The white hour

AN: Hi guys, this is something I wrote when I was feeling blue and then I was like wow that damned (pardon my French) writers' block is finally coming off though it is coming off very stubbornly but it is so look forward to other stuff soon but in the mean time bon appetit and if you like it of course give the chef your compliments , if you don't then the criticism is also welcome.

Serene is the moon tonight,

pale and bloodless.

On this night of Joy and Sorrow

opposites as they are, here on this night

these contrasting forces are together in one field

both on extremes.

Extreme is Joy at being united to her lover.

Endless is Sorrow at being disjointed

from her love once and for all.

Joy asks of nothing for everything is perfect

and the moon is shining her

benevolent white blessing on her union with her lover.

While Sorrow demands of everything for nothing is as it should be,

she is separated from her love by another's same power

and the moon is not red to signify

her grief in its intensity.

Joy accepts the homage Luna pays to her,

queenly in her assurance.

Sorrow bows down to accept her worthlessness

but even in despair she is dignified as Joy can never be.

She bends and accedes the right of ascendance to Joy

as Luna continues her pale reign over the night

watching both her children,

giving reassurance to both at that white hour

when everything lies bare,

lies and truth, love and hatred, happiness and grief.

Giving assurance:

To Joy that the world is bright.

To Sorrow that there is brightness still in the world

however dark it may seem.

AN:Hope you all out there liked it and please give your feedback .