The shadow remained standing in the darkness as if glaring, waiting to see how I would respond or even act to what he just said.

A moment or two later, the shadow started to move towards me, through this dark mist... the exit of the unknown. Would he finally reveal himself? Will I get answers to this mystery?

"There is nothing there..." The voice continued as he got closer and closer. "...You do not need to worry, yourself." His voice was a lot clearer.

What did he mean? Of course, I was worried, who wouldn't, when struck in a situation, like this. What should I say to him? Before I knew what I was doing, I was standing up from the bed which sure did confuse me... I didn't know this person, although he did sound like the doctor. He was a stranger, who had tried scaring me to death and even succeeded. One minute I was standing there the next I was falling back on the bed, again.

I truly couldn't understand what just happened... It was if a sudden gust of wind had knocked me off my feet. But it had felt too forceful to be light as air. So, what did hit me? It was like I had been struck everywhere at once which couldn't be possible, could it? Who knew, anything seemed possible, at the moment. It was the same thing that happened in the Lounge.

After opening my eyes which I didn't realise I had closed, I found the shadow standing right in front of me. This sure did back more memories of earlier, when I was in the Lounge and the shadow looked as if he was going smack something of my head... I waited for the same thing to happen. But, no. The shadow remained there staring down at me.

"I have heard of a case, like this before..." The shadow continued.

It suddenly hit me that this truly was the Doctor, he was trying to tell me about the secret room. But, what did that room have to do with the darkness? And how was I supposed to follow the light if there was no light, only this creepy darkness? Why won't the lights come back on? This would all be so much easier if I could see what was happening around me.

"... Where their fears make their dreams seem real." He now took that moment to sit down on the bed beside me.

That movement made me instantly jump back against the headboard, with my own, fears... I was truly starting to distrust this Doctor. Could I be wrong about him? He may very well be the one behind all this, where he likes to scare all his patients. His face instantly started moving closer to mine, close enough to see the brightness of his blue eyes... The very ones that always settled my nerves and they were working, once again. My mind was slowly clearing and my heart rate was settling down, too.

"Sorry, didn't mean to frighten you with that. I'm not saying this has any connection to you, it's just similar to some other case I've known," The Doctor continued to reassure me, with that lovely smile of his. Until it instantly dropped and he started looking distant. "No, I don't think she was my patient… Someone much closer, than that." Chris was suddenly, lost in thought as his voice got quieter. "No, she was my patient... I think!" He continued to say before his attention landed back on her and that smile slowly returned.

It looked as if he was trying to remember something but for some reason, his mind wouldn't let him. I wondered if that was how I sounded... But, I knew we were different. I had lost more than one memory... "Sorry, about that." Chris interrupted my thoughts. "My mind just gets confused a little, sometimes, nothing to worry about. Its just stress... It comes with the job!" I wasn't sure if I should tell him about my situation, doubting he'd want to know, anyhow. This wasn't the time to be discussing the past. I needed to think of the here and now. God, I truly was turning out more like Kate. It must be this situation doing this to me. If I ever get out of this alive... My friend would be so proud of me.

I still couldn't get my head around all this... Who was that shadow? Was the Doctor behind all this? And the most important question. What was I to do, now? Somehow, I felt as if I could trust the Doctor, and that I should let him help me. But I still couldn't find my way into confronting him about this shadow... Let's just say, I was afraid I wouldn't like the answer.

"Rosalyn! Rosalyn!" I suddenly started chanting. The name sounded so familiar. Could it possibly be my real name? Were my memories trying to breakthrough

"Is that your real name?"

I was told my past would find a way to come back to me. Could this shadow be connected, somehow? I seem to be the only one to see and hear it, appearing to me at my most valuable times. But why would it speak to me with the same voice as the Doctor? He couldn't be connected to my past, could he? Of course not, or he would have said something. Wouldn't he have?

"Miss Cara, do you hear me?"

I looked back at the doctor and slowly nodded my head, to let him aware I had heard every word he said. Even, if maybe he might not be aware of what he was saying or just maybe he did. Oh, I didn't know what to think. Everything was so confusing… Where was my friend, when I needed her? Kate would know what to do.

"Do you still feel unwell?" The doctor asked with concern in his voice.

"I would feel much better if I knew what was going on here," I responded.

"So, would I." Chris started to smile, sightly. "But, until we do, we have to make the most of the situation." He continued to say.

"What do you think we should do?" I heard myself asking, without thinking. Why, did I just say, we? As much as I'd like for us to stay together, I was certain he wouldn't want me hanging off his very arm. (In a manner of speaking) Also, I still wasn't sure if I trusted him, enough, not after the things that kept happening. It was better than being on my own, though.

Chris started to look thoughtful but it didn't last long before his full attention was back on her. "I think you should make your way to the main deck, then maybe onto the Bridge." He answered.

Although, he didn't call me out on the 'we'… He was making it clear, that he wasn't coming with me. I found myself nodding my head but what I wanted to do was to cling to him, tightly or, at least, beg him to come with me.

"My main priority is to find this missing child and in the meantime to help anyone I found, on my way," Chris stated as he slowly eased his way off the bed.

I knew what he meant, he was a doctor, after all. Which I was truly starting to realise the main concern behind all his kindness… He didn't care about me, it was just his job to make out he did. I was just another patient to him. So, once again, I was on my own.