Hey there, I've decided to write another story! Now with this one, I honestly don't know where it is going to go, so I'm winging it! Hopefully it will come out good... Read, Enjoy, and Review!

The crowd cheered as the fireworks lit up the sky with a beautiful array of different colors. Their attentions were solely focused on the next explosion, the next wave of excitement. Screams of 'Happy 4th of July' echo among the happy townspeople as they celebrated.

However… away from the crowd and exhilaration, a lean figure lurks in the shadows. Their careful footfalls leading them through open doors and unlocked windows to come back out with bags full of treasures. Another outburst from the crowd and the figure frantically looks up to realize the finale has come and they needed to move quickly. The person breaks out into a run towards a looming forest, their movements sluggish from the excessive number of bags of treasure weighing them down.

The fireworks have finally ended and the townspeople are heading for their houses. Little do they know that while they were having fun with firecrackers their inventory had withered. When realization dawns on a few who lost valuable riches, the cries ricochet throughout the village. The wails and outraged screams reach the ears of the thief and a light laugh leaves their lips, "You fools… you're not as safe and secure as you claim to be…"

The thief makes their way through the thick undergrowth until a small clearing comes into view. A tent surrounded by bags and a small fire is what greets the thief. A sigh of relief is exerted before the person gets to work. All the bags are emptied and anything useful or valuable is separated from the pile to be packed away for travel. Once the separation if finished, the thief packs away their belongings and stolen treasures into a travel bag. The tent is also taken down and rolled up for easy roaming. Just as the figure is about to leave, a bright light falls on… Her… "Sorena, what the hell are you doing?!"

The light from the fire the new arrival is holding shines brightly on the young woman. Her long purple hair was tied back out of her face in a high ponytail. Her light purple eyes held a look of determination and triumph. The simple white summer dress she was wearing was ripped and stained from her hectic escape after the great robbery. Her pale skin slightly red and irritated from the dry grass and ferns that slashed at her while making her way back to camp. She stood tall, the light from the fire accenting her angular face and thin muscular figure… it also gave her an air of ferocity. She glared at the young man who held the light up to her form, "What's wrong Vince? Surprised to find me here?" her voice was silky and surprisingly low, a pitch lower than what would be expected from the beautiful woman standing before Vince, but it was still harmonious and velvety.

Vince stepped into the clearing, the light illuminating his features for Sorena to admire: Strong arms and a toned chest and stomach, a tall and lean figure, short brown hair… his lips were a thin line of anger and his light brown eyes narrowed, "What is all this? Planning to leave without saying goodbye?"

Sorena smirked, "Like you'd notice I was gone or not? You were too busy fawning over that little harlot down in the village… and she was more willing than I right?" the purple-haired woman shouldered her huge bag of stolen goods and snagged her tent, "So what difference would it make if I took a few things that I needed and went on my way, huh, lover boy?"

Vince dropped the torch he had brought with him on Sorena's weak fire, flooding the small clearing with orange light from the new flames, "You little thief… you think you can just leave here without getting punished for your crime?!"

Sorena pursed her lips in mock consideration before a sly smile played at the edge of her full pink lips when her violet eyes fell upon a thick branch that lay by her bare foot, "I'm about to right now…" she cooed.

Vince took a menacing step forward, "What makes you think so? What makes you think you can escape me?!"

"This!" Sorena used her foot to kick the branch into her hands before pulling her arm back and flinging the branch in Vince's direction. It hit him square in the chest and the force was enough to stun him, "Bye honey!"

Sorena was about to jump into the thick forest ahead of her when she felt her hair yanked back roughly. An angry cry escaped from Sorena's lips as her bag of treasures and tent were ripped from her grasp. She was thrown onto the ground, her arms pinned above her head by Vince, who was now straddling her waist. She wriggled as best she could but it proved useless… Vince's body mass was too much for Sorena to be fighting against. So she gave him another surprise, "So… you just wanna take me now and call it punishment, huh? Well go ahead… I won't fight since there is no point in doing so… I'll only lose and end up hurting myself so much more…"

Vince hesitated for a split second before leaning down to press a searing kiss to Sorena's lips. She groaned as Vince's free hand roamed her body, groping hard enough to leave bruises. Vince pulled away, panting as he forced Sorena to spread her legs on either side of him, raising her dress all the while. She arched her body into his when Vince started to suck at her neck. Sorena gasped as Vince began to trail a hand up her leg. She couldn't help but smirk as Vince continued to violate her… completely unaware of what he was about to get himself into. He continued to move his hand up until he reached her crotch… and groped something through the thin panties he didn't think was supposed to be there… something hard… and erect…

Vince suddenly jumped off and away from Sorena's laughing figure lying on the ground, "What the hell?!" he shrieked.

Sorena pushed herself into a sitting position, rubbing her bruising wrists and prodding different spots on her body that were tender from the rough treatment that Vince serviced her with, "What's the matter big boy? Did you like what you found?"

Vince's eyes grew wide and he gapped at Sorena as she stood up and dusted herself off, "What… what the hell are you?!"

Sorena pouted as she retrieved her tent and bag of stolen goods, "Now there is no need to make me sound like some kind of alien, baby… I'm just as human as you are."

Vince questioned her again, "What are you?!" although there was really no need to ask the question… Vince knew what he had grabbed… and he knew what stood before him.

Sorena slowly walked over to where Vince cowered, her hips swaying seductively. Leaning down, she gently grabbed his chin and lifted his face towards her. She licked her lips and placed a chaste kiss to his cheek, "Maybe if you'd had the audacity to think with your head and not with your dick… then you might have figured this out sooner… You should have figured I was different from all the girls who flung themselves at your feet…" Sorena pat his cheek, "Although I can't blame you for being unable to see through my looks… It isn't your fault you weren't able to see I'm actually a guy…"

Vince backed away from the man before him and stood up on shaking legs, "You're a… a… a fag?! And you tricked me!"

Sorena couldn't suppress a smirk, "Honestly babe, I didn't trick you at all… you chased after me, remember?"

"You little freak! I swear you'll regret this you cross-dressing bitch!" Vince surged forward, prepared to take Sorena down but was met with Sorena's foot connecting with his groin.

Sorena snickered at the rolling mess of intense pain that was Vince, "I'd prefer you at least call me Soren…" Soren said with a grin, "And now I bid thee farewell… Have a wonderful life… And you can go ahead and tell the villagers about me… I assure you that by tomorrow, you won't be able to track me down… I won't be seeing you later." Soren winked before diving into the forest and running as fast as he could, away from the newly robbed village and onto the next destination he could reach.