on to cloths, pulling out many colourless garments already hanging on coat hangers. I hung them in the wardrobe, first my dresses that mainly consisted of blacks and whites. Then my many colourful tops and then on to my jeans that ranged in colour coded order. I nearly had ever colour one could image and then my coats.

I pulled a photo of my mum out of my massive suitcase and placed it on my bed side table, it was a photo taken only a couple months before I was told to run, my mum stood hugging me, her long raven black hair shaped her face perfectly making her look younger than she was, her soft brown eyes shinned with happiness, her face in a broad smile as she hugged me. She looked sixteen, though she was twenty-seven. She was eighteen when she had me.

I gently lifted a velvet box out for the suitcase; it was covered with tea towels. Pulled the tea towels off and sat softly on my bed. I ran my finger over the blue and white box; I opened it gently as it was old and fragile. Inside were all my prized possessions. Many problems that I had, written on paper inside, all my worries and fears, it felt like the only way to contacted my mum. Most people have a grave or a memorial, all I had was this box. I would write done everything that was happening in my life and put it in this box and it would be like talking to her again. She always had the best advice.
I moved all the paper aside.

I had been told to run by my mum she had placed a bag on my back, I didn't have time to ask but when I had finally stopped running. I had opened it, I found a blue and white velvet box, inside were credit cards with money on them, bank details and a passport as well as a letter written my mother. The credit cards still had money on them. I thought I would run out years ago but I never did. I had an updated passport now but my old one with eight year old me staring at a camera, my hair was very close to blonde then unlike now, my slightly long wavy hair was nearly dark brown. And the note from my mother was old crinkle and nearly falling apart.
I picked the letter that I knew of by heart, if I was having a bad day I would hid in my room and read the letter, same with nightmares. I can hear my mum when I read it. I unfolded the letter careful not rip it. It read;

To my dearest Daughter

If you are reading it then you must be running and I must not be there with you. I am sorry I will not be around to help you grow into the women I know you will be and I am sorry I will not be able to govern you through tough times in your life, and share with you in the happy times. But I will always be watching over you, I will always be there.
Everything in this bag is all you need to begin, leave the country and don't come back, don't stay in a country for to many years they will find you. Run my daughter as you have never run before. You are smart and brave use it.
Be strong my lovely as I know you will be. You are a fighter. We will meet again.
I love you my sweet
Make me proud, even though I couldn't be more proud of you.

I smiled sadly, would I have made her proud? But thinking of everything that I have done since I left I doubt it. My mum was a saint, I wasn't even close.

I folded the note back up and placed it in the box and cover it up with notes before opening my top draw of my bed side table. And placing it in the bottom of my draw and covered it over with socks.
I pulled out all my shoes and accessories and dance items out of my suitcase making empty. Filling up my wardrobe and drawing to the max!

I pulled out a black strappy dance leotard, my pink ballet stocking, black dance pants and my black and grey hoddie jumper. I slipped into my dance attire quickly and picked up my bag full of dance shoes, leg warmers and warm up equipment.
I looked at my phone, quarter to four. I picked up my dance bag and made my way to the door.
"Katherine?" Isobel said just before I got to the door.
"Don't break Sam's heart. You looked like one of those girls who chew boys up and spit them back up. So don't lend Sam on, please. He is a great" She told me. I nodded and walked out the room, trying hard not to slam the door behind me.
She has a point and I didn't like it, it was part of my life that I want to forget, it was the part my mum would have been ashamed of and I hate thinking about it.

I made my way to the dance studio, it was a big high ceil shed, I pushed the door open and there was long mirror covering ever war. The bars where in front of the mirrors of three wars and there was a stereo sitting at the front. I turned and walked into the massive warm up room with was have the size of the main room and look identical to it. I made my way to one of the bars and sat in front of it facing the mirror. I pulled out my soft toed ballet slippers. I pulled out a long tied up piece of thick elastic, I sat with my bottom on the round and my legs in straight out either side of me. I leant over and place the elastic around my toes on either side. I pointed and the elastic tighten. I put my face in my hand in front of me and I stared into the mirror, pointing and flexing my feet. I stared into the mirror as the girls from my dance class at me. I gave them I tight smile and put my head phones in.

Right on four we cleaned into the studio where I stood face to face with Miss Lena my ballet instructor. She was a young sweet young lady, only a few years out this school. She had long blonde hair and green eyes and very slim.

We started and she turns from sweet to the technique bitch. She saw ever small technique slip. She yelled out counts and moves to the music as we dance. And the whole lesson she asked me question about my dance training. All on which question I answered whilst dancing. She praised my technique and point it out to the group on how things should look using me as an example. NOT FUN! It is bad enough being new let alone being the prop of the teacher to prove that everyone else is doing something wrong.
I finally finished ballet and I was starving, that the sort where you feel like your stomach is being eaten from your inside.

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