Prioritize your mind and analyze this rhyme

Sit back and relax, this might take some time

My curiosity borders on an obsession

An hint of deception, truth is only a vague perception

Only to be played out in our mind

Never questioned, for this we are truly blind

We are programmed to follow, nothing but sheep

They say jump, we say how high do we leap

There is no such thing as originality

This imitation has become our reality

A society of clones, nothing could be more scary

Unique is a word that is no longer part of our vocabulary

We're running out of time

Just another part of their perfect design

They don't want us to think for ourselves

Keep us in the dark, stacked up on shelves

Take us down when they want to be amused

Aren't we all tired of being used

We keep giving ourselves away, leaving a hole of nothingness

Disobey and breakaway from this submissiveness

Leave behind this cage and break these chains

This generic lifestyles can no longer remain

We need to tear down our barriers

Open them wide and sterilize the area

Get rid of the infection

To cure us all is my intention

I'm nothing more than instrument

A mouthpiece for the change I want to implement

I freely give you these words

Hope you've listened to everything you've heard

I give you the closest thing to instructions

For a weapon of mass destruction