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This is Fearless chapter 1 :) And character descriptions are below!

AJ(alicia jade) Levine- 15 almost 16 year old girl with shoulder length, curly, light golden blonde hair. She has nice dimples on her cheeks, faint freckles, and light green eyes, with long, but pale eyelashes. She's average height, around 5'3", willowy and slender, with long fingers. You would usually see her with a T-shirt and shorts/jeans, but never EVER a dress or a skirt (unless you were her best friend and dared her to do it for $30-but even then she'd ponder it). She always wore her beat-up black Converse, regardless of the occasion. She's stubborn, daring, and a complete Gryffindor. But also clever and very funny when she wants to be.

Heather Chamberlain- a pretty 16yr old girl, with chest-length mousy brown hair, high cheekbones, and bangs. She has warm brown eyes, and dark eyelashes, with a heart-shaped face. She's around the same height as AJ, and same body type. She's almost the complete opposite of her: Loves to dress up, a girly girl, innocent, shy but popular, funny, smart, and witty.

Sam Dawson-A tall 16 yr old skater (as in the board) boy, with short dark blond hair (but looks good with his jaw), cream complexion, dark blue eyes and long dark eyelashes, and a bright grin. He's lean, since he does track. He's popular plenty, but different from the rest. For one, he's very observant, open minded, loves music so much, compassionate and kind , adamant, and a total steel trap.

Chapter 1

"So, what do you think? Green a good colour on me?" My bestest friend who i love to death, but a bit of a girly girl for my taste, Heather Chamberlain stepped out of the changing room of the Windsor Mall, wearing a knee-length sparkly green dress with spaghetti straps

I pause my game of Temple Run to look at her. "Yeah, cool." I went back to my game. See, i'm just not the fashionable type of person. My version of going all-out is wearing flats. I'm usually not like this with my best friend, but i'm REALLY bored.

Heather sighed and takes my iPod out of my hand, and shakes it gently. "C'mon, AJ. Can't you act like a girl for a little more time? We need dresses for Abby's huge party on Sunday."

Ugh, don't remind me. Abby is the most stereotypical popular girl you could think of. A colorguard member, dating captain of football team, class president, highlighted blond hair so freakin' straight i swear it will break if you even bend it a bit, tall, talkative, and the meanest look you could think of. And i know 'cause i've gotten it before. But sadly, Heather's friends with Abby, and Abby invited me because,well, she had to or it wouldn't look nice.

"Fine. Does it HAVE to be a dress? I mean, pants or shorts i think would be great," I said, but by Heather's glare, i knew better than to press forward. I picked up any dress my hands could find at the moment. "I'll just wear this and go."

"You didn't even look at it."

True. I looked at it. Light purple with a lacy print on the bottom, a small, thin plum coloured belt, and very short sleeves, but not short enough to be called straps. "Looks nice. $35.00. I'll take it."

"This will look so pretty on you! You want to try it on first?"


"You realize you're going to have to wear it, not just keep it in your closet forever and forever, right? I'm not going to let you do that. You will wear it," She reminded me.

"You don't scare me," I teased. And it's true. Sweet, innocent Heather couldn't scare anybody.

"Well...i took karate!" she said, making some Karate hand formation.

"And...for how long?" I already knew it. We took it together, but she dropped out. I finished my black belt when i was 14.

"...3 months."


"Whatever. Let's just get to the checkout center, shall we?" I grinned triumphantly at that statement, since she knew she lost the argument. She grabbed the green colored party dress, and we made our way to the SocialButterfly checkout center. It was fairly crowded. Heather had a 45% off one dress. And today is a Buy-one-get-one-free day. So, we used the coupon on Heather's, and got mine for free.

Heather took both of our dresses and bought it.

"Would you like to make a SocialButterfly account? You can get discounts every month 25% off in the mail," The clerk lady said. She looked around in her 50s or 60s, with the narrowest waist i've ever seen and reading glasses. Her name tag read "Hi. My name is CHERYL."

Heather smiled politely and said, "Um, no thanks."

"No really, i insist. You get monthly fashion magazines on the latest trends!" she exclaimed, but her smile looked forced.

