Once Upon A September

A single word changed my life forever

A simple "hello"

If only I knew it would end as quick as it began

5,000 messages in one month, countless texts every single day

Trips to the beach, nights out partying

The happiest I had ever been, even the times we thought we were all going to jail

Devolving a true friendship over a period of a month.

The first time we went to the fair, the first time in my life a guy was not ashamed to take my hand in public.

Walking on the beach hand in hand but not saying a word

That stupid lizard that he won for me, that lizard that slept next to me for months

The first kiss the next weekend at the top of a ride at yet another fair, the first time a guy had done so in public

For once I wasn't a (big) secret

The way he shook my daddy's had every time he brought me home

The old dirt road where we took it to the next level

The night we drove out of county and back to that old dock in grant, oh that old dock

Our hearts opened to each other that night, the night I realized I truly loved him

17 and in love for the first time, the best my heart had ever felt

The way he didn't hide anything in front of our friends, I was his, he was mine (at least for a while)

Spending the night together the first and only time I have ever slept next to man I love all night, the best night I ever slept

Coming to rescue me at 3 am after the friend I trusted left me alone in an unknown place

Coming to smooth things out with my dad the next morning

Once Upon A January

The night everything changed.

Stupid slut of a "best friend" did the unthinkable

Then told me what she had been holding on to for weeks

The night he finally admitted it to me, he had been with others

We were never official due to the age difference

I forgave and we became us for another short while

Once Upon A February

The month of no words; No explanation's as to why I hadn't heard from him

The month I tried to get over him

Found a new boy but he was not what I wanted

Once Upon A March

The first time seeing him in two months

The spark was back

We were us again that weekend, but I still had a boyfriend

I was still in love, as was he

The conversations got more frequent

The boyfriend got broken up with

We went back and forth for the next few months

He was there when I need him as was I

But we were never the same

Once upon a June

The last day we will ever spend together

I was leaving that Goodbye town

It was the best day I had had in a while

But I knew by the look on his face when I told him I loved him, he no longer felt the same

The final straw when I went back a few weeks later and he brought a date to what I thought was our celebration to me finally being 18 and no longer a secret of any type

The day he blocked me on facebook

Once Upon A July

That single phone call that he is in the hospital

That he is headed across the country when he gets out

That there is no chance of running into him the next time I'm in town

That everything we ever had is truly done

The pain of yet another heart break from this Runaway Joe

However the odd thing was the peace I felt. It was over.

No more games, no more heartache

Once upon A July, I moved on and let him go

However when I hear his name I will never fail to remember how happy I was once Upon A September when his name came across my screen that first time

How happy I was

How in love I was

How much I learned

That old pickup truck I hated but loved where our first moments were made

I will never forget those memoires

Once Upon A September