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Soft panting noises reached Mary's ears and she turned slightly to see where it was coming from. She was in a room and several candles were lighted. There was a gash on her head and she touched the tender spot. She flinched at the pain and looked around her surroundings. The room was not very big, there were no pieces of furniture and no other signs of life other than herself and the candles. She looked down to where she lay and noticed it was shaped like an altar of sorts.

There were noises on the other side of the door and she inclined her head to listen more carefully.

"Most members of the enemy clan were eradicated but there were some survivors who escaped. We must hope they do not come back to seek vengeance.," said a voice.

"If they do, we will kill those ones as well. This is our land!" Mary recognized the voice as that of Vickus.

"Did their leader survive?" That was Dominic.

"Yes, he and four others escaped. We followed them but we lost their scent," said another voice.

"How is Mary?" asked Dominic.

"She was injured. Those of the enemy coven managed to bite her. They drank from her and I am not sure of the repercussions it will have on her. She may be linked to them." Mary recognized Danny's voice.

"Mm, if Mary is linked to those who bit her, if they survived, she can lead us to them. She is a valuable asset to our coven, more-so that she was before," said Dominic.

There were sounds of muttered approval and moments later the door opened. Several vampires entered; Dominic and Danny included.

"She is awake. Mary, how do you feel?" asked Dominic. He placed a cold hand on her forehead.

"My body aches," she said.

Dominic looked at the others. There was tension in the small room as Dominic contemplated on what he should say.

"What did those vampires do to me?" she asked.

Dominic turned to face Mary again and asked, "What did you see?"

"After they bit me, I saw images. I saw all the faces of those they killed. I saw a dark building. I saw the inside of this building… I think I saw their memories," she said.

Vickus looked at the bloody bite marks on Mary's neck and arm. He licked his lips as he took in the scent of her blood. Danny kept his watchful eye on Vickus.

"Aye, that you did. Listen to me Mary, it is very important you lead us to where these other vampires are. When a vampire bites someone in transition, it is possible that their memories are transferred to the one they bite. You can lead us to them using those memories so that we can kill them all for breaking the law we have all set. But we must do it quickly because you will lose them as you further progress in your transition," said Dominic.

Mary looked at Dominic dumbfounded. Vickus scowled deeply and said, "You are linked to them! Do you not understand that?"

Dominic raised a hand and Vickus immediately stopped his words.

"Will you help us Mary?" came the voice of Stephen.

Mary slowly nodded. "Where's Cora?"

Dominic looked down but Vickus is the one who spoke. "The leader of the enemy coven took her with him when he escaped. She is most likely dead now."

Liam frowned unpleasantly at Vickus. Mary gasped at the news and looked at Danny questioningly. "You told me they wouldn't attack her because she was far into her transition. You lied to me!"

Danny crossed his arms. "I didn't lie. They took her because they have other purposes for her. I don't think they'd kill her."

Dominic nodded in agreement. "Female vampires are rare. It is true they have plans for her, although they may not be very good."

Dominic clicked his tongue. "The dawn will arrive shortly. We must retire now. Mary, promise me you will not leave."

Mary looked at Dominic. Promise a vampire to stay put? What a silly notion! Vickus crossed his arms. "Answer him, you foolish child!"

Mary slowly nodded and looked at Vickus fearfully. She did not like him. There was something very dangerous about him and she did not trust that he wouldn't kill her if he had the chance, for he most surely would.

Dominic clapped his hands and the attention of the other vampires focused on him. "Let us go rest. Mary, you will be safe here. Don't venture out, my jewel, we will need your 'talents' come nightfall."

He walked to the door and the others soon followed, only Danny stayed behind. He looked at Mary. She was a spirited she-devil but she was beautiful nonetheless. There was something so raw and uninhibited about her.

He walked closer to her and grabbed her arm. Although she struggled, he pulled it up to him and glanced at the bite mark he had given her nearly three weeks ago, his bite mark.

"Why did you do this to me? You knew the minute you bit me what would become of me," she asked.

Danny lifted his eyes from the bite to hers. "You were spirited little human. Not only did you attack me physically but you attacked me verbally. I spared your life but I did not say you'd stay human forever. You needed to be humbled. That's why I did it."

Mary's face twisted unpleasantly. "You're a monster!" she said through clenched teeth.

Danny smiled and moved his face so it was inches away from hers. "And soon you will be too." He moved away from her and walked to the door, all the while laughing.

Mary felt a deep feeling of anger reside her belly. Cora had mentioned that emotions were heightened because of vampirism. Was that now the case?

"Don't forget that you are valuable to Dominic. If you so much leave, I will hunt you down and enjoy watching you suffer at my hand," Danny said.

Mary lifted her angry eyes to him. He took pleasure in seeing her suffer. Dominic was the leader of this coven but he was kind, at least he was to her. She did not know him enough to make out his true character. Danny, on the other hand, was much different. He liked to taunt and play with her as if she were some sort of toy.

Well, two can play that game!

She had to leave her entire life behind because of what this monster did to her! Well, she'd show him. If he wanted to punish her for being insolent the day they met, she'd punish him for eternity by turning her into a vampire.

Mary looked around her surroundings again. With Cora gone, Mary felt so alone. Poor Cora. Who knew what things she was suffering at the hands of those evil vampires. Mary wondered if the same fate would befall her once she fully transitioned. For the time being, she was valuable to Dominic but that will end quickly.

Vickus did not bother to hide the fact that he did not like Mary and knew he'd try to persuade the others to dispose of her. Mary sighed; there was so much grief in her heart.

She did not want to become a vampire. The thought of having to kill people and drink their blood made her sick to her stomach. Her life would be an eternity of hell. What did she have to look forward to?

She missed her family, she missed her friends and in time, she would miss being alive.