"Uh, no we're good," I replied. I reached for the bag, but Cheryl didn't let it out of her grip. "If you don't mind, we'd really like our dresses."

"You need a SocialButterfly account. It's only $50 for 2 months payment!"

"We don't WANT one, ma'am. We WANT our dresses, though," I replied, gritting my teeth. Jeez, this lady is really persistent!

"YOU WILL GET ONE, or you will die!" She hissed, and-here's the kicker- slapped us with our own bags, making us fall to the tiled floor.

Cheryl really took 'shop till you drop' to a whole new level.

"Uh what the heck?!" I snapped, getting up. Cheryl had an icy look in her hazel eyes, a look that i thought would look impossible on an old lady like her.

"GET THE SOCIALBUTTERFLY ACCOUNT!" She screamed. Now shoppers around us were staring and gawking at us and the crazed clerk. Cheryl clambered over the desk, but this time, she put down our bags, and picked up the clunky price scanner. And i had a feeling she wasn't going to scan the price of the skirts behind us.

"Um...ma'am, we really uh, don't want one, so um-" Cheryl chucked the price scanner at Heather's head. She screamed and ducked, i was too busy staring at the bags trying to find out how to get it without being caught to notice the clunky scanner hurl toward me. It slammed into me right in my jawbone, and unfortunately my prominent jaw felt really fragile at the moment because IT FREAKING HURT. I clutched my jaw painfully as Cheryl stalked even closer to us, and we both crawled backwards on the hard tile floor.

"What the hell is your problem, woman?!" I hollered. And i usually don't use swear words, but she has forced my hand.

"MY PROBLEM IS THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A SOCIALBUTTERFLY ACCOUNT!" She squealed in a high-pitched unlady-like voice.

"Somebody call the manager, please!" Heather yelled, but it didn't do much good. Everyone was backing away slowly, still staring at us.

Okay, i have a plan. But i need a distraction. By this point Cheryl started throwing random objects at us. A few hangers hit my head, as i tried to think.

"Um...AJ?" Heather whimpered, and she pointed behind us. What? What could be-Oh crap. The escalator. That goes DOWN. We're gonna die soon from tumbling down if someone didn't act now. And unfortunately, that person will have to be me.

"I WILL NEED TO KILL YOU NOW, UNLESS YOU WANT TOO MAKE AN ACCOUNT!" the crone blared at us, we edged closer to the escalator, every second counting. She had a wild gleam in her eye, and i knew that right now she wasn't very mentally stable (well, duh, gee, good thinking, AJ)

I had an idea. "Okay, fine! We'll make an account!"

"TOO LATE!" She cackled.

Seriously?! "WHAT THE FUDGE LADY!"

"AJ!" Heather shrilled, her eyes wide and frightened. I'm pretty sure i looked the same way. Cheryl picked up a random life-size clothes model things they have around, with huge strength, and threw it at us. This was it.

"NOW!" Heather and I jumped away at the last moment, the model breezing right past me, a hair's breadth away, and i could hear its tumbles down the metal escalator, and its final shattering at the bottom. We made a break for the bags, with Cheryl the Crazy Clerk behind us, screaming, "YOU'LL NEVER GET PAST ME!" with the doll's arm in her hand waving it wildly in mid-air. Heather grabbed mine and i grabbed her's, and we zoomed to the elevators, Cheryl thundering behind us.

"Run run RUN Heather!" I yelled at her, risking looking back. Cheryl was closer than i thought. We reached the glass lift, and we pounded on the button until it opened, got in, and said, "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon c'mon CLOSE ALREADY." until it did. Just in the nick of time, it closed, leaving Cheryl smashed against the elevator door. She pounded on it, but it was no use.

Heather and I looked at each other with a sigh of relief, and hugged each other tightly. Before we went down, i-just in case- blew a raspberry at Cheryl.

"What was THAT about?" I asked Heather as our heart rates began to slow down, while the elevator went down. This was just a break, we knew Cheryl was going to keep chasing us, and we needed to get lost in the mall crowd outside of SocialButterfly as quickly as possible. I will never ever go to SocialButterfly ever again, not that i would ever do it, but still. NEVER.

