"Takeru... I still can't believe you fought that day..." Jinsei was saying as he pulled the exhausted raven against him.

"... You... know... I don't understand... how you could... go... for three rounds... and still be able... to talk... you freaking animal!" Takeru moaned, his sore body instinctively leaning into the warmer one beside him. Once he was able to gain his composure, Takeru quietly mumbled, "I wasn't going to let them... do what they did to me to you... I wasn't about to let you gain that experience..."

Jinsei held Takeru closer against him, "I'm glad you fought back Takeru... I'm glad you did..."

Takeru pulled back slightly to place a tired and sloppy kiss to Jinsei's lips, "I'm glad I fought back too..." he leaned his head against Jinsei's chest and heaved a sigh, "Now let me sleep..." he slurred.

Jinsei smiled and affectionately ran his hand through Takeru's hair, aiding in the raven's attempt to sleep. He watched the normally sweet and calm man before him and let images of his wild and defensive side slip into his mind. He was glad that Takeru wasn't so easily dominated... the raven had fought back... something he and the others had fervently wished Takeru would do since their college days...

"Oh Takeru... after everything we're finally together..." Jinsei murmured, "And you've finally learned to defend what you love..."

Jinsei was just about to slip into a happy and peaceful sleep when the phone began to ring. The shrill sound awoke Takeru and he let out an angry moan. Jinsei quickly reached for his cell and answered the phone, "Konbanwa...?"

"Jinsei, aren't you guys coming to hang out with us?!" Kira's slurred voice asked over the phone.

Jinsei was about to answer when Takeru ripped the phone out of his grip, "You goddamned idiots can get drunk for all I give a shit, but leave us alone!"

"But you were supposed to come here and celebrate New Year with us!" Ryuzaki and Karou both caterwauled over the phone.

Miya could be heard in the background, singing obnoxiously and Kira joined in.

"You guys celebrate over there okay! When I can walk straight I'll come and drink my life away too! Bug us some other time!" and the phone was slammed shut and thrown across the room.

Jinsei jumped in surprise when Takeru crawled over his body, "I thought you were tired..."

Takeru smirked and leaned down to place a passionate kiss to Jinsei's lips. When he pulled back, he grinded their hips together, "I'm not tired anymore... Happy New Year Jinsei..."

"Ahh... Round 4?"

Takeru raised himself up slightly, "Yup... Or do you want to go hang out with the drunks at Kira's house?"

Jinsei jokingly pondered the moment, "Go get drunk at Kira's or play out round 4 and hope for a 5? I think you should lower yourself right now and ignore the phone if it rings again..."

Takeru smirked, "Love you Jinsei... Watashi no hontou no ai..."

Author's Note: I feel like I ended this kind of abruptly, but there you have it... Completed... Thinking about a side story... but I hope you enjoyed this... ARIGATOU!