Chapter 10

The Robo Warrior


In the skies above lunar city, while flying back to pick up the trail of the trucks tire treads. Andrew found himself trying to figure out what was nagging in the back of his mind about the gun smuggling he had just help bust.

He had just saved a precinct and an unknown amount of other people from being massacred by the 86rs and hopefully putting another monkey wrench into Carlos Benson, or whoever it was, plans.

So why was there this nasty feeling in his stomach, telling him something wasn't right.

He decided to dwell on the Five deaths and their little gun rampage with goods they had been given by the mysterious villain of this case.

Each and every one of them were killed by the villain so that no one would find out how they had gotten these guns in order to prevent the slight chance that someone in law enforcement would get wise and track this all the way to the villain.

But the 86rs were alive and well, and by now would be in the nearest prescient being interrogated by cops about the dangerous goods they had "acquired".

That would be a problem for the villains plans, there would be no way to silence the cops, the 86rs and their information before it spread like wildfire through the city's police prescient's and then through S.L.E.E.T as well. The city would know what was going on, and there would be a manhunt out looking for these guys… S.L.E.E.T was a very thorough organization when it came to terrorism both foreign and domestic and when he found where those tracks lead, hopefully the villains H.Q, he would find a way to get this information to the authorities and stop this guy for good and save his family and friends from the mystery villain's grasp in the process. It was unstoppable now…unless he….and then Andrew then realized in horror that this was what the villain wanted….he wanted the 86rs caught, it was a contingency. This was all part of what he wanted the 86rs to do in the first place…a massacre at precinct 12. Why else would he keep the 86rs alive after being caught with these weapons? It was to kill two birds with one stone. Kill the witnesses and get one more disaster to get whatever he wanted moving closer to the finish line!

He had to get to the precinct, and fast!


Sharpshooter was sitting in a chair at a table in the interrogation room of Prescient 12. As the cops pressed the questions on where he had gotten the weapons from, and who had intervened. He relished in the irony that he was now in the custody of the very prescient he had planned on massacring two hours ago.

He had a bullet for everyone in this building, he knew every officer male and female in this buildings names…even the ones who were interrogating him.

The female officer guarding the door was named Sgt Harley Swenson and the guy in the white shirt and bad tie was Lieutenant Doyle Murphy… as intimidating as he looked, Sharpshooter wasn't intimidated.

He had been in enough of these "interrogations" to really care about good cop, bad cop.

"Alright Donnie Williams…" Pressed Doyle Murphy, "where did you get the guns?"

"I just picked them up" Sharpshooter said simply.

"I'd co-operate if I were you" Harley Swenson said by the door, "possession of those guns and the other weapons in that truck violates your parole on "good behavior"…this is the proverbial strike three."

"You'll be put away for the rest of your life "sharpshooter" Doyle threatened.

"I don't care about your threats, my freedom was denied the second I was caught…" Sharpshooter sighed nonchalantly, "but going back to prison will be easier to bear for the amount of time I'm there for…." Then he became aggressive, "by making sure the sod, who gave me the guns, guaranteeing my fun was with no strings attached, goes to jail with me as well for my troubles!"

"So you're saying someone payed you to massacre this precinct and cause chaos on our city's streets?" inquired Harley Swenson.

"I didn't recognize his voice…." Sharpshooter spilled the beans casually, "but I know weapons when I see them, especially the brand…you guys probably noticed no brand name on the guns. But anybody who uses a gun would recognize those weapons you have locked away in confiscated goods are made by one company, an American company…Benson industries to be exact….so the sod is operating in Benson industries…" he then motioned to the bag that Sgt Harley had in her folded arms, the one containing what was in his pocket at the time, some tickets to a nude bar, cigarettes, his wallet…and more importantly his cell phone, "ah…good to see you've brought the cell phone"

"What about it?" asked Lieutenant Doyle.

"Well that's the thing…it's not MY cellphone…" Sharpshooter said pointing to the cellphone in the bag, "that cellphone was attached to the first shipment of Benson weapons that my gang and I Received. I've been getting phone calls from it ever since from the "delivery man" on where to find the next truck of weapons he has stashed somewhere for me to find…but that phone is also equipped with call return memory…so maybe if you press it, it will call the "deliveryman"….don't you think?"

Lieutenant Doyle looked at the mirror wall beside him, and waited until he received via the comlink in his ear the go ahead from the commissioner to go ahead and redial the phone.

He was given the go ahead, and Lieutenant Doyle pressed the call redial button.

