A sonnet written for my creative writing class-it was my first attempt at metrical rhymed poetry, much less my first attempt at a sonnet. It was also my first attempt at a "love" poem...hoo, boy. But anyway, you can read it, but it's copyrighted 2001 by little ol' me, Elisabeth Price (Jellyfish), so only lookie, no touchie.

In April

We walk along the water's edge beneath
The budding branches topping whisp'ring trees;
Our shoulders, fingers, lightly touch as brief
As branches softly brushing in the breeze.
Old roots, in lazy, fleshy folds entwine
Above the dappled, shaded river calm;
Like hands that clasp together: yours and mine,
Together; bark with bark, and palm with palm.
Beneath us, bursts of purple blossoms bloom,
In winter-sleepy ground, the saplings green
Like cherished friendship turned to love so soon
That future laughter, anguish, can't be seen.
In April, romance whispers, blooming slow,
With winter gone, there's plenty time to grow.