Next Time.

The blurs of colours pulsate past you as you stand there, as you watch. Your ensemble, that resembles the empty canvass above you, that your eyes so resolutely ignore, stands out, but you don't notice, and neither do most of the pairs of falsely attached mouths. Twisted depictions of cheerfulness and characters twirl past in a synchronised movement of abstract limbs and writhing laughter. And yet, still you stand there. Watching.

You watch the one cart in the monotony of giggling and romance, you stare with a droll fixation as it moves around, in the perfectly structured wheel, the highlight of the evening. As it drags itself down to the side, your stare is transferred wholly to the stand that happens to draw you forward, towards the thick tang of molten sugar that had wafted all the way to you, turning your stomach into itself in protection at the onslaught. Your feet amble towards the stand and your eyes watch listlessly as the girl is given a fiend of a gift from her currently unattached mouth. Bored by the visual bombardment, your scrutiny slides over to the edge of the extravaganza, and you imagine leaving this scene behind, and you're gravitating towards the edge of the searing brightness, towards the captive of peace. Towards the darkness. You're foot takes a step, and then another. All the while, you're clutching your own fiend that your currently unattached mouth had presented to you.

Your next step is suddenly haltered by the hand that had given you what you were just dying to get away from. You glance back, a smile on your face, before you shoot a fleeting glimpse to what you were so close to. And as you are led to the rickety wheel of pure perfection, you have a slippery thought, one that flew away, just before you could reach out your uninterested fingers to grasp at it. Maybe next time.

A/N: Hello dearies.

The setting is a carnival/circus type place, just to clear any confusion...

This was a piece of homework for my English coursework stuff that I don't necessarily care to focus on, and thought I'd share it. It's a bit vague... Whatevs

I haven't really uploaded... mainly because I'm just shit, frankly, but also because A-levels are a bitch. A cold, heartless bitch that wants your soul...


Moving on.

I have also noticed that I seem to be quite depressing lately... Hah! Hopefully my next upload will be sooner and much more amusing. We can hope.

Hopefully, there is someone in the world reading this. If so, hi there friend. How are you?

Love you lots, honestly...

Ham x