He read the numbers out load and the officers in the back began tracing the call.

But as they did, the phone while it was ringing suddenly stopped, and a text message popped up on the screen.

Lieutenant Doyle Read the text message aloud, "YOU'RE SCREWED!"

Suddenly the cellphone caught fire in his hand, in reaction to this he threw the cellphone out of his hands and across to the adjacent wall where it sizzled and melted like battery acid had just hit it.

Doyle looked down at his slightly burned hand for a moment, and then he, Sgt Harley, Sharpshooter and everyone present were knocked off their feet as something big, metal, and angry slammed into the room from underneath the floor.

It was a giant metal hand, during the confusion it grabbed Sharpshooter and pulled him down into the dark hole in the floor it had come out of, screaming, his nails digging into the linoleum floor.

Before anyone could even try and save him, the prescient shook again as explosion on the fifth floor rocked the building.

The fifth floor happened to be where the "evidence" locker happened to be, and inside that locker was where the guns and unopened unmarked crates of weapons happened to be.

If forensics had checked the crates that were opened more thoroughly, they would have noticed evidence of a secondary compartment underneath the bottom of the crate.

They would have found the explosives hidden in there, all attached to similar cellphones like sharpshooters given one, all timed to go off at the call of a certain number by sharpshooter's phone alone.

And that number had just been called.

And now there was a massive fire burning out of control on the fifth, sixth and seventh floor…slowly but increasingly advancing upward to where the rest of the prescient staff were now trapped…with the metal monster that was in there to leave no witness's

As the fire sprinkler systems tried in vain to quell the fire, the killer machine emerged from the hole…its right hand bloody from where it had once been holding sharpshooter.

A digital readout flashed in its mechanical mind



It then noticed the room was it was now empty, and the door to the room was wide open.

Down below the blaze that was on the three middle floors, all personal were evacuating as they all had been trained to do if ever the prescient was even on fire.

As fire trucks and emergency services gathered around the burning building, one unnamed officer did the head count and found that seven people were still unaccounted for…and looked back into the 12th precinct in horror, "oh my god, there are still people in there on the top floor!"

Then everyone's attention was drawn to a roaring sound coming in from above the building, and then they all began wondering what that blur was that soared down into the building through the roof?

Meanwhile inside the blaze, the killer robot stalked around in the smoke filled corridor of the top floor.

Its sensors detected a crashing sound from somewhere in the building, but its logic circuits dismissed it as falling support beams or burning debris in the blaze bellow.

The smoke level was increasing and the oxygen level was lowering, whether it killed the people trapped on this level or they died from smoke inhalation it didn't matter…either way the robots mission would be accomplished.

It then heard with its audio receptors the sound of feet scrapping on the floor in the room down the hall.

Following the sound of panicking whispers to where the sound was coming from, the robot found the source was the seven officers and the commissioner trying to pry away the fallen debris and overturned file cabinets away from the window which lead onto the fire escape.

They managed to get the junk away from the window, and using a fire ax broke the window in their panic and began exiting out and down to safety.

All of them made it out, except for the commissioner, Commissioner Ralph Walker who was shot in the back before he could even get out the window.

He fell to the floor, thankfully the bullet wasn't in a place that would have killed him…but his old age, the smoke inhalation, and it was causing him to begin to blackout.

As his vision blurred he saw the black form of a killer robot walk into the room and loom over him, and began to extend its hand to crush his skull with…when suddenly another robotic hand snatched him before the black robot did…a human sized robot, pulled him to the safety of the fire escape and out to fresh breathable air…but not before the man sized robot took a shot at the killer robot with some kind of gauntlet laser. The laser damaged something on the robot and caused a small explosion that almost knocked Commissioner Ralph Walker and the fire escape off the side of the building…the last thing he saw was a torrent of water pour out from the broken window and the windows of the adjoining rooms as a flood of water from somewhere above flooded down through the building, extinguishing the fires bellow.

At that second commissioner Ralph Walker passed out.

Back inside the now smoldering building, Andrew looked at the still form of the killer robot. Upon closer examination he found that this robot was designed differently from the one he saw in the high school.

"blowing the water tanks worked…" Andrew said to user12 over the communications line, "and we got one of the robots intact…blew the detonator off before it could do any damage…but man…" Andrew said looking at the laser device on his armors arm, "this baby packs a punch!"

Andrew then walked toward the deactivated robot.

"User12 you see this?" he asked, not really knowing if the mystery ally was really watching or listening.

