"No. Just no. Go put on your black hoodie," the sister ordered. "You're not going to the werewolf house party like that." Annoyance slipped through her tone.

"But, I like this one!" Jessie whined. "Don't you love the irony?"

"No, go change."


Jessie retreated to his room, pulling off his bright red hoodie as he stomped.

"Dude, Sis, you gotta come see this!" the boy yelled from his room.

There was a moment of silence.

"I know you're not asleep."

"Jessie, if I was asleep, I would be pissed that you woke me up."

"But you've GOT to come see this!"

"I'm in bed. Reading."

"Come ON!"


The sister shuffled into her younger brother's room, avoided dirty clothes, cables, an empty box of Thai takeout, and some game controller. She leant over to look at his monitor. "What is so amazing?"

"Look! See that vampire?"

"Yeah," she squinted her eyes at the screen. "What?"

"He's wearing body glitter! He's a sparking vampire!" Jessie cackled loudly, shaking with laughter.

The sister straightened and blinked at the screen. She sighed, "Goodnight, Jessie," and retreated from the room.

Jessie hiccupped and took a sip of his Mountain Dew. "…Sparkling Vampire…" he began giggling again.