In the Garbage landfill across the city of tomorrow, among the mountains of trash awaiting the incinerator, a lone man was running down the road between the trash piles.

On his back was a backpack, which had the markings label "BENSON INDUSTRIES" attached to its side.

The man checked over his shoulder, and then ducked behind a pile of metal trash.

Right behind him a black van roared around the corner following after him.

He quickly dogged and ducked around the trash, trying to lose his pursuers.

He quickly hid behind a garbage truck, and watched as the black van sped on by him.

Breathing a sigh of relief, the man retreated from his hiding place and began heading back to the pile of metal scraps.

When he got there, the man took off his backpack and placed it in the middle of the metal pile of scrap. He then put on a secondary backpack that was hidden inside the backpack, along with the back packs hidden cargo inside; he zipped up the discarded back pack and then placed a discarded Vacuum cleaner inside the decoy backpack back onto his back and took off again.

He soon found himself running toward the direction of the entrance/Exit of the garbage Dump…and then he stopped in his tracks as from right around the corner of the last junk pile right beside him.

The headlights blinded him, and the screech of the tires and the squeal of the Black Vans Brakes were the last thing the man heard before the van hit him.

He was hit and then dragged under the van…and then he rolled to a stop from behind the van as it ran him over, and he just lay there…bleeding, cut up…dead.

The van came to a stop a short distance in front of him, and the doors opened.

Out stepped three Men in black suits, and a woman in a secretary's outfit.

The three men wore security Jackets that read "BENSON INDUSTRIES" on their backs, the three men went before the secretary woman to the dead man's corpse.

One of them poked him with his rifle, and looked back up at the secretary woman and shook his head.

The secretary woman rolled her eyes annoyed, "he's not going to like this…the egghead trusted his "brainchild" to this man, and now there's no way we can get the information on where this man's own mouth on where he hid it NOW can we…"

"Yeah trying to find "it" would be like finding a needle in a haystack" One of the men quipped.

"Well…" the secretary sighed, "if its lost in here, its liable to stay lost…or be destroyed…"

"hey, Miss Scranton!" one of the men said, "I think I found it! It's the backpack on this stiff back"

The secretary woman the three men called Miss Scranton watched as the three henchmen removed the backpack from the dead man's back, and then unzipped the backpack…and showed Miss Scranton the backpacks contents.

Miss Scranton eyed the broken contents inside, she had never seen the "device" before…but this beat up and broken "thing" looked like the real deal.

She smirked to herself, so much for this thing and its nigh indestructible shell.

"That must be the gizmo…he'll be glad to hear it's been destroyed" Miss Scranton smiled.

"and what about the stiff?" asked one of the men.

"find a trash compactor that leads to the incinerator" Miss Scranton said nonchalantly.

Shrugging, the three henchmen picked up the dead corpse and began looking for just that.

While Miss Scranton picked up her cellphone and began to call her boss to tell him the good news.

However, unknown to these evil people…the real Backpack was still back there…hidden in the metal trash pile.

Suddenly the trash pile was picked up by a overhead crane, with the backpack in tow…heading for the incinerator.

But the backpack wasn't in a place that would keep it there in the pile for that long, and soon after. It slipped and fell down, landing down in the middle of the "streets cleaning trash" section of the Dump.

It slid down the pile until it came to a stop at the bottom, the back pack gave of three mechanical beeps soon after.

Whatever was in that backpack, it had just turned on.

Chapter One

Introduction of Andrew Griffin

The thing about the superhuman's, many people think that they were just people who popped out of the blue…and in a sense, I guess that's true.

But most people thought they were just something that had emerged from nowhere; most of the world saw superheroes like they would in an issue 1 comic.

A mysterious force, that couldn't possibly be human like them.

What they didn't understand until the end of the "apartheid of meta gene's " and the McCarthy styled paranoia madness that erupted soon after my friends and I's exploits against supervillian's was that the superhuman's were HUMAN, and they were once average Joes like you and i.

They had their problems, like you and I.

I should know, because I am the only original member of the organization "HEROES LEGION" that had no powers, I was human.

My "powers" came from somewhere else, something else.

But before I ever met the team or gained my "power"…I was just someone you wouldn't notice.

Like one of those people that you see on the bus to school, a stranger, a social unknown.

I wasn't the fat kid, or the jock, or even the nerd…I was the Pariah.

Most newcomers to Technogopolis Major High School were, I heard that the first few months were usually the toughest to get integrated into the school.

Sometimes even worse when you're a Black kid in a mostly white school, it's not like there was any segregation or anything like that…but you really stood out among the crowd in a school like that…so if any bullies were after you…you couldn't really hide.

No matter if you had "brothers" in your group, which unfortunately I didn't.