"Yeah I see it" User12 confirmed, "just as I figured, a prototype…no wonder your laser blast destroyed it, it was made with titanium and iron…the laser gauntlet cuts through those metals like a hot knife through butter….you destroyed its electrical motor control as well."

"What? Did you say "Prototypes?" Andrew asked in surprise, "You mean these are prototypes I've been seeing pop up here and there?"

"You got it; minus the one you encountered at the high school this one is a prototype as well. It's not equipped for anything but heat seeking and assassination…" user12 paused, "as we saw with our…unfortunate friend sharpshooter on the floor below. It seems he's trying to get rid of them as well as any witness's to his crimes"

"Why get rid of them?" wonder Cyber-29.

"Why else does somebody destroy prototypes?" Andrew answered looking at the robot, deeply concerned "because they are no more need for them….because he's made a better version than these metal monsters"

"Which is what I warned you about…" user12 said in dismay, "these robot killers are what his plans for Technogopolis are all about…he's improved his designs…he's just getting rid of the dead weight. Replacing him with the advanced models"

"Then we have to find him and stop him quickly" Andrew agreed, "I think it's time to bring in S.L.E.E.T…and we'd better do it quickly. I'd hate to think about what would happen if more of these were running around the…wait, that noise!"

Andrew recognized it and barely had time to jump out the window, grab the unconscious commissioner and jump before the killer robot exploded into a fireball that consumed all of the remaining floors.

Down below the police, fire men and onlookers screamed in fright and scattered away from the building as another small explosion erupted from within the top floors of the building, setting them on fire again.

The police members bellow, knowing their commissioner was still up in that section of the building began to fear the worst, but then something strange happened.

A man made of metal, soared down, through the air to the ground bellow…with the unconscious commissioner in tow.

Landing safely away from the building, and into the sights of hundreds of people…the man of iron dropped the commissioner safely on the ground…and then flew off into the night sky as quickly as he came…before reporters or the police present could press him for questions.

Some present thought the man of iron caused the explosion in the prescient, and others wondered if that was the killer robot that saved the commissioner…why did it save the commissioner?

And killer robots in the city, what the hell was going on?


Carlos Benson was standing in his office looking out at the city of Technogopolis when he heard the door to his office open, he didn't have to turn around to know who it was entering his office space.

He knew it was Miss Scranton, he had been expecting her.

"The robot managed to kill that idiot gun thug and the evidence locker of the 22nd precinct with him as well" Carlos said behind his back to Miss Scranton, "the assault suit and the brat in control of it?"

"I haven't been able to track him with your tracking device…" Miss Scranton answered with hesitation, "where ever the suit took him, it's blocking your devices power. And if the suit flew after him when the Boys and I were chasing him…that means someone on the outside is helping him!"

"Yes…" Carlos took a whiff of his cigar, "and I have a good idea who…I just need more time to figure out how he's doing this"

"I'll go downstairs then…" Miss Scranton said with fierce determination, "and beat it out of him how he's communicating with the griffin kid while under surveillance!"

"Don't bother…" Carlos Benson's change in tone from calculating to calm caused Miss Scranton to stop in her tracks to the door, "he and the kid aren't a big problem now…they can't stop what's coming…so relax Miss Scranton"

Miss Scranton couldn't understand why Carlos was so nonchalant about the threat of the assault suit now when before he was die hard serious about destroying it and its pilot.

"S.L.E.E.T has seen him; the police have seen him…" Miss Scranton pointed out.

"I know…" Carlos smiled, "and I couldn't have wanted it to go any better than it's already gone. The pieces are falling together like dominoes" and he kept walking towards Miss Scranton until he was close enough to run a finger underneath her chin, "and I am "starving" for some Scranton specials tonight"

Miss Scranton's eyes were wide in confused shock, but then she smirked seductively "you planned this didn't you…the kid being seen in the suit to the public eye?"

"first thing to know about chess, always have contingent stratagems for your strategy" Carlos Benson kissed her, and then lead her to his office couch "by this time tomorrow the "hero" will be dead…and the future of utopia will be ours…all thanks to this kid coming public to the public eye by way of him being seen in the same place as my prototype "Guardian" was…the city will be after him after I deliver my "hijacked rogue tech" alibi speech at the council meeting tomorrow…those weak minded fools n city hall I can play like puppets on a string…there is nothing this "hero" and his suit can do to stop me…because I already have a plan that will kill the suit and its driver surely!"