Heather shrugged, still breathless. "I have no idea. We can worry about that later, for now, let's just get ready to bolt."

As soon as the doors slid open. we did indeed bolt out, not stopping till we reached the halls and open space between the shops, trying to wind ourselves in the crowds. We didn't look back to see if the clerk was still following us, because we were too busy oh i don't know RUNNING FOR OUR LIVES! We didn't slow down until accidentally, we slammed into something.

We fell down yet again, and looked up to see who were against now. Oh. It was 2 guys from school, Levi and Tony. They were looking down at us, with confused expressions on their faces.

We got up, brushing ourselves off. "Uh, are you guys okay?" Levi asked, scratching his blond head. He was holding a small Gamestop bag, so i guessed he got a game, most likely a DS, and a Hollister in the other hand.

"Uh, yeah. We, um, just got chased by a weird checkout lady, but it's cool," Heather said, blushing.

Tony started to laugh, like he thought we were joking, but then he saw our expressions. "Wait, you're for real?"

"Dead serious." I replied, hitching up the bag.

"Oh man that sucks. Well," Tony said, glancing at Levi. He obviously didn't know what just happened. "Wanna hang with us for some time? We're going to get some pretzels."

Before i could say anything, Heather said, "Oh yeah we'd love to!"

"We do?"

Levi smiled. "Cool. It's this way, follow meh." We snaked around in the crowd, until we reached Twisted, the pretzel shop. We dropped our bags by our seats, and stood in line. Why couldn't we just go home? I had enough excitement for one week! And now we're hanging with these retards who think it's all that to be hanging with 2 girls, when one of them doesn't even dress like one.

We were standing there for some time, when Levi apparently noticed the person in front of us. "Hey, Sam?"

The guy turned around, to show a cute 16 year old boy with dark blond hair (not Justin Bieber hair, but not as short as Liam Hemsworth), and inky blue eyes that looked really exotic with his long lashes. "Hey, man! What's up?"

"Nothing much. Getting pretzels with Tony, Heather, and OJ."

"It's AJ." Really? Getting my name messed up by orange juice?


Sam looked at me. "Hey, you're Alicia Jade, right? Your mom's the owner of that German restaurant!"

I smiled up at him. "Uh, yeah. That's me. Alicia Jade Levine. But you can just call me AJ. Everyone does." We moved up a bit in line.

"Well, considering that i'm not 'everyone', i'll call you Ally."

"Well, considering that i had no idea what you meant by that, call me whatever you want, as long as it's not OJ!" Everyone laughed at that, even Levi. We bought our pretzels and sat down.

"So, you guys going to Abby's part this Sunday?" Tony finally asked, mouth full.

Heather smiled, holding up her bag. "Yeah, we just came from buying our dresses. Y'know, before that clerk lady decided to attack us."

Sam raised an eyebrow. "Attack? What?"

"After we bought the stuff, the lady attacked and pestered us at the same time about buying a SocialButterfly account," I explained.

"Yeah, if it weren't for AJ here, we'd be dead, killed from falling down from an escalator!" Heather exclaimed, shooting me a grateful glance.

"It wasn't all me. If it weren't for Heather, i wouldn't even know about the escalator!"

"Well, it's good you survived. I think. Maybe it isn't..." Sam pretended to ponder that, until i softly smacked his arm.

"It IS," I responded. "I mean, without me, there would be one less tomboy in this world, and we need as much as we can get!"

"Right. So i guess tomboys shop at SocialButterfly for dresses, right Ally?" Same asked, smirking at me.

I held up my hands in defense. "Hey, i didn't WANT to go! Heather made me."

"Whatever you say, OJ," Sam turned to Levi and Tony. "Did you guys here about the deal with the new skateboards at Sportsworld?"

"Yeah man those rock. Only $20.00!" Levi exclaimed.

"I was actually going to go there today," I said. "Like, right now." I stood up from my seat.

"Cool. Mind if I come with? I needed to buy a new wheel for my skateboard." Same asked, almost hesitatingly.

"No problem." And with that, i plunged into another tragic event. Seriously, this day is full of adventures. Why do i do this to myself?

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