The first book of the series - 'Sharpe's Mysterious Enterprises'

Rose's Mystery Cruise

A very tall, dark building stood towering over one girl, who was staring up, an arm shielding her face; The moonlight was reflecting off the blackout windows that surrounded this 10 storey structure. In the centre, thick bold letters spelt out 'SHARPE ENTERPRISES'.

This girl stood alone in the empty courtyard wearing what looked like a traditional, wedding dress; a long white gown that trailed across the ground behind her. A slight, cool breeze blew around her, making her lift the throw she had on her arms, up onto her bare shoulders.

Staring straight ahead at the doorway to this enormous structure which consisted of the same glass window as the rest of the building. The only way you could tell it was the main entrance was by the stairway that leads up to it which looked as if it was made of the same material.

After taking her first two steps forward, something firm landed on her left shoulder, halting her from going any further. Turning her head she came face to face with light, blue eyes and short, dark hair. These features belonged to a guy, who stood a few inches taller than the girl, herself.

"Are you sure, you are doing the right thing?" The guy asked, with a concerned look on his face. "You don't have to go through with this."

The look of sorrow came over the girl's face before she instantly turned back around. "We both know, I have to." She responded back.

Slowly, but surely, the guy lifted his hand from her shoulder. "I failed..." He started to say.

The girl slowly turned back to face him with a concerned look, of her own.

"Failed, as a brother." He continued to say, which somehow made his eyes water. Instantly, he turned his face away, in embarrassment; as if suddenly realising he was showing his emotions, like an open book.

Her own hand reached out towards him and landed on his forearm before saying, "Don't you dare say that." The girl's face now had that look of determination.

Those words alone made him look back up. This time with shock written all over his face; as if he couldn't believe the words that were flowing through his ears.

"I won't listen to such a thing." The girl's hand gripped his arm tighter, shaking it a little; as if to get her point across. "Do you hear me? Do you?" She demanded, staring back at him.

He continued to stare back until a moment later he slowly nodded his head and looked away again.

The girl slowly removed her hand but didn't once look away. Not until, she felt a slight vibration, beneath her feet. Instantly, making her look down.

After a moment or two, they both stared back at each other with a sad look on their faces.

"I really must go." The girl suddenly said as a frightened look appeared on her face; as if she knew that had been some sort of warning.

After a small nod from her brother, she turned back towards the entrance and slowly continued walking, taking one step at a time. Before she knew it, her foot knocked against the bottom step and stared down at it, in confusion; as if she had been day-dreaming and just realised where she was.

"Be Brave!" A certain voice echoed around the girl.

Instantly, turning back to where she could still see her brother, but now there was a girl standing next to him; with short, light blonde hair. This girl raised her hand into the air; as if she was signalling hello or more likely goodbye. Then another girl appeared on the other side of her brother; this girl had long, dark hair. But she just stood there like a statue; as if not sure what to say or do. The girl who stood to stare at the three of them, returned the same hand signal, before turning back around again.

As soon as she did, the girl found another guy waiting at the top of the stairs, with his back to her. A small smile slowly appeared on her face which started to bring more colour to her cheeks. Instantly, her feet started moving up the steps, more quickly. Just before she reached the top, the guy started turning around where there was a bright smile of his own. The girl reached the top and the guy took her hands into his and pulled her closer.

"Nearly... We nearly managed to do it," he spoke slowly while resting his forehead against hers.

"Maybe, next time," The girl responded back.

Their lips made contact. "I'll be waiting!" He whispered into her mouth.

Instantly, the girl's hand reached up and the moment it landed on the side of his neck, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her right up against him. Her hand moved, around to the back of his neck as they both started kissing more passionately.

It started with a distant clapping floating around the two of them that seemed to get louder and louder as if it was getting closer and closer until there was a mighty bang. The girl felt herself flying backwards, out of his arms altogether; it was if a powerful gust of wind had sent her soaring through the air. That was until she felt the sudden impact against the back of her head, then feeling herself sliding down till her bum landed, quite hard on a solid surface.

The girl seemed to be having trouble opening her eyes; as if it was quite painful to do. The moment she managed to see out of them, she found herself inside the building itself, staring back towards the main door which was slowly sliding closed.

"Our love will continue to fight this."

Was the last thing the girl heard before the door closed completely and she lost consciousness, altogether