If one were to stare at her face, they would not have been able to notice her true age beyond that youthful beauty she possessed. They wouldn't have known that she lived long enough to see more sunsets and sunrises than any human being would. That she lived to see children of loving parents have children of their own to love. That she was witness to too many deaths.

She was 364 years old. It seems impossible, to be so old, and yet so young-looking. However, it isn't: the sea can do wonders. She was born from the sea, and spent her days in the blue world that no human being would never get to see themselves. But the next day, once it was dawn, it would be her turn to die. Her type did live longer than the men and women with legs, but still, at one point they would die, too.

She and others like her were formed from froth on the surface of the ocean. They had 364 whole years to live out their lives. But on the dawn of the day they would become 365 years old, they would disintegrate into froth.

She went up to the surface and stared up at the sky and waited for the first rays of light to show through the dark sky. She put her clasped hands on her bare chest, her stunning blue eyes not once looking anywhere else but up. And she waited for hours until those first rays of sunshine to show through.

"And so I die," she whispered. The world stood still for a moment, as if all time froze for a second and everything and everyone ceased to move an inch, or dare make a sound.

Her body was already disappearing among the sea. It didn't hurt her, it was just more of a gentle tingle. Her tail and her skin was vanishing rapidly, so she wouldn't feel upset for so long to leaving a beautiful world she had been a part of. Soon, all that was left of her was just froth, the waves of the ocean moving her wherever. Now, she was gone, but eventually she had to die. Nothing lasts forever, after all.