Time Traveler


That's the thing in life. It sucks and then you die. We are in the hell hole until then. It like a punishment for something we did before we were here. And when you think your life is going well then you turn that corner into the unknown and WHACK! You're hit, you're dead. Just like that, one minute you are alive and the next not. So quickly you lose everything. And you are alone in the world, everything you have ever known gone within in that one second between life and dead.

But how could they leave me, they promised and now sitting in gutter. Head in my hands, I tried desperately to scream, to yell, to cry. But all I could do is rock back and forth trying to ignore the sirens, police talking. The ambulance about to leave. ABOUT to LEAVE! I jumped up and I finally found my voice.

"WHERE are you taking them?" I yelled running over towards the ambulance. A police officer grabbed my arm to stop me. I tried desperately to get out of his grip. "Let go of ME! I HAVE TO GO WITH THEM, LEAVE WITH THEM." I yelled historically as the ambulance drove off. I tried kicking, punching the police officer, but he wouldn't let go of me, trying to tell me that it was going to be ok. BUT it wasn't. I watch the ambulance drive into the distance getting smaller and smaller, the sirens getting softer and softer, till all I could hear as the soft voice of the police officer. I look around me, chaos everywhere. Two smashed up cars one more than the other. There were five in the accident. A young couple in one car lived with minor injuries but the others wasn't so lucky. A man was driving in the other car, his wife and his sixteen year old daughter were in the car. Only the girl survived and that was ME! My parents were gone and it was my fault.

I can't even remember what they were fighting with me about. Probably a party I wanted to go to. The last words I said to them were I hate you! They didn't see the car coming, and as I said those words, noise heighten into a loud crash. It was my fault! My parents died thinking I hate them. Maybe that's why they died because they didn't want to fight, because there only child, me, hated them. If we weren't fighting, dad could have done something. Did I really not deserve that good of parents if God takes them away from me when I still need them! I have no one. No aunt, no uncle, grandparent. I am the only one left. What was going to happen to me?

I was hyperventilating, I couldn't breathe. I had to get out of here, I can't breathe. I staggered over to the grass. My fault, my fault! I got to the grass and fell to the ground. I screamed, I couldn't stop, it wouldn't stop. They're gone, they're gone. You're Fault. DEAD! I gripped my head; scream for it to go away. The guilt, the voice! It wasn't going away. But they were GONE! Than everything, was as black as a starless night.

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