A/N: Inspired by Midnight City by M83, and kind of the planet Pandora from Borderlands.

Bleed, baby, bleed.

You'll be keeping the city alive with every drop, and ain't she worth it? You call her home, don't you? So what's a little blood every once in a while?

Everyone's gotta make a little sacrifice sometimes.

She's a carnivorous thing, that city—lives only on the blood, sweat, tears, and souls of her inhabitants. And right now, she's starving. I'm going to slice you open whether you agree or not, but it would be great if you would sit down and accept it.

And look, calling me a murderer, calling me crazy—it ain't gonna get you anywhere, sugar. If I'm crazy then this city is crazy, because I feel her love and anger in every beat of my heart. Maybe she is making me crazy. But I will gladly accept that, if it's indeed my fate, I'll accept it like so many others.

It's blood magic, she spins spells of insanity and casts them on both the deserving and her devotees.

So maybe I'm crazy for being her slave the way I am. But that's not going to get you out of this sacrifice. She's calling, love, she's crying out for you, and can you hear her? She speaks through all the accidents, all the gunshots, all the collapsing buildings—nothing is up to chance or construction, everything is decided by her, she is all-powerful—

She is the only religion in this God-forsaken city. I am her priest.

And sugar, I have no problem shooting you down, cutting you open, and bringing you to her temple. She will drink your blood, and thank the both of us. She always thanks her dead very nicely.

It may seem like she's a heartless bitch, but it's not the case. She is what she is, she is who she is, and she is this city.

And don't—don't try calling the police. She will stop them long before they get here, and I'm sure a pretty boy like you doesn't want the deaths of a few policemen on his conscious. Because she will not forgive those.

The police protect her from all the heretics. They defend her, and I feed her, and yet they still hate me. Even though we're working to achieve the same thing, they hunt me down day in and day out.

But they won't be able to stop me. I've been too careful for too long, and now my goddess is starving, this city is so hungry you can feel her weakness in the streets. She is pale and dying.

And we will soon remedy this.

So sit still and don't struggle, baby, I'll do this nice and cleanly. I'm a holy man, don't you trust me not to hurt you too badly? If you don't, then I suppose you'll be pleasantly surprised.

And the only delusions I have are visions she wants me to see. Prophecies of death, burning—all the heretics banding together and destroying our goddess, our queen….destroying her once and for all.

But I'm wasting words on someone who's little more than a goddamn sacrificial lamb.

Please sit still, love, just for a moment.

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