Chapter One

The sky was gray.

That was the first thing I noticed when I woke up in the morning. The weather affects my mood greatly - and cloudy was good. Cloudy meant that the world was in sync with what I was feeling. Cloudy was probably the best thing that was going to happen in the whole day.

Getting out of bed, I went to the window first, opening it and letting the cool breeze blow in. It felt good on my face. Sighing with content, I began to get ready for school.

My name is Paolo Fletcher, but everyone just calls me Paul. I was, on that day, exactly fifteen years old. Not that anyone cares in this miserable town. It was a good milestone for me - just three more years before I could be gone from this shitty place. It was a day to celebrate.

I live with my aunt, Rose Fletcher. She is some sort of queen socialite - which is why she is never in the house. I don't mind, I like solitude. What I do mind is how much she fusses over her image, which, by extension, also means me.

My father died when I was eleven, and my mother ran away soon afterwards. My Aunt adopted me, but I think the reason was that it made her look good, not because she actually cared. But once again, I don't mind. Not anymore.

It often occurred to me that being the nephew of a socialite, I should have had a more central position at school, but fortunately I got kicked to the side and eventually forgotten. I'd hate to be one of the popular dicks out there.

I combed my brown hair neatly, keeping a side parting - anything less and I would have to face my Aunt. My tie was it its proper position, my shirt was tucked in - I looked like the perfect student. Only looked, because I was far from it really.

I smirked at the mirror and the green eyes stared right back at me, before I decided I would just skip breakfast that day.

It was still cloudy when I got to school. It looked like it was going to rain later in the day, but I didn't have much time to dwell on that because I was suddenly plucked out of the crowds by Nate. It wasn't surprising - he was the kind of guy that worked out for sixteen hours in a day. His raven hair were in their usual mess again, which pleased me, since I was standing next to him, I must look a lot neater by comparison.

"Hey, man."

"Yo," Nate didn't speak much. Not that much, anyway.

"How did it go?"


"The date," I clarified. He still didn't seem to know what I was talking about.

"The date with Alison Joyce," I sighed dramatically.

Finally, he seemed to remember what he had been doing last evening, and he shrugged, "Good."

"Are there any plans for...?" My voice trailed away as I saw Allison Joyce snap her locker shut and glare at Nate before walking away with her nose in the air. I looked at Nate for an explanation, but he shook his head uneasily, "I'll explain later."

Just like that, he was lost in the crowds of students, easily camouflaged by his messy looks that were everywhere. I didn't know what a mess he'd put himself in. Not until I was in the mess myself.

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