There's too much pride and too much greed

Too much pain rootin seed

Caring and respecting

All it takes to understand

The class act and choices we have

God is not our tool

And our faith is finding ground

Like a humbled pride

But free will is coping by

Lingering around us

A swooping tide

Grab a hold and hang on

This life is a trip

We're fumblin' on

Grow up and get out

This world ain't waiting for you

In order for it to spin around

It's got you by the neck

You're vulnerable and weak

But don't you see?

That's how you're supposed to be

Because it teaches you strength

To carry on

Gives you wisdom through the same old song

Preaching it down the lines

Of mindless and matter, generations on a leash

You're here for a reason

Many purposes fitting all

To live and embrace, moment to moment

Because if you're not happy now

The future won't be either

Live for the now baby

Because it might be all you've got