-Barely Breathing-

By: MagicWords


I run without looking back. Behind me, two voices yell my name. The repetitive cries resound through the woods and echo over the pour of hammering rain, but I do not stop to answer them. Water sprays up from the ground and soaks my jeans. I gasp against the cold purely out of reflex and then make a sharp right turn. The path is familiar—compact and crusted with black ice. I have been here before and I know where I am going now. The people chasing me will never find me. Unfortunately for them, they do not know this place like I do.

7-11 update: Unfortunately I won't be publishing this story on fictionpress anymore. I know I was in the middle of this story, and I'm sorry, but I feel this is for the best. I will still work on my stories privately, and hopefully one day they will be published :) Thanks, and you can PM me with questions. -MW