This poem was inspired by "The Sorceress", a painting by John William Waterhouse, one of my favorite artists. Go here to see a picture of "The Sorceress". This poem was also written for my creative writing class. Copyright 2001 by Elisabeth Price (Jellyfish)-it's mine, all mine, muahahahahaaa!

The Sorceress

Her whole world appears golden, rosy
Among honeyed cats' eyes and petal-colored gowns.
Leaning against her companion in magic,
Now merely a rest for a head, her
Eyes voice melancholy like twin sighs,
Looking past enchanted reality to dreamed normality:
Pencils for wands, wine for potions.
A fairytale forest grows thick outside her window
Between her and blue jeans and jelly beans,
Protecting her from all except daydreams.
Life far from rosy, far from golden,
Just charmed.