Fake Laughs and Forced Smiles

Many people are almost incapable of masking their emotions. Letting it roll off them like waves crashing against a shore. Curiosity drives us to wonder why that person smiles, why that one cries, why that one person sits in the corner and stares blankly at the floor and why others seem jaunty all the time.

It was years of silence that drove our kind to communicate with creased eyebrows, watery eyes and dimply smiles. It's definitely a habit hard to break.

That's why it's interesting to sit back and simply watch the bodies moving around you. The way she flips her hair when that boy comes up to her; the way he inches forward, almost unnoticeable, to be just a few degrees closer to her; the way she smiles and nods and the way he ruffles his hair and looks down slyly at his feet.

It's the way that kid across the hall stares at the beauty that never glances his way; the way his eyes cloud with the pain knowing she is way out of his league; the way he knows he's been defeated when he hasn't even tried.

It's an everyday thing, so no one really pays attention to the way she walks down the hall, swishing her hips in confidence, but how her nails dig into her sweaty palms. The way he looks after her longingly and stares as she walks past, her perfume sweeping him off his feet.

But behind her confident fa├žade there's a broken girl that can barely manage a smile. You see it in the way she bites her lip in class and seems to look into the past when she looks up at the teacher as he speaks with his mock authority.

But those little inconceivable things are the things that defines a person's true spirits. The way she casually retouches her eyeliner, when in reality she's checking if her eyes hadn't turned red from the tears she's suppressing.

The most important thing to a person has become their image and their mental strength. The strength to hide their emotions and bury them so deep, it's almost as if they weren't there.

The world is filled with fake laughs and forced smiles; and sometimes, ignoring the truth that lies clearly before us is easier than admitting to how broken you really are.