A/N: This is a very emotional piece for me. I'm saying goodbye to the girls I've played with for all my life. I love you guys so, so much. Good luck.

There is no crying in softball-
Until the last out
Of the last inning
Of your last game
The years have flown by
The good times-
The championships
The hits
The extra inning games
Your heart slamming against your chest
The exhilaration
The drive to win
The victory
The jumping up and down
The screams of joy
The dog piles
The final team hugs
Pictures that will last forever
The bad times-
The coaching issues
The undeserved benchings
Occasional bad attitudes
All of those pale in comparison to the good times
We take one last picture.
Sit down for one last talk.
Huddle up for the last time.
Together on three

I unlace my cleats
I'm hanging them up for good.
I slip my bat into my bag.
Next goes the helmet. The one I've been wearing for 10 different teams. Still stained pink from one memorable all star season.
Last but not least.
My glove.
Worn for 4 years.
Earning me three MVP medals.
12 inches.
Creased with time
(and memories)
Trudge to the car
Chuck my bag in.
Accept thanks.
For 9 years of dedicated play.
I nod.
(through tears.)
Earbuds in.
Tracks play.
Saying goodbye.
There is no crying in softball.
Except now.