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Chapter 1: A Dark Prince is Born, Part 1

20 years following the Great War, the priestess Sai Rah Umai (the God speaks to her) wrote these words:

Just as the sun sank below the horizon, he heard the woman squeal in terror and came running immediately. His eyes widened at the sight before him. Something was hunched over the cradle. Something with fur and long scraggly hair, clutching a child in its hands. They child's head flopped at an unusual angle and he knew the child was dead. The creature turned, and his stomach heaved. Blood dripped from its mouth, smearing its face. The woman dropped to the floor, sobbing. "Hah!" he yelled, stomping his feet and waving his arms at the thing. It drew back. The man held up the talisman around his neck. "In Ama's name, get back!" The creature saw the little charm and fear showed in its eyes. It jumped through the open window, abandoning its dinner.

The townspeople searched the forest for the creature, torches raised, faces firmly set. Their goal was simple: Kill the creature and rid their village of the unholy terror. "Over here!" someone called. There was a great snapping of twigs and rustling of leaves as the villagers surround the creature. Cornered, the thing bared its teeth and threatened the people with its claws, red eyes blazing. The leader stepped forward and plunged his spear into the creature's breast. It let out an ear-piercing shriek before dying. Then all was silent. A tingle of fear went through the crowd for it had been prophesied that the night a creature of darkness uttered a sound, the dark prince would be born. That night the queen gave birth to twins.

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