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Defy and Comply


By: Melissa Norvell


A year later, as promised, everyone met up at the site where the magnificent and beautiful building of Shinjinku Academy once stood. All that remained of the school of horror was a rile of burnt rubble and the old school gates, old and cast iron from not being maintained over the years. A warning sign hung on them, telling the curious kids of the neighborhood not to enter the condemned site.

Leonardo gazed through the bars of the gate, now able to show off his true form. His hair went back to the light blonde that it was, and he no longer wore contacts, exposing his bright blue eyes. Taiga had stood there by his side. The two still maintained their relationship and lived together in Taiga's elaborate yakuza mansion.

Since then, Leonardo stopped doing drugs, but he still drank on occasion. He never went back to his claim to fame as a rock star, however, he did play with a band on occasion and held private concerts.

Taiga returned to being the leader of the yakuza. He held a special service for his men and brother who had died, and they were honored with a special gravesite, which he visited every week to pay his respects. His relationship with Leo was stronger than ever, and the two learned to lean on each other since their graduation.

Sunoma walked up to everyone, donning her lolita clothes. She was dressed on a blue dress with white frills and bows, blue Mary Janes and a nice sun hat. Since she had graduated, she became a model for lolita fashions and occasionally designed them herself. The dress she wore was one her own designs, and she was very proud of it. The lolita still lived in her parent's mansion a block from the where the school once stood. When she came hom for graduation, her parents had been killed. Their murders were cold cases, and would more than likely remain that way.

She looked over to Tsukimi and Kazoo, who sat under a tree together.

Tsukimi had moved into Leonardo's old house with the architect. The two of them had lived together since graduation, and became closer over time. Every weekend, the two had dance competitions and Tsukimi practiced playing her bass guitar. She and Leo even played together on occasion. When he held his concerts, she accompanied him and helped him out. Sometimes, she played solos for clubs and to this day, she wore Mishio's friendship bracelets.

Kazoo quit his job as a sniper and took up a job making architectual blueprints for buildings. He also created inventions in his spare time and worked on his healing relationship with Tsukimi. Things were looking up for the two of them. The wounds he got had healed and he spent his time out in the real world supporting he and Tsukimi. They frequently visited everyone and Tsukimi would model some of Sunoma's more punk rock designs.

"It's a nice day for just admiring the sights. It's hard to believe it's been a year since then," Kazoo's eyes shifted to the pile of rubble that used to be a personal hell for him. Even though the school was long gone, the memories still burned fresh into his mind.

"The military was pretty quick about cleaning all of this up and hiding everything," Taiga commented.

"I'm just glad it's over. No one else will have to die now." That was all that mattered to Leo. The string of murders stopped and no one would be forced to endure that hell. Teenagers could live normal lives and never again stain their hands with blood.

"I still miss everyone," Sunoma's voice was sorrowful. She often thought of everyone who had died and felt guilty about being alive. She longed for the days of old where they lived the lives of normal teenagers.

"Yeah, I wonder what they'd all be doing now." In truth, Tsukimi thought about it as well.

"They'd get on with life, just like we are," Taiga didn't like this subject. Their meeting wasn't about this.

"It's too bad that we're the only ones who remember them." As long as they lived on, the memories of those they went to school with did as well. Leo found it his duty to share those memories with everyone and spread them throughout people he knew. It would be how they wanted it to be.

"We only remember our class and the graduating one. Who knows how many others over six years this has happened to," the yakuza could only imagine how painful it was for the students of the past who had to go through the same hell that they all did.

"It makes you appreciate life. Every day is a gift and I make the best of it now. I live for them," Kazoo smiled bitterly. It was the least he could do.

"I think they're proud of us. They can finally rest in peace," Taiga was sure that, wherever they rested, they were smiling in their graves.

"Today is a day of celebration. I think they are here celebrating with us," the lolita closed her eyes and smiled peacefully. "Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can hear the school yard, full of laughter and the chattering of voices." Even now, they reached her ears. The happy conversations of the students and laughter ran through her mind like a sweet symphony of peace. Sunoma was sure that even now, the spirits played around the school grounds.

"I try to not to think about it. I've got my ways of coping," to Leo, the past belonged there.

"How are you getting long?" Sunoma was curious. Leo had a lot of problems before, and a part of her worried that he was going to relapse again.

"It still haunts me but I have support. I haven't tried to kill myself and I'm not doing drugs anymore." That was an improvement in itself.

"Because I'll kick his ass if he does," Taiga threatened.

"That's my anti-drug. I like my face," Leo joked.

"It's sort of funny, you know?" Kazoo commented from his position under the three, rested against the abrasive bark with his arms behind his head and one foot stretched out over another. "How life can just bounce back. You think you can't take anymore and yet, you still go on living."

"Life will never be completely the same, but every day is a day of healing," Tsukimi said, seated cross, legged beside of him with her hands holding her dress down.

"Even if the memories are bad, I'll never forget what happened or the people we've lost," Taiga's voice was low as the memories of all that had been lost flooded his mind. If it took an entire lifetime, he would never stop mourning their loss.

"Even if the world forgot them, they'll live on in our hearts," Leo placed a hand over his chest.

"Every day I do my best to spread their memories wherever I go, so that they won't be fragile souls the world threw away. After all, that the best way to thank them for their brave sacrifices," Tsukimi found that was the best way for her to cope with the losses that plagued her heart.

Sunoma opened her eyes and smiled. "In our hearts..." She placed a hand over her breast. "They're all graduates, so let's celebrate then, the true graduates of Shinjinku Acaedmy."


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