It's not that I didn't have any friends who were white that is, Andrew Griffin, that's me; I had a circle…a circle of two but still a circle.

I was a decent student I guess, I got good grades…mostly because I wasn't interested in the future that usually awaited teens like me, dropping out, ending up on the streets, getting into gangs and crime…and getting jail or being shot.

That wasn't what I wanted, I wanted a future…and I wasn't going to take the "easy" way out…the sucker's way out.

I just wish I had been born with something to make it my way in high school, like strength and stamina for the football team, or something…just something…but like most teens in school, I was just finding out about myself.

Like I said, I was an ordinary human, just like my future friends…despite them having superpowers and I didn't.

Thinking back now, the one thing I hatted was catching the bus to school. My family wasn't that financially wealthy, so I had to work my way through school in the city of tomorrow, just so I could help out my family by eliminating one part of the bills that came more times to our house than we wanted.

It was a good job, at the "club taco and Southern Chicken"… payed good money for the hours, boss was fine.

But like I said, I HATED riding the bus.

The bus wasn't the problem….it was the company.

A group of anti-social punks who called themselves the "five deaths" took that bus, and they had made me ever since day one their punching bag for their problems, real or imagined…most of the time imagined.

No one in the school liked them, and they didn't like anybody…truth be told they scarred me…the reminded me of those teens that massacred their classroom in the early 2000's.

Something about them just seemed…twisted.

So if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have minded taking the bus.

In fact I was trying to catch the bus the very day before if found "cyber-24", and my destiny as a superhero began.

I guess they were right, the philosophers who say "fate finds us in the most strangest of places"

Technogopolis, May 4th 2012

Andrew griffin was running down the crowded streets, trying to catch the school bus that was driving of in front of him.

He was yelling for the bus drivers name in order for him to stop, "MR FOX, MR FOX WAIT, WAIT!"

He must have heard him because the bus stopped, right at the lights, and the doors opened.

Mr. Fox, the driver, a Caucasian man looked down at Andrew griffin with a smirk, "this isn't a bus stop kid"

"I know but I had to work late last night and my stupid alarm didn't go off and…" Andrew griffin began trying to explain his absence at the designated stop three blocks back.

"Alright, come on, get on!" Mr. Fox said beckoning Andrew onto the school bus.

"You…are a good man!" Andrew griffin said out of breath, smiling gratefully "someday people will write autobiographies about you, I swear!"

"Alright…" Mr. Fox chuckled, "sit down Andy, got to get this crate moving before I get a ticket and get everyone on this bus busted for being late"

Andrew Griffin nodded in agreement, and got onto the school bus…and began walking toward the back of the bus where his friend Trevor sat, waving for him, having saved a seat for him.

As Andrew griffin walked down the walkway to where his friend was sitting, he grew nervous when he passed by the seat that held the schools sweetheart…Sally Reynolds.

She was pretty; she was nice…and as far as Andrew Griffin was sure…someone who was the biggest source of nervousness to Andrew griffin than the thought of high school finals.

Every time he looked at her, he sweated, and his tongue retreated back into his mouth…sometimes he was afraid he was going to swallow it.

He didn't know why he was reacting like this around Sally Reynolds…he wasn't even sure if she knew he existed.

This time was the worst, because this time, while she was working on her nails in her seat on the bus…right before Andrew Griffin passed her, she looked up at him…directly at him, and smiled.

Andrew griffin froze, and Sally chuckled a bit, before nervousness took hold of Andrews's feet and he rushed away shyly.

Before he even had left, a foot wearing a black leather boot stretched out and caught his leg.

Andrew went forward and landed hard onto the bus's floor.

He heard familiar laughter from beside him.

Andrew looked up to see the leg that tripped him belonged to one of the "five deaths"…this one, the leader named Charles went by the moniker "scorn"

"Watch were you're going…meat sack" Scorn said with scorn, befitting his name.

His gang just laughed at what he had said and done, while Andrew just got up with a scowl and headed back down to where Trevor was sitting.

Trevor looked concerned, "you okay?" he asked Andrew.

"Yeah…I'm fine…" Andrew nodded, still scowling in the direction of the Five deaths bully gang, "what are they doing THERE…they usually just hang out in the backseats!?"

"I don't know…" Trevor shrugged, "must have gotten suspended from there for the defacement they did to the seats back there…must be there so Mr. Fox can keep a better eye on them or something"

Andrew slumped back in his seat, it was bad enough he had to play cat and mouse with these jerks everyday they had to be in the middle of the bus now too?

"We need to get different seats" Andrew said shaking his head in defeat, but not before he noticed that Sally Reynolds was looking back at him.

She quickly turned around when she noticed that Andrew had seen her watching, and now Andrew stomach was really in knots now… and it was the good kind of knots.