"Let go of me you bastard!"

Takeru's eyes snapped open when Jinsei's snarl reached his ears. He looked behind him to see Jinsei's naked form being ripped from the bed. He didn't have much time to react when he was yanked out of the bed as well. He let out an angry wail and fought against his attacker's grip.

"Let him go! Let him go dammit!" Jinsei was fighting with his attackers to reach Takeru.

"Now why would I do that?" a familiar and traumatizing voice asked from behind Takeru.

Takeru froze up in Itami's grip, fear being the cause of his paralysis, "How did you find me?!"

Itami wrapped an arm around Takeru's neck, holding his body close to his form, "I will always be able to find you..."

The raven chanced a glance at Jinsei and he was struck with horror when he realized that Itami's five friends were grappling with Jinsei The blonde was holding up well but he just couldn't handle five guys alone, "No, don't hurt him!" he winced when Jinsei let out a pained cry and suddenly fell to the ground. The tears worked their way into Takeru's eyes when Jinsei was continually assaulted while he was on the ground, "Itami let Jinsei go! Stop hurting him, please!"

"Shut up... and have you already forgotten what you were told to call me?!"

Takeru felt Itami land a heavy slap to his hip and he yelped, "I'm sorry Itami-sama! But please, let Jinsei go!"

Itami spoke against Takeru's shoulder, "Hell no... I'm going to show you why you only belong to me..."

The moment the five men heard Itami's sentence, they let out a caterwaul of laughter, their assault becoming more brutal than before. Takeru begged for them to leave Jinsei but every time he cried out, the beatings only got worse. At one point, Jinsei actually got the upper hand and made his way into Takeru's line of sight, where he was taken down once more.

Takeru was a crying mess by the time Itami's friends stopped pulverizing Jinsei's body. Jinsei was covered in bruises and blood from many open wounds and he was barely conscious enough to lift his naked and brutalized body off of the ground.

Itami finally allowed Takeru to collapse onto the ground beside Jinsei's body. Takeru sobbed when Jinsei groaned and unconsciously moved closer to his trembling form. He ran a hand through Jinsei's platinum blonde hair, "Dear Kami Jinsei, I'm so sorry... I didn't want this to happen to you!"

Jinsei let out another moan before smiling and placing a bloodied hand onto Takeru's tear-streaked cheek, "You should never... uhg... have to say s-sorry... I-itoshii hit-t-to..."

Takeru cried out when Itami suddenly grabbed a handful of his raven locks and yanked his body back away from Jinsei, "Now you get to enjoy the show! Have at him boys!"

Takeru's eyes widened as he realized what Itami was planning, "No, no don't! Please leave him alone! You can't—AH!" Takeru was cut off by a harsh slap to his face.

Itami smirked, "It's because of you that he's about to be disgraced... and right in front of his little lover... Be as rough as you want with him boys."

Jinsei was shifted so that he was kneeling on all fours, four of the men holding up his too tired body. Takeru fought against Itami's grip on him, begging for them to leave Jinsei alone and take him instead. He didn't want to see anyone get hurt for him anymore...

At that moment, Takeru's mind went back to their times in college: All the bullies were taken care of Ryuzaki, Karou, Kira, and Jinsei when he arrived... His friends were always taking the blows for him... they were always fighting for him... they were always getting hurt because of him... and they were always so worried over him... so protective...

"I can't take this anymore... I won't let... anyone get hurt because of me... ever again!" Takeru screamed out before he lifted the arm holding him back and bit into the tender flesh.

Itami screamed in pain and surprise, jumping back and releasing Takeru. Takeru took that moment to leap forward at the first man holding Jinsei up, the bald man with the overload of tattoos. He pulled his hand back and slammed it into the man's throat. The bald man gagged and released Jinsei, holding his throat. The burly red head was the next closet person to Takeru and the raven threw a punch that was sure to break the man's nose. The red head sputtered as blood began to pour out of his nose. Takeru wasn't prepared to feel the toe of the boot that the black haired man was wearing connect with his side and he fell back for a moment, but not for long. He quickly got up again and he swiped out at the short haired raven. His nails raked over the man's eyes and the raven cried out as he stumbled back, holding his injured eyes. The man with the slicked back blonde hair let out a battle cry and charged at Takeru, but the young raven was prepared. He side-stepped the man and shoved his knee into the man's gut.

The man with long brown hair instantly backed up when Takeru's wild eyes landed on him. The crystalline blue eyes hardened into ice crystals as he pulled Jinsei back. He glared at Itami, daring him to step forward as the older man's friends huddled in a corner, nursing their injuries. Next to Takeru was a cell phone. Without Looking away from Itami he called the police and left the phone on. When he heard another voice on the line, he simply growled, "Trace the call and hurry... or else you'll need to bring a body bag."

And Takeru shot forward, grappling with Itami, "You'll pay for everything you ever did to me!"

Itami grabbed Takeru by the neck, "That's something you'll never be able to do! You'll always be afraid!"

Takeru raked his nails down Itami's arms, causing angry red lines to follow in their wake, "You'll... regret it... all!" when Takeru's nails reached Itami's hand, he dug them into the bone.

Itami grunted and his grip weakened slightly, allowing Takeru to slam his fists into Itami's chest. The moment Takeru was free he tripped Itami and straddled the older man, repeatedly slamming his fist into the other man.

"Takeru... stop... you'll kill him!" Jinsei's voice echoed from behind him.

Takeru instantly stopped and slowly turned his head to see Jinsei attempting to sit up. Itami was in a daze and he didn't seem like he was going to get up any time soon. So Takeru crawled off of his body and, grabbing some clothes out of the dresser, Takeru changed and began to clean up Jinsei. In the middle of caring for the platinum blonde, Takeru glanced in the corner to see Itami's friends still huddled in a corner. Takeru snorted at how deflated they had become... unlike the time they had raped him...

"Damn bastards..."

When Jinsei at least had on a pair of shorts, the sound of sirens came from outside. Takeru left to open the door and immediately went back upstairs.

The police were very surprised at what they saw, but after a lot of explaining on Takeru's end, Itami and his friends were taken away. Takeru was surprised that no more was looked into the issue, but he didn't care... Itami was gone for good...