This is a poem I wrote for a creative writing class this year. I wrote it after being on a werewolf kick for about a week (thanks to a Harry Potter fanfic by the WolfieTwins), but it's actually an etymology poem-I had to use the words lunacy, pandemonium, and planet in ways that allude to their roots' original meanings. Copyright 2001 by me, Elisabeth Price (Jellyfish), but why anyone'd want to steal a funky little poem like this is beyooond me.

Werewolf Moon

My skin is pale beneath
the still paler full moon.
My toes curl into claws,
my smile spreads into a fang-filled grin,
as leaping across the night meadows
I wander where wolf blood takes me.
While the planet beneath me
soars through starry sky meadows,
I dance with other night wanderers
who flutter above fields of the earth.
Wildly we wheel and dart;
their leathery shrieks
soon joined by my howls,
to create joyous pandemonium;
spirits of the dark
all caught in the insane grasp
of the moon's sweet lunacy.