"I thought you said it would take a week to get the Guardians up and running" Miss Scranton asked suspiciously, as she lay down on her back on the couch "what changed?"

Grinning deviously, Carlos Benson picked up the remote to his T.V and pressed "on"…and both he and Miss Scranton chuckled deviously as the screen showed a vast machinery room somewhere in the building that had hundreds of people working like slaves piecing together pieces of some kind of machines on an assembly line.

The camera focusing in on the people…most of whom were city Vagrants that Benson had "helped get off the streets" by way of that "charity vagrant rehabilitation center" he had hijacked from the man in the cell down below to be a "recruiting" office for his machinery floor.

But among the enslaved Vagrants, were Andrew's Mother, Little sister, His friends Trevor and Sally, and her Uncle Harvey…chained with deadly electroshock collars, and mercilessly forced to work on the machinery pieces to what Carlos Benson Called "the guardians".

"I got some "new employee's" to help with production…" Carlos Benson said as he unbuttoned Miss Scranton's blouse, "threaten their loved ones they work, when I'm ready for him tomorrow, I will let the kid know that I am the one who has his loved ones and he will come and fall into the trap I am preparing for him…and when I attack, he'll wish he had never found that assault suit"

"Oh…that is cold and despicable" Miss Scranton said in disgust.

"Turns you on right?" Carlos Benson smirked.

"Completely…" Miss Scranton said as she wrapped her arms around Benson and pulled him into her grasp on the couch.

Carlos snapped his fingers and the light shut off, and lost himself with Miss Scranton…content with his belief that there was no way that this kid and the "man downstairs" could stop him now.


Agent smith was out on the rooftop taking in the night Air, trying to wear off the effects of the Nano-injection he had been given, and was currently debriefing General Arcane about what he had found out…though he had no true data on the kid or the suit, he decided to try and see what ties the suit had with these terrorists and their plans.

"General I need any and all data files from Benson industries from around the time of the Iraq war…" Agent smith said to General Arcane, "particularly anything regarding any Practical application attempts at weaponizing Diatitanium, failures and successes. And bring in an S.L.E.E.T squad, any you really can squeeze out for me at this time…agent smith out!"

Suddenly Agent smith realized that he wasn't alone here on the roof of the outpost.

Drawing his blaster he turned and shot, it was set to stun so if it was an enemy he could at least interrogate the person or persons who might be behind him trying to get him.

Being a Spectre agent he had to be prepared for any variable…but he wasn't prepared for what was truly behind him.

When his shot struck the target, it just fizzled off the diatitanium surface of the armored assault suit.

Knowing he had no defense against that suit and its abilities, Agent smith pressed the distress button on his Hospital gown…just in case the kid wasn't inside the suit this time.

The assault suit then spoke with a mechanized voice, that Agent smith could still tell through his own skills at reading voices recognized to be belonging to the Griffin kid.

"Agent smith?" Andrew asked from inside the suit, following User12's instructions to the letter.

"That was you who saved the prescient and the commissioner from the bombing, wasn't it kid?" Agent smith surmised wisely.

"Yes…" Andrew nodded, "it was part of whoever is behind these terrorist attacks plan, they want something that these attacks can give them, I don't know what yet, and I'm running out of time to do so if I fight them alone. I realized during the attack on the prescient that help isn't going to get here quick enough to stop them if I don't get outside help"

"What do you mean… outside help?" asked Agent Smith questionably.

"I need your help…." Andrew answered, "Listen to me carefully, because I need you to tell whoever is in charge of your organization that this isn't terrorism, it's a conspiracy…and it goes down after tomorrow if not for quick intervention from S.L.E.E.T….and from me…" Andrew decided since he was already playing this armored vigilante role he might as well have a codename or something to use, and since the suit was made for fighting a war…, "you can call me, the Robo Warrior!"

Agent smith rolled his eyes, and took a whiff of his cigarette. Had things gotten worse or better? He didn't know, but if the kid was telling the truth the only way that S.L.E.E.T could track down these guys in that amount of time…would be to use a…ahem…agent outside the circle of S.L.E.E.T. he didn't like the idea of drafting a teenager, a kid, into what was defiantly work for adults. But the kids family was involved now, he probably wouldn't be able to convince him to do something otherwise like surrender the suit to S.L.E.E.T and be taken into protective custody…not after what had just happened. The kid was safer…and more useful to agent smith's investigation from inside that suit.

"Alright…" agent smith sighed, puffing the smoke out from his nostrils like a dragon "I'm listening "Robo